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Implanted without consent. Tortured by the microchip. - YouTube

This video is 1 hr 5 mins..but well worth listening to!  They have a website, too 

See Dr. B. Trower interview about what exposure to radio frequency can do to people - 30 minutes

One victim of micro chipping got cancer. 

Many older ladies were tested and found to have chips on their right or left shoulder.  The only thing different from their 'normal routine' that they had done, they said, was to have the flu shot. 

Many soldiers were found to be chipped...and certain frequencies pushed them to violence.....

The chip can also be used to force one to 'commit suicide'.

Mind control and physical torture also are potential byproducts of being chipped.

The chip can also be used to kill people of heart attacks (Brietbart?) 



Anonymous said...

I'm reminded of a scene in Schlinder's List.
Paper's Please!

The people were being rounded up for some 'activity', in this case we know what it was, and they had papers to prove they were the 'right one's for the round up.

Then every once in a while, in all chaos, they'd have someone with no papers and they get shoved to another set of guards.

We never know what happened to those that 'didn't belong'.

Can we learn from the history of others?
Do we associate for the gathering up, or do we have no verifiable association?

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Anonymous said...

Yes, John, I did watch this and was thinking to myself the whole time how grateful I was that you posted this (originally under "Beware the so-called flu shots.")

I have dial-up and usually don't watch videos because it takes so long. In fact, it took 9 hours to get to 44:54 minutes when at that time it shut off with an "error message, please watch at a later date." It cut off right at the point the interview was discussing when the U.S. consulted Dr.Trower when the special forces returned from Afghanistan and following which several wives had been beaten and killed. Dr.Trower was asked what frequencies were causing the aggression. The soldiers were being exposed to radio frequencies that were entraining their brains to being very violent and aggressive. I was not able to get anything else after that because the video shut off abruptly. The RFID's frequencies not only cause cancer 100%, they can be used to manipulate people psychologically and physically. And, you can be tracked like a GPS device. (Having seen this, now makes me wonder about all those soldier suicides we have had recently!)

However, I took nine pages of notes. I think everyone needs to see this video and also check out the website for more information. I was just stunned and mesmerized by what these gentlemen were discussing. This is very disturbing, especially regarding the recommendations of the president's bioethics committee (which they report wanted to delay their findings from January, 2012, until after the election results.) This committee wants to remove all confidentiality and HIPPA protections, basically turn the entire globe into a human lab. At their meeting in San Francisco, 300 victims had shown up to testify what happened to them via the RFID, and after the first day, every subsequent meeting was censored with the victims no longer allowed to speak. Talk about mad scientists---can you say Dr.Frankenstein?

They discussed how these devices were placed in people--without the person's knowledge or consent. One group was military, some had elective surgeries like knee replacements and such and the RFID device was attached, and as above, some were in flu shots. How could they be in a flu shot? These devices are now nano-sized and can come prefilled in the vaccine. These gentleman are also concerned because RFID's are being developed from organic materials that will be undetectable by MRI, x-ray or CT scans. They mentioned their concerns about how aggressive the U.S. is about marketing the flu shot to people. Hmm.

They recommend that people search Bob Boyce RFID on the net for information about how this inventor discovered an RFID chip that had been implanted, and his serious bout with terminal cancer from this device. They also mentioned a politician who had been chipped without his knowledge, but I don't remember his name. He was from California.

The industry that has been developing this technology really love it and are pushing this on us. They don't care about what the rest of us want.

And, they also mention Obamacare has the provision of the class III implantable device---AKA RFID chips.

Please watch this people and/or check out the website, and then call your congressmen because you will want to pitch a fit about this secret experiment that is being done on us.

Thank you, John, for posting this. I hope you will post this again in the future for those who might miss it.

OK, Folks. Did you have a flu shot recently? Were you microchipped at that time? How do you know.

Anonymous said...

Well CRAP my Mom (who's 82) has been complaining of shoulder pain AND she took a freaking flu shot! I asked her not to but she went and did it behind my dumba** sister-in-law's a nurse and she talked her into it. Oh boy, this ain't good. I'd hate to have to sue somebody but I sure as heck WILL!

Anonymous said...

Well, this is NOT 5D. This is not fiction or fear porn, it's actually happening. People are really being harmed. So, until people are living in 5D in real time, we are still living in this real world and not some "galactic" fantasy. Deal with it.