Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Response to Teri Hinkle letter about Tim Turner

This is a response to Teri Hinkle: 

First of all, this is not a movement as you claim in your post.  We are simply re-inhabiting the vacant dejure positions that were left just sitting there about 150 years ago.
Secondly, we are NO THREAT.  Are you kidding me?  We are completely peaceful and we have met with FBI and DOJ to make SURE they know and understand our peaceful intent.
Next, Tim Turner was ELECTED by us to be our president.  He did not appoint himself!
The gathering in UTAH was a miracle.  We came together in unity and in the end after much discussion unanimously passed a sacred document.  NO ONE was threatened or held against their will.  And there was too heat and a bathroom outside the warehouse.  Completely peaceful and inspiring to boot!  BTW, Teri Hinkle WAS NOT THERE! 
I have read, approved of, and signed the document.  It is a beautiful document.  I cried as I read it.  There is NO deception in it; it is as simple as it can get and wonderful.  A seven year old could read it and understand it.
This is not a totalitarian central government...Teri H. obviously knows nothing about what she speaks of.  Her egotistical rantings are astounding!  And FALSE! 
The success of the ID warrants must be ticking her off is all I can figure.  Why would someone bash a peaceful group of Patriots restoring their country to its former beauty?  Go Figure!
One lady was put in jail for a couple of days for contempt of court.  Had nothing to do with the  ID she had.  Teri is using this lady to further her agenda..something I am sure Melody would not appreciate.
We do NOT intend to take over any government.  We are a peaceful people wanting to claim our liberty and exist similar to the Amish people.
I saw Tim Turner a couple of weeks ago, he did not ask me for any money.  As a matter of fact, he has NEVER asked me or anyone else I know for money.  Fleecing Teri?  How ridiculous. 
I am involved with this about as deep as you can go.  Mr. Tim Turner is a most honorable and peaceful Christian man.  These constant attacks on him prove to me how successful he is at what he and thousands of us are doing.  Keep em coming.  Our God is Great!
I will pray for you Teri, that God will give you eyes to see and ears to hear.  God's Peace and Love to You...

Cherron Carr (MGAL)


Anonymous said...

Cherron Carr (MGAL)
Perhaps it is the haphazard way that we were consulted in Mr Turner's appointment. I agree that it needed doing, but we the people of the De Jure' land will always be a little skeptical when we are told to use the De Facto Names when filling out the packet to join you.
I am already free! I was freed by my lord Yahweh before Tim Turner was born.
I, while not willing to claim to be a fiction so I can join, do wish you well and hope that soon you will begin to do what you told us on 27 January you would be doing.
Teri is not a detractor she is just calling what we all see. Now it is your turn to placate the rest of the Teri's and stop worshiping a man.

Pano said...

Republic For New York is Here! Join us!

Anonymous said...

I need to contact Teri Hinkle in Georgia new devlopments must talk to her ASAP can't find her phone number it is imperative

Anonymous said...

Teri is in and Tim Turner is out!!!