Wednesday, January 26, 2011

INTEL 1/26 8:00 am

INTEL 1/26    8:00 am

WARNING - Discernment advised.

Should have already happened – except major blockage by the Dark side. The Darkside, especially the Federal Reserve bankers refuse to give up, even though they are receivership.
For an analogy – put a group of rats in a corner and see how they behave – that is what is happening now.
Keep on getting “deliveries tomorrow” from intel but the lack of any tangible proof says otherwise. The Dark Cabal has compromised many of the programs players including the trustees, military JSC and the supreme court.
My question is the White Knights up to this task? Too much genteel lawyer type who love to negotiate and negotiate! Don’t know how to get a job done!
Not going to continue the “Deliveries Tomorrow” charade promoted by the programs folks. Remember the carrot strung before the donkey, yea – that works in moving the donkey!
I don’t like carrots!  LOL!
Per the Ghosts stories --- I hope they can sleep at night with the nonsense they are paid to put out?

CMKX Program
Same blockage from the Dark Cabal, long overdue for E/R release, being lied too over and over and over. The Dark Cabal, continues to defile the people.

Same blockage from the Dark Cabal. Dinar has been close to RV 7 times but powers supported by the Dark Cabal have blocked it.

NOTE --- So – we have 3 major programs – all being Blocked by the Dark Cabal. Now do you realize how powerful they are.
Who is the Dark Cabal? Vatican, Bush & Clintons, Queen, Rothschilds, Rockerfellers, Bilderbergers, etc., etc.  

I am being challenged by the Tim Turner’s supporters and his operation per the comments which I allow to be posted on my blog.

Always attack the messengers and not the message. The Message still remains – Tim Turner DOES NOT HAVE MILITARY SUPPORT NOR FINANCIAL SUPPORT. My deep inside military intel have confirmed this to me over and over. Is TT lying again?

Now hearing “rumor” that TT could not attend a California and a Florida event because he is on a “No Fly” list.  He also did not fly to Hague as promised because the Republic Filing and Approval was already done by the military last year. Something odd about all this?

I FULLY SUPPORT the Republic and this will be the future government for our country. The Republic will be run by the Republics across our country and this is where the power lies – with the people!


Anonymous said...

I too support the plan, but it can never work until the State Republics are 100% on board. This will only be when each state has a republic that reaches deep into the counties they will represent. When each state republic has officials that the day to day residents of the state have chosen or endorsed. No one can put their lives and the welfare of their families on the line for a "SECRET" government.
I have about as much faith in the Republic of the united States of America as I do the GSF. Both are promising things that must run through or parallel to the Federal Corporation.
If TT is not willing to do this then perhaps the people under him need to have a new election, but only when they themselves are popularly elected by the States and counties they represent.

Anonymous said...

John M:

Re Tim Turner and the Republic. Perhaps your military sources are simply misinformed.

Think about it, why didn't DHS or FBI or DOJ or CIA shut down the RAP operation and throw Tim Turner and the others in jail a long time ago? Why do they allow the Republic to persist and even distribute ID cards and all this stuff?

They could intervene any time and shut it all down easily enough, and yet they do not. Why?

Because they support it, that's why. They helped come up with the plan in the first place!

Now will you post this comment or will you censor me again John M?