Saturday, March 24, 2018

Song Lyrics That Tell the Story....

By Anna Von Reitz

"Welcome to the Hotel California... you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave....."
Zombie-like damned souls check into the "hotel" and are trapped there forever. Sound and feel familiar? There's a reason. That's your condition prior to waking up and figuring out what the advertising agencies and your public servants have been up to behind your backs.
They've checked you into the Hotel California and left you there with the television on, indoctrinating you with "need the government" and "be afraid" and "eat more" and "buy more" propaganda on all channels 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There's also a bar and a 24-hour pharmacy, and you are cordially invited to just stay there forever and drink and drug yourselves into a pile of mindless mush, so subject to your behavioral conditioning that you salivate like Pavlov's dog when you see a hamburger on the TV screen.
Cure? Turn the television off. Make conscious choices about what you watch and what you listen to and become critical of the "news" you are being fed.
Do the TV Test if you don't believe me. Divide a piece of paper into four columns. Label the top of each column with these words: Sex, Death, Sex & Death, and Other Useless Stuff. Then listen to the "Evening News" and make a hatch mark after each story you hear in the column that best describes the content.
What you will soon discover is that most of what masquerades as news falls in the first three categories, and also, that most of it has no possible practical connection to your life, so is of no use to you. So why are you listening to the crap? Do you enjoy feeling depressed, afraid, and helpless? Because that is what this "programming" is designed to do---literally.
Let's see, there's an earthquake in Ecuador....mindless madmen beheading children in the Mideast....a new wave of Bird Flue...a new giant dinosaur footprint discovered....Prince Harry set a date....bimbos for hire make accusations against Trump apparently because they are bimbos for hire....
So--- death, death, death, useless, useless and sex. And none of it that you can do anything about or profit from at all.
There are a lot of bloated, ugly, foreign criminals making Big Bucks off of you and your appetite for this mental equivalent of a Diet Coke and Pork Rinds with Extra Salt. Their advertisers are making you yearn after 18 year-old models (which is silly) and after fast cars that cost more than a decent house (which you most likely can't afford and certainly don't need) and after fast food (that gives your heart disease, cancer, diabetes....).
"So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains....and we never even know we hold the key....." -- The Eagles, "Already Gone".
I turned off the Evil Box in 1987 and let the dust settle, put a potted cactus on top of the cabinet, and use it to (infrequently) watch DVD's of my choosing.
I figured that if anything really important happened, somebody would call me up or say something. And I was right, too.
You can leave The Hotel California any time you please, but if you want to be a mindless, helpless, booze and drug and "news" dependent Zombie living in fear and depression in your own country, behaving like a well-trained dog, buying stuff you don't need, eating 10,000 calories a day, and feeling paranoid--- just be aware that it is your choice and you DO hold the key.

In this case, it's usually labeled: "On/Off".


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Anonymous said...

Part 1 of 2
a friend had an incident where they finally read the state statute codes and found out these naked 'show of authority' have no authority, none. Their own statutes reel them in; only our ignorance and laziness is how they control us.

I saw a situation where an AG representing a state patrol in a unlawful tow lawsuit actually stated a court case

State v. Lee, 135 Wn.2d 369-90, 957 P.2d 741 (1998) A right to travel and free association does not give rise to a fundamental right to drive.

Ah duh! that's right, who would use their right to travel and right to free association to try to turn driving into a right? Geesh, no, there is no right to drive, that's a regulated act of commercial activity, why would someone assume they have a fundamental right to engage in a regulated act, when most regulated acts have regulations! What you can do, how you identify, how much money it requires, tests that have to be passed, inspections that have to be performed, much regulations for a regulated activity.

but people miss the fact the statements a right to travel and free association does not give rise (ie does not include other nonsense) didn't say those rights didn't exist. Whoever argued that case that way, well they do atturn (change the meaning)

Another one, Spokane v. Port, 43 Wn. App. 277-78; Moreover the driver's licensing statute equally applies to all persons driving on the state's roadways, including drivers engaged in "personal," non-commercial operation of motor vehicles.

Hello! driver, driving, operation, motor vehicle are all commercial terms, so heck yea, the driver's licensing statute equally applies to all persons driving (check the definition a person in your state code definitions ) but it says persons driving not people traveling...and we get caught up in the driving and use the term all the time then get mad when ticketed for doing the thing you said you did.

The state AG made a nonsensical statement that definitely should be rebutted, but most people are waiting on Jesus to save them, but it says in relation to Miller v. Reed, 176 F.3d 1202, 1206 (9th Cir. 1999)
Plaintiff's argument that the right to operate a motor vehicle is fundamental because of it's relation to the fundamental right to interstate travel is utterly frivolous.

Who the heck argues these things this way except attorneys. There is no connection between operating a motor vehicle and right to travel, and travel has nothing to do with interstate, intrastate, leave that out, that's regulated activity, travel is to and fro, here and there, over yonder, two clicks and a mile, it's not regulated!

You who do not pay attention, let this stuff get argued against you and you may stand there and drool and act like someone ran over you, when there is no connection! They make the connection to tie you into their world. It's not connected! Why do we let them do that and post these stupid rulings that totally make sense.
If we stop just day just assume the things happening to us, we are allowing.
They really, really say everything that happens to us we agree to it. They Do say it, they say it's all contract, and we agree, by gesture, in writing or verbal, we agree, and if we let one of them represent our state of mind and make up nonsense connections that don't belong to get rulings that makes sense over nonsense connections, then it is our fault.

Stop letting them feed your mind! Please! You turn one the t.v., you watch what they tell you. YOu believe what they say the world is like. You act on your belief. You let someone else tell you their experience, and you make their experience yours and act on that belief.

Anonymous said...

Part 2 of 2

Prisoner of your own mind.
I love you, but please stop!

In that same case, the AG said the 'show of authority' (I'm using that to keep from identifying what type) observed someone travel past them and they stopped them to tell them they were driving and they cannot operate a motor vehicle!

Excuse me! You admitted the 'show of auth..' saw travel, and tried to convert it to a regulated activity to justify stopping! Hello!

Read people, these things are so full of mistakes and errors and omissions you can drive a MAC truck through them.
You believe, and they let you. They say you agree to everything that happens to you.

Thanks for adding Anonymous back.
Freedom of speech seems to be selective. Until it's real, we have no need to go back to a Constitution Republic.
As children we said, Sticks and stones will break my bones but words would never hurt me.

Some words are derogative, and people act on that word, and attack people because of words, and interfere with people because of words. Words don't hurt, people acting against people based on words and causing trespass, interference, injury is what hurts. Sticks and stones well that's physical activity, hands, feet, injurious movement, offensive touching, assault or war, but words are sound in air.

Anonymous said...

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Freewill said...

I just sent your entire comment to Anna.

just some dude with dsl said...

You may not have a right to drive, but that wont stop anyone that knows how to drive from getting in a car and killing you with it. Rights and laws really have no real time power when it comes down to somebody with intent... or a will to live. Factor that into gun control laws. Scary if you believe laws will protect you. Too late for banning guns. You might as well walk to work and hike in the woods with a long stick. If your that stupid!