Sunday, February 24, 2013

The visible fallout has begun. Illuminati rats fight in the sack. Mutual assured destruction of negative syndicates escalates. Pictur

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The visible fallout has begun. Illuminati rats fight in the sack. Mutual assured destruction of negative syndicates escalates. Picture: Reptilian at work. Pope Benedict XVI elevates the host at Mass. Rome.

AB notes: The visible fallout has begun: [1] Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands (Bilderberg / Royal Dutch Shell) abdicates. [2] Senior Rockefellers flee to their island refuge near Fiji, leavingclones and lookalike holograms in the US. [3] Pope Benedict XVI (Joseph Ratzinger - Nazi P2 Lodge Satanist) resigns suddenly, shocking the church.

There are many √©lite Satanist families staring down the legal vortex of exposure. Eyes up for the QE2 (Elizabeth Windsor - Elizabeth II of England) imminent abdication. The old reptilian bloodline families are trying to avoid the blame by getting out before the postman calls, and praying that the legal letters will be passed on to someone else.

The Rockefeller syndicate has destroyed the Bush syndicate (US Nazi-continuum) and is nearing completion (it thinks) of the destruction of the Rothschild fiat paper banking empire. But the Rothschilds are still standing and may flip-flop to the Light (real or theatrically) if push becomes shove. It's rats fighting in the sack. Mutual assured destruction. Push is becoming shove and shove is becoming crunch.

Before the Rockefellers fled the US, they stripped the US Federal Reserve System of all major assets, just as previously they had stripped Fort Knox of all deliverable, non-tungsten, gold. Both these Rockefeller acts have caused the Chicago syndicate in DC (Obama et al) numerous day-to-day cashflow and legal headaches.

The 3/11 Japanese Tsunami (Chikyu Maru nukes on submarine fault line) was not a warning to Japan; it was a warning to the Rockefellers about their Fiji island vulnerability.

All the royal families and their shadow banksters are bricking in the closet, afraid to go to sleep at night. Their worst nightmares are returning alive with an unclean bite to the heart.

CIA rogue faction pointman, US "Ambassador" Christopher Stevens, was calculatedly placed in danger on a baited hook in Benghazi to track who he would scream to for help. His screams led to the exposure of the syndicate behind the Japanese tsunami, and the constructed dismissals of twenty six senior US military and intelligence personnel, including David Petraeus, who were organically linked to the Nazi Odessa network headed by George Bush Sr.

The US Nazi-continuum was planning to start World War Three by sinking their own aircraft carrier groups in the Persian Gulf /Bahrain theatre 911-style and, with the help of AIPAC/Zionist Israel, to blame it on Iran. With some help from positive security factions in Old Europe, Russia, China and Turkey prevented this outcome.

There are important factions within the IMF and Interpol who are being very positive, now, in progressing global affairs towards the international currency re-sets and a benevolent, free-energy outcome for all.

More background here and here. Developing global updateshere (18.02.13), here (13.02.13), here (12.02.13), here(11.02.13), here (11.02.13, here (06.02.13) and here(05.02.13). 


Dan said...

Maybe it's time that an ORDER from the Sovereign states go into Ft. Knox with camera and LIVE feed to the public that shows there is NO Gold anywhere in the building!
Why does there need to be ANY Security if there IS NO Gold?
Anyone stopping this would be charged with an accessory for the theft of Trillions of Dollars of Gold!!!

baab said...

The gold is on the moon
Remember the mission to drop a nuclear bomb in order to shoot a plume in order to take samples?

The man in charge said,"Payload delivered".
Great hiding place.

Anonymous said...

Yea! A man who knows how to think! Thanks, Dan.

Anonymous said...

Definitely heard that is is on the moon... I think you're right!

Anonymous said...

If you think about it, basically all NASA has been doing, is being paid by the U.S. people's money to take all of the United State's actual measureable wealth and put it on the moon, to keep it from us, so they can completely control us, take over the world, and murder all the people. What a STUPID Game they've been playing. I would like to see the actual physical representatives of these thiefs, pay for their misdeeds to God's people, and not their representative clones and holograms they have as their fall guys. They've been using clones in public offices, such as Senators, Congressmen, President, etc. which they can program to do their dirty deeds of taking over the people of the U.S. and the world.

Anonymous said...

keep in mind Ft. Knox isn't the only place gold is kept. Fed criminal Resv and West Point probably have the majority of the peoples of the united States gold reserves. Lower case for united intended meaning not the corporation UNITED cabal controlled STATES. Put the thieves in jail who have stolen from us and are still stealing now like the IRS cabal controlled corporation registered in PUERTO RICO. Get it RICO? A legal criminality term for Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations. How appropriate a place is that for the IRS scumbags to register their corporation.

Anonymous said...

Yall's batshit crazy, you know what?