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Oil Spill - Nancy Lazaryan: Hutchison Frequencies MORPH pollution--more video proof

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Nancy Lazaryan: Hutchison Frequencies MORPH pollution--more video proof
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E-mail from Nancy Lazaryan:
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Hutchison Effect -- morphs pollution, restores the water to clean
http://vimeo.com/19096993 [34-minute video]
Indian Creek, Eastpoint Florida
January 19, 2011

John Hutchison and Nancy Lazaryan have been cleaning the BP oil polluted waters of the Gulf of Mexico using audio and radio frequencies.
In January 2011 they were invited to "set up shop" at Sportsman's Lodge, East Point, Florida. The property is a pennisula bordered by East Bay (Gulf of Mexico) and Indian Creek. Indian Creek has been highly polluted for years from the dumping of raw sewage into it by Eastpoint Water Treatment.
Indian Creek acts as a resonance chamber (wave guide). The audio and radio frequencies bounce back and forth within the creek, building strength, and are then sent out with the tide into the Gulf of Mexico. This video includes close up and slow motion shots of the actual frequencies breaking apart a "slime goo" that entered the creek with the tide.
On January 16, 2011, a "slime goo" entered Indian Creek with the tide. Video of Hutchison's frequencies cleaning the water of the slime goo were taken, highlights are posted here:

The video link at the top of this email is about the SECOND slime goo that entered the creek with the tide, a few days later. This video was captured with two high definition TV cameras, and shows in detail:
STANDING WAVES....the actual pattern of the frequencies on the water and the slime....and MUTATING of the slime...and the implosions. Remember John Hutchison's metals that "morphed" under the Hutchison Effect? This video clip now being posted shows the slime goo morphing, frame by frame.
Scientific evaluation and review by BP, the EPA and local and federal agencies has been repeated requested by Hutchison, yet there has been no response.
Chemical analysis of before and after samples of the water prove this method removes the oil BP suspended in the water column by use of Corexit (dispersants).
More video available at: www.youtube.com/cleanthegulf
Nancy Lazaryan

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