Saturday, January 29, 2011

INTEL 1/29 11:15 am

INTEL 1/29    11:15 am

WARNING - Discernment advised.

Several of my intel sources now confirming the Prosperity Accounts data have been loaded up in the local banks for several days and ready for business. Funds have already been transferred into the banks some time ago as already been reported a few weeks ago. American program managers had 72 hours to get the envelopes delivered which expired Friday at 4:00 pm EST.

Still no confirmations of deliveries!

What is next?

The Dark Cabal had meetings in Paris the last few days to come up with a new delaying strategy. They realize in Great Fear if the envelopes go out, there game is over and WILL be going to jail or worst. 

Chinese have strongly said no more extensions or delays and come Monday, they will take operation control of the Federal Corporations. And this includes the Federal Corporations of the Governments, Military, Treasury and etc.. They are all in receivership already. 

This is what this blog and others have been saying all along and it now has come to the showdown. Hearing that the financial system computers are going off line on Sunday Night, in Canada first and who knows what is next.

The truth is finally coming out not matter what is shown on the ‘paid for’ media. Have you seen the riots ongoing in the Mideast and Europe? Yea, not on our entertainment ‘paid for’ media but on the internet. Yup, Yup – how is Charlie Sheen doing? That is more important!!

Something Big is happening worldwide! 

Deliveries Blockage at this time can only come from the Trustees level up. Green Light has been given for some time to deliver to the trustees. The local banks made their arrangements for delivery methods. 

Program Trustees – you are building up some bad karma for those silver doubloons you have taken! Your blockages per the Dark Cabal requests will come back to haunt you. I also been informed that the White Knights are very upset with the trustee’s blockages too. It is rumored that the ninjas are out and on the prowl per the Dragon’s orders. 

Treasury Banks with the New Gold Backed ‘Rainbow Currency’ have already been established and operational.

CMKX Program
Last minute battles between the higher ups including name calling and etc.. This was forewarned that at the end --- there be turmoil among the ranks. Perhaps this is a good sign.

Concerns being expressed per why there is still a delay. The answer lies in the blocking efforts of the Dark Cabal as stated above.  


 Now hearing R/V Announcement on Monday and cash-in on Tuesday. We have been here before so we shall see.

Now rumors are coming in of a Banking Announcement on Sunday Evening. We have been here before so we shall see.

It can be confirmed by Tim Turner’s response (or lack thereof) that 

Tim Turner DOES NOT have Military Support
Tim Turner DOES NOT have Financial Support

I asked his team to show the proof of his claims and all he could show was attacks against me as a disinfo source. Whatever!
Need I say more? 

To repeat – I support the REPUBLIC which has already been established by the military and recognized by the World Court.

John MacHaffie


Anonymous said...

This is nothing new from what I've seen with TT. He denies, delays, and distracts away from the direct answers that are being asked. He has done this since March 2010. He also denies anyone has gotten into trouble or gone to jail (three in NY) over his own EYES APPROVED the finished Lien documents for the three people involved. One was in jail for six mos (E.Parantou) and is waiting with another (J.Burfeindt)on a pending decision after playing their game their way with a guilty plea.Another, has been convicted of 7 counts of mail fraud, and is doing an appeal (R. Ulloa). This is all something TT wants to not let anyone know about. The media has messed up all of the facts given obviously by the DA's office to make them look nuts. TT was faced with Ulloa and told they are going to jail, his answer was "That shouldn't be happening". No help was offered!

Anonymous said...

JOhn what Republic formed by the military and supported by the world court???? Explain the difference please.. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hey John -
The Military formed a Republic? When?

Wow! And everyone says TT is secretive!
Anyone else hear about this?

Is there somewhere we can read up about this or can you post how they did it, or any specifics to your knowledge? I assume it was done by the leaders in there 'civilian' capacity. The can't do it as US military because they are subordinate to US civvy authority, and the Attorney General can charge them with treason - and according to the Law they would be in the right to do so.

So, are they 'the' Government now?

perruby said...

John, My husband is a school bus driver, he usually sees' 2-4 small UPS delivery trucks a day on his route.
On Friday, he saw at least 5-7 Tractor Trailor large UPS trucks during the day during his route.
We are wondering if these "brown babies" hold our future in them. We are down to the wire on income for rent/food.

Anonymous said...

I see John has no answer for my previous question. I'll ask again. What republic formed by the military and supported by the world court? Please explain your statement please sir.

"To repeat – I support the REPUBLIC which has already been established by the military and recognized by the World Court."

Anonymous said...

We have been under the control of the military since the war powers act under roosevelt, go listen to rod class at aig radio , on talkshoe.