Friday, September 10, 2021

My Children Shall Perish For Lack of Knowledge

These are just a few sad notes and comments from real people that are around those that got the deadly vaccine:

My husband took the 2nd jab on August 19th and I’m watching his death in slow motion right before my eyes. 45 years old with only Crohn’s disease before. Now he’s very ill. I cry everyday as this is my impending doom. I’m trying to remain strong as I have 2 kids to look after.

So many of us tried to warn, so very few listened. Tyrants lie, sheep comply, people die.

My older sister took 2 doses of the vaccine and she only sits in a rocking chair now, mumbling to herself. She neglects all hygiene and we have to feed her with a spoon or a fork.

The only words she spoke which we could understand was one evening while we were finished feeding her supper and she looked at my brother and said, "You are the flesh, we are the consumers."  Nothing else since. F***ing sucks man.

I now know 5 people dead from this fucking vaccine, 0 from Covid.  Now I only support the new Nuremberg Trial and all the lawyers and doctors who are trying to bring down Davos and those responsible for this crime against humanity.
I want justice for humanity and those responsible to hang before the tribunal.

Check the obits and you'll see all the 20, 30, 40, 50 somethings just randomly dying. It's happening. It's picking up speed!

To all those already vaxxed, don't forget to get your booster shots! You might have gotten a placebo shot the first time around and we really need you getting the true mRNA vaxxed!

I more so believe the vaccinated are the ones in the hospital. The news will not tell you this.

I have confirmed 7 people in my network who have died directly from the vaxx. Many more to come.

Currently I have an employee in the hospital on the vent. I explained in no uncertain terms why the vaccine is deadly. Week after week I drilled it into his stupid head. Then he went and got it anyway and as of 2 days ago he was texting from the hospital all scared asking me to be his medical advocate.

I told him to demand hospice at home so he can escape the hospital and then I’d bring him what I could to counter the vaxx he took. But what’s it going to do? Prolong his suffering.
As of yesterday afternoon he was on 8 liters of O2 and they were giving him belly shots to fight the blood clots. No further contact since then. I suspect it will be the last I hear from him. Sayonara fool. Should have listened sooner.

I know many others who have been otherwise injured or mentally impaired by the shot. Memory loss. Easily triggered aggression. Bleeding eyes. Huge boils. Etc...same thing with my neighbor, I saw her bent over puking her guts out on the front lawn last week.

She said she has never been sick in her life until the vaccine.
She is a regional manager for Taco Bell... Im very interested in watching all my neighbors that took the jab decline just to see what is really happening to them.

It's happening in Israel something like 70% of the people in hospitals with Covid are vaxxed

I look around online at the websites and forums of small towns in the western US. More and more I'm seeing obits of 20 and 30 YOs just dropping. They are often athletes or very active and it's usually heart related

Interesting, as I KEEP hearing about all of the horrible deaths due to COVID - and yet not a SINGLE PERSON that I know has known anyone that died, or known anyone that has KNOWN anyone that has.

However, in my DIRECT experience, I can say that almost EVERY SINGLE PERSON that I have talked to reacted badly to the shot. No deaths that I'm aware of, but my young and healthy neighbors were both down for over a week sicker than I have ever seen them, and that's repeated OVER and OVER again.

And that's just IMMEDIATE effects - there's NO DATA on long term effects because the long term study is being done on people like YOU. I truly hope you continue to feel wonderful, but that's not a chance that ANYONE is forcing ME to take, thanks very much.

I know no one personally who has died from covid. But two who have had bad effects from the shots. One had to have surgery to get a huge blood clot out of her lung. Another had huge welts come up all over his body after the second shot and then got non Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Others have had headaches and memory problems. And just don’t feel good. Oh and one had her autoimmune disorder come back, another who has Bell’s palsy now.

We have a friend who's 28 and a mind drone. She had covid and still got the vaccine. A few months later she was at our house and got sick all of a sudden. She started coughing up blood in our bathroom. Totally normal for a healthy young person. She says she's OK now, but doesn't want to talk about it. Most likely will still get boosters... sad

Just today this girl was telling her mom is a doctor and she has a patient that is in an induced coma. He took THREE shots.  With the sister in law's neighbor 2nd dose, she started bleeding and didn't make it back to the hospital. dead.

Delta Airlines killed a dozen with their on site vaccinations. One died in the break room, another never returned from a second round shot. All labeled a covid death.

Doctor at the end of the street got vaxxed up a couple of months ago. He died that night.  His poor widow is having trouble selling her home now.