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MORE GOOD NEWS - transcript Part One

Submitted by Dick - Thanks

Date: Wednesday, January 19, 2011, 10:05 PM

TRANSCRIPT from important phone call - improvements in our future. PART ONE.
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2011 20:12:53 -0800

Pat Smeby called about 7pm suggesting that I ought to listen in on the call tonight.  She was right.  It's the first time I given time to listen to all the endless forecasting on those conference calls..

Pat was right. It was an important moment in US history because we learn (below) that China has been our financial savior for some time now, but they don't want the US to turn into a poor 3rd world country with no middle class that buys Chinese goods. They essentially dictate our return to the constitution and to a metals-backed currency.  A lady from the United Nations contributed much positive information and new information also.

Therefore if you scan down through this transcript, you'll see that the Federal Reserve is being taken down, and the IRS also, and that new Treasury bills backed by gold have been printed and delivered to banks and is ready for announcement and use.

We've been concerned whether that move would devalue the dollars we have - like 10 old dollars to be replaced by one US treasury note.  But the UN spokesperson said that transfer would be ONE TO ONE with no loss of wealth on our part.

A working dinner was shown tonight on TV with the Presidents of the US and China across the table from each other. The topic is the return to the gold standard, and implementation of BASIL III policies in US and world banks.

This is part one.  Part two transcript is in a separate email without further comment.  I'm expressing thanks to Pat Smeby who transcribed this text while listening to the call.

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[Janna] Obvioulsy there has not been an RV, but the blessing could happen during this call
[Janna] Reports that China and Kuwait RV'd today, plus another couple of smaller countries. England were supposed to. Haven't heard about Vietman yet. These are countries in the basket
[Janna] Iraq was to RV before all of these countires
[Janna] We've always heard a 3 tier - govt, investor, and then us - payout
[Janna] we aren't really the investors - we are just lucky to be involved
[Janna] Investors - restructure of Iraq - those peeps
[Janna] majority of stuff going around - see it here and there
[Janna] Tier 1 already paid
[Janna] Tier 2 Investors/contractors now
[TamRon400] we are now anticipating Tier 3 - US
[Janna]  - source in Canada that we spoke to went to the facility today and advised that they are no longer cashing dinar RBC were turned away - window of opportunity closed
[Janna] sounds like they open for a 12 hr period - very limited
[Janna] very hard to get the location info
[Janna] bounces from one to the other
[Janna] Rodney - introduce guest #1
[Janna] We've had some big discussions last night about the picture
[Janna] We wanted to bring in some people (sources) that are our intel
[Janna] give us some color on the whole picture
[TamRon400] Instead of the GET team Talking we want to introduce our true intel sources
[TamRon400] Thing 1 and Thing 2
[TamRon400] Female - Thing 1
[Janna] don't laugh too much - thing #1 (female) and thing # 2 (male)
[Janna] Dr. Drew friend of Rodney's
[TamRon400] Contacted Rodney a few months ago
[Janna] Dr. Drew not a type of person to say "Hey I have this wonderful contact" -
[Janna] was very slow
[Janna] Give us a big of an outline or overview of things going on
[Janna] tie all of the info together
[Janna] propspertiy
[Janna] settlements
[Janna] RV  
[Janna] broad perspective of what is going on
[Janna] Thing #1 (female) - propbably no conincendnce the global settlemtns began many years ago
[Janna] 47 trillion USD scheduled to be released and are working on this tonight
[TamRon400] Being in place for over 30 years
[Janna] not a conincendence that Iraq is tied into this  
[TamRon400] coincidence?
[Janna] this settlement began 7 years ago
[Janna] now talking about releasing the money
[Janna] refund the Treasury notes
[Janna] settlements released to 140 plus countries
[Janna] deriviatives
[Janna] shareholder
[Janna] settlements
[TamRon400] Multiple settlement types
[Janna] refund the treasury from the taxes on these settlements
[Janna] no reason for these countries to RV...
[Janna] largely due to Dr. Drew that we are having this conversation tonight
[TamRon400] If there was no settlements there would be no reason to rv
[Janna] THing #2
[Janna] Largest monetary shift in the world taking place - Iraq is a key to it
[Janna] movement to do away with all fiat currencies
[Janna] currencies to be asset backed
[Janna] gold
[Janna] oil
[Janna] natural resources
[Janna] Iraq is key
[Janna] Iraq to be the 1st
[TamRon400] Today we heard China, Great Britian
[Janna] China, Great Britian and a few others have RV'd
[Janna] why not here?
[Janna] Chinese are holding it back until these global settlements are released, hopefully tonight
[Janna] should then see the IQD RV tonight
[Janna] we won't see the RV until these global settlements are released
[Janna] Hong Kong office - did you see anything on IQD - just on yuan and REMbimi
[Janna] Think Iraq has rv'd but not released here until these settlements are released
[Janna] Panel - any questions for Thing 1 or 2?
[Janna] CMKX or other global settlements
[Janna] Steve - Q - CMKX settlement involves 50,000 people - that is a billion USD per person?
[Janna] 47 trillion is world settlements
[Janna] 140 + countries
[Janna] anything the US has done any harm to
[Janna] 3.xx trillion for CMKX
[Janna] stolen money, trusts over 30 years set aside
[Janna] bringing down the USSR economy
[Janna] that money was to be paid back
[Janna] Pres GHW Bush "stole" the money
[Janna] money accumulating for 30 some yrs
[Janna] Okie Q - 47 trillion - point of origin the US?
[Janna] Answer - no more than 140 countries
[Janna] actually more than 47 trillion
[Janna] largest trust (CT trust) is over 14 trillion
[Janna] distributed to US companies and US citizens
[Janna] Steve - why now
[Janna] Answer - taking down the Fed Reserve and our fiat money
[TamRon400] Bill in wallet is a federal reserve note
[Janna] our current paper money says they are Fed Reserve money
[Janna] in the 47 trillion there is 6.7 trillion to refund US Treasury - will issue new currency that will be treasury money backed by gold and other commodities
[Janna] Missed some
[Janna] Queen of England
[Janna] 20 years now the point
[Janna] Is this all happening with Obama dragging his heels through all of this?
[Janna] Yes
[Janna] Chinese who are here right now
[Janna] 6.7 trillion is half of our debt
[TamRon400] at which point they will reissue currency that will not say fed note
[Janna] the national debt we owe is by the US Corporation
[Janna] January 1st we are once again a Republic and won't be paid
[Janna] Fed Reserve (Rothchilds, etc.) - 100 years they have been controlling this
[Janna] Hong Kong from British to Chinese rule - Thing 1 was there for the turn over.
[Janna] Monetary system doesn't always stay in place
[Janna] Fed Rserve is a private entity
[Janna] They have destroyed countries
[Janna] they can be removed
[Janna] they sold ?? derivatives
[Janna] Breitnwood replacement
[Janna] Blaino Q - when Civil war broke out, Lincoln went to NY Banks for $$ with 30% +_ - plan to break the union at the time
[Janna] Lincoln worked to get the Lincoln greenback...will this be what we go back to - govt currency?
[Janna] Yes it is going to be a treasury dollar
[TamRon400] Federal reserve is a private company
[Janna] That is what these world global settlements are about
[Janna] didn't get that
[Janna] 51% owned by?
[Janna] 49% owned by Fed Reserve?
[Janna] Chinese are not beholding to Rothchilds, etc. - they control their own $$
[Janna] This has been going on for 30 years now.
[TamRon400] Obama dragging foot to the final hours
[TamRon400] until china arrives in Washington
[Janna] Chinese President coming to Washington DC today is the final push to get this done
[Janna] Not a warm reception for him
[TamRon400] This is significant
[Janna] not a typical state dinner
[Janna] working dinner which is an insult to the Chinese
[TamRon400] They don't think Bush wanted to be around for this
[Janna] Interesting part is that the Chinese are wanting to insure the ...
[TamRon400] Not Bush Mccain
[Janna] CMKX, precious metals - that is what is happening
[Janna] What entity can get rid of the Fed Reserve
[Janna] G-19 has the power
[Janna] China pulled USD 3 months ago for trading
[Janna] with Russia
[Janna] these 19 countries have been approved of this for 7 years
[TamRon400] The federal reserve does not have a standing military force
[Janna]  spoke about this in April and May - TK bashed so hard about all of this
[Janna] The set date was June 15-30, 2010 for this to happen
[Janna] TK was absolutely correct in this
[Janna] May 11th Chinese announced that they were going to have a basket of currencies of...
[Janna] Basel compliant
[Janna] release global settlement
[Janna] not to concern over $
[Janna] June 2006 was when it was to happen for the US
[Janna] didn't release the funds as he knew there was going to be a change
[TamRon400] Thing 1 had a discussion with her boss over precious metals
[Janna] this is a very complicated process
[Janna] you will see in the end the reasons
[Janna] replacing the monetary ...of the US
[Janna] will fight to the very end
[Janna] dragging out bank compliance
[Janna] what implication is removing the Fed Notes - in immediate future?
[Janna] be an adjustment in wall st with 401K, etc.
[TamRon400] Put money into money markets
[Janna] it won't be an immediate change in the currency
[TamRon400] The currency is already printed
[Janna] $120 to $130 million to change out and print new currency
[TamRon400] planting seed in American mind
[Janna] Nixon removed us from gold backed standard
[TamRon400] Someone has to make the announcement that we have a precious metal currency
[Janna] G-20 in Korea we need gold backed standard
[TamRon400] There is not enough gold to cover the money printed
[TamRon400] 80% precious metals
[TamRon400] Gold and silver has not reached their capacity on cost
[Janna] ultimately was told this 5 years ago in Hong Kong
[Janna] Question - why are they doing this, economically?
[TamRon400] The world economy going in the direction it is going
[TamRon400] Obama spending a ton of money
[TamRon400] this is going to zero itself out
[Janna] Step back a minute. Obama has been spending a ton of $ and don't know why - now shortly it will be zeroed out
[Janna] we will RV 1/18 ourselves
[TamRon400] We are going to revalue when the treasury is ready not the federal reserve
[Janna] based on 80% precious metals, 20% gold per CFO of world bank
[TamRon400] Is the US dollar going to be worth a dollar?
[Janna] will USD be worth a USD or be adjusted
[Janna] our USD will devalue when this happen
[TamRon400] We have ruined the vallue of our currency
[Janna] 1972 have been backed with nothing
[TamRon400] we have been causing hyper inflation
[TamRon400] just released more worthless money into the system.
[Janna] Asia, Germany - we all are feeling hyper inflation - need to set all of the currencies
[TamRon400] They need to reset and revalue so everyone goes against the same currency
[Janna] Okie - IMF allowing countries to monetize their currencies
[TamRon400] Monitize their assets
[Janna] put onto ledger sheets as assets
[Janna] oil, gas, commodities
[Janna] food


Anonymous said...

...part1/2..... January 21, 2011 12:46 PM CASPER OPINION. Did you read about the ‘covering’ of the statue of George Washington at a NAACP meeting in South Carolina this week? Another once good and decent organization, now descended into the Liberal Cesspool of Stupidity over the last few years. Be sure to read and watch the video-“The evils of Obama and Emanuel” posted on RMN today by ‘Mr. Ed’. Of course you already knew, did you not, of Obama’s homosexual history? (( and ))
No doubt you have noticed that I, and WE, have shied away from the Dinar Dialog going on all over the internet. First, it is not ‘our business’. Second, WE know what it is like to have ‘ignorants’ talking about our business, when they know less than nothing. Third, WE do not enjoy bringing bad news to anyone about anything, and do so only when WE are convinced our Intel is correct. In this instance WE began to hear weeks ago that the Dinar Deal was/is a SCAM being implemented by the U.S. Corporation/Obama/Hillary/Biden/Iraq in still another attempt to save themselves. Just the latest in a long list of scams we heard, many of which were disclosed here, to raise the Trillions necessary to continue their Fraudulent Financial Playpen, themselves in power, as their Bank Accounts were frozen around the world. This ‘scam’ was, we heard, the reason why Hillary was recently in the mid-east. Also Biden even more recently. There have been so many positive things posted about this Iraq RV. So many of you have ‘invested’, and held out hope it would work as described. Our Intel in this regard was not secret, but we had no desire to discuss someone else’s business publicly, especially since our info did not agree with the positive things being posted. Recently however I have questioned whether silence is just a way of dodging what we believe to be the truth.
Also whether, if I were an ‘investor’ in the Iraq Dinar RV, I would rather have all Intel available or just the ‘good news’ postings?
I have decided to discuss this subject, to clear my own conscience (about remaining silent) and hopefully to help those involved who I believe are being mislead by TPTB.
As I understand it, this was yet another plan designed by ‘the bad guys’ to raise Trillions for the purpose of continuing the status quo. To do so they planned a RV of the Dinar but it had to be backed by metals, or it would remain just another worthless Fiat currency.
The plan was to ‘Securitize’ the Iraqi oil ‘in the ground’ income stream for the next hundred years with derivatives using it as collateral for a metals backed re-valued Dinar. While small investors would have made some money, it was the U.S. Corporation which would have made the Trillions necessary to continue their scamming and world control financial machinations. This deal was, WE hear, ‘blown up’ a week ago.
Had it worked as planned, ‘they’ would have acquired the ‘recapitalization’ of their criminal enterprise, allowing them to semi- permanently continue to block the distribution of the Settlements/Prosperity Program Fundings. Now, judging by the dozens of articles appearing on the net, the world is finally awakening to the unbelievable levels of corruption that is the Obama Administration. Multiply all you are now reading, by a hundred.
Are we 100% certain about this Dinar situation? No, I am just reporting our Intel from a week ago, which has been reinforced with additional Intel today.

Anonymous said...

A phone call just received, says Rush Limbaugh has just now opened his daily radio show with Obama’s Kenyan Birth Certificate, and Hawaii Governor Abercrombie’s inability to produce a Hawaii Birth Certificate, as he said he would.
Do you understand the deceit, the Sedition, the TREASON this represents not only by Obama, but also the Democratic Party?
Is there anything, anything at all, that will cause you Liberals to wake up and understand the ‘sell-out’ of your country, to such as Soros and the NWO, OWO? Anything? It is vital that every American recognize the PARTICIPATION of the STATE CONTROLLED MEDIA, in this sell-out of our country. IMO the top one hundred officers of each of the half dozen media conglomerates owning 90+% of American Media Outlets, should be JAILED FOR TREASON.
Also, every Government Official with hidden Vatican and Swiss Bank Accounts containing funds stolen from Treasury and the American people. Every Cabinet Member, every Military Official. Washington D.C. is a cesspool of corruption, the Beltway is a giant toilet seat, the U.S. Senate is a Whorehouse. Our ‘Law of the Sea’ Maritime Court system, is equally corrupt. ‘Protection’ they scream, ‘we gotta have protection’. They are aware that the people are waking up.
· The Banks, Obama, The Fed and Geithners Treasury, with the help of all those reported here dozens of times before, continue to do every possible thing to stop deliveries, the new banking system and the exposures. This is a daily, even hourly battle.
It is a life or death situation for them, and there is nothing, nothing, they won’t do to stop the world and their own families from learning about all the things they have done.
· The Bankers are not our friends and those who look to them for their Intel, are being fed ‘the company line’ every day.
Fiat to metals cancels ‘fractional’ and 90% of their Fraudulent Financial Games, with which they control the world. This long drawn out ‘War of the Financial Titans’ is playing out at the very highest levels of world power. Ours is the role of ‘spectators’, so together we have no choice, but to be spectators some more. Casper 1-21-11 opinion