Saturday, March 31, 2018

Anunnaki, Syria and Putin

Do you recall all the mainstream 'news' reports against what Russia is doing, namely about Russia killing people in Syria, and all manner of negative reports about Putin against the US?  Well, below is WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON!  Have any of you heard about any of this on the TV channels?  Or have you heard news reports about this on the radio and TV broadcasts? Or read about this in the papers or magazines?  Doubtful!  And would anyone ever believe this?  Especially Americans!!!!!  If you do any surfing through YouTube videos, you may have come across reports on this subject.   Putin is the world leader who has been preparing for the coming Anunnaki onslaught.  Syria reportedly has a major portal allowing unwanted 'visitors' in - and out - of our atmosphere. Watch the videos and listen to the reports and find out WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON between Russia, China and the united States militarys in Syria, the Ukraine and surrounding areas.

Putin preps for Anunnaki WAR

Russia Preparing To Assault Anunnaki in Antarctica
ends at 4:33

Anunnaki Strongholds Revealed
ends at  4:51

For some of you this has been an introduction.  There are plenty more similar videos to explore for more information.

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