Monday, February 25, 2013

Benjamin Fulford Blurb: Is March Going To Be The Month Of The Final Breakthrough?

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Benjamin Fulford Blurb: Is March Going To Be The Month Of The Final Breakthrough?
Posted By: Jordon [Send E-Mail]
Date: Monday, 25-Feb-2013 10:30:26

Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis

High level geopolitical horse trading going on around right now appears to be headed towards historical changes in how the world is managed will become visible in March. Big diplomatic moves have been seen with Japan, Russia, Europe, South America, Africa and the US during the past week, although with few public announcements. These talks are in preparation for big moves expected after a new Pope and a new Chinese government, formally take the reins of power in March.
As the horse trading continues, the following potential geopolitical chess moves have been hinted at by the various factions: the Pentagon would seize Nigeria’s oil fields, North Korea would attack Beijing and Shanghai with nukes, China would start a war with India, Japan would team up with Russia, the US and India to tame China, South America would link itself to Africa etc. etc.
What all this really amounts to is the various factions showing their strengths in preparations for replacing the Western dominated world system of governance with something more representative of the actual people of the planet.
There were also responses last week from MI5 and from the Vatican P2 about the attacks on the Queen and the papacy.
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Anonymous said...

I can feel it. March IS the month. I only wish I knew which year.

Anonymous said...

I had hoped that we were right around the corner but this report seems to point to our having to wait even longer.

Anonymous said...

anon 4:46 you might want to check out the blog on "dinar guru recaps" as they are talking about intel from a phone call today stating that Christine LaGuard and Obama are going to be speaking tomorrow on "The Economic Recovery Plan". Since these guys are mostly interested in the dinar RV the source was saying the speeches were not on the dinar, they were on the above mentioned. If true, it's huge. You should do your own research, it will keep you too busy to criticize the messengers of a few.

Anonymous said...


The woman is unbelievable, she said this was not important info to her as the only people to blame for the mess we are in are the Banksters!!! DUH! who controls everything?
Next thing you know, she is going to said: Go get chipped is ok, is for your own good, give up your arms, be obedient, be a good slave!!! This woman is disgusting!!!! I was suspicious from the beginning because she emphasized when talking to judges, Policeman etc., be polite, be respectful, be obedient!! This are CRIMINALS keeping us slaves, a large number of them KNOW what is going on, they just pretend they don't!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm anon 4:46 and LaGuard and Obozo will not be speaking today Feb 26th on any economic recovery plan. How do I know this ? Simple .. listen to the dinar gurus .. and the opposite will happen. They make my research easy to do.

There can be no economic recovery with the BANKERS running the economy. Oil runs all the economies of the world and the bankers control oil prices. We went to $4 a gallon here and the prices are climbing higher all over the country. This will automatically generate higher unemployment. That is not economic recovery.

Are they taking control of oil away from the bankers ? Doesn't look like it.

Watch oil prices. That will tell you who is running this country.