Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Oil Spill - Clean Up Results from Nancy Lazaryan

John Hutchison and I have been on Indian Creek, Eastpoint, Florida.
We have modified and built new frequency equipment while staying here. This location gives a unique opportunity to video the water and frequencies.

On January 16, 2011 a "slime goo" arrived at the mouth of the creek. It was "coming in with the tide". Over an hour of video documenting was accomplished, including very close shots of the slime goo.

The sun on the water/slime goo was used as a "spectrometer".

"Highlights" from the long video were taken and put into a video that is NOW POSTED at:
I did the editing on the "Highlights" video, and in many places slowed the video way, way down to show the almost instant "implosions" of the "slime goo".

Some of these "implosions" can be seen for only 2 to 4 frames. This means the entire "event" happens in 1/8 to 1/15th of a SECOND...the reason I slowed the video way, way down. I do not believe these images are "bubbles of water popping"...IMO these implosion events were way too fast to be water bubbles.

The complete "long version" in high definition is in "normal time". This video is being posted by Sterling Allen at
It took over two days to send the video to Sterling (over Skype) and he is currently uploading it to the above site. (Which will take another two days to load).

EVEN BETTER more slime goo came into the creek yesterday with the tide. I got my high def TV camera and laid on the dock to get a different angle. What I captured on video were several "events" of miniscule particles of slime goo breaking apart and disappearing.
This video will be ready and posted in a couple of days.

PLEASE carefully review the first two videos. And send to anyone and everyone. We would like comments and suggestions for what to look for in the raw footage we have, and SCIENTIFIC analysis. Those interested in analyzing the "long version" will need to look frame by frame, as "events" happen very rapidly.

Thank you.

Nancy Lazaryan

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