Saturday, January 22, 2011

REPUBLIC - Response to Tim Turner Exposed/Feedback

Rumormill News
Republic's response to this dis-info attempt
Posted By: Mr.Ed <Send E-Mail>
Date: Saturday, 22-Jan-2011 01:47:02
The free state / republic of South Carolina responds to the dis-info attempt (once again) with a national republic report found at site.
This is getting old & they can't even come up with anything new to try and smear the name of Tim Turner or the republic for which he stands.
This person again claims we have no funding or military support.
Both are false claims.

The fact is the De Facto government under Obama and the Federal Reserve are the ones who are broke...not the new republic.

And so far as the military will find that out very soon "in your face".
If in fact there were some problems in the Florida republic group with insubordination within the the leader of the republic I would hope Tim Turner would see to it that any rats were removed from the ship.
Now, I wasn't there so I can't say for sure what happened, but I trust TT & have no problems with his business.
That is a hell of a lot more than I can say for Obama...who pushed his healthcare scam right through passage without our vote or opinion. And I hear he just did this again without the Congress approval on some other legislation???
So go here & read the response to your attempt to derail the republic. (which BTW will not happen) Mr.Ed >>>
John's Comments - to repeat from before - Tim Turner DOES NOT HAVE MILITARY SUPPORT based on my pentagon military intel sources. Tim Turner DOES NOT HAVE THE FINANCIAL SUPPORT from past claims. 

May I humbly Suggest that Proof of His Claims req'd to be shown to the People NOW!  
TT - Put Up or Shut Up! 


Anonymous said...

Supposing TT does have military support behind him, for the sake of discussion, do you honestly think, at this point in time, and given all things, that it would be prudent to disclose any proof to the public? C'mon, aren't you a military guy? This is the Great Game of Houses going on here...

John MacHaffie said...

This has been going on now for 4 months with no evidence of any military support for TT. This is beyond the stage of prudency, my friend.

You offer NO evidence per your position. In short the evidence of TT past actions and past credibility reveals otherwise.

Time to admit, my friend you have been taken by a snake oil salesman!

The Republic is not about TT --- it is about the people taking our GOD Blessed country back.


Anonymous said...

Tim Turner you continue to promise a public announcement and its all an empty promise so far. If you are real PUT UP ot SHUT UP.

Anonymous said...

First, I'm personally waiting for more proof positive, so, no, I'm not "taken." I don't "proclaim" TT, etc.

Sorry to say, but, strategically it would be suicidal to reveal any concrete evidence of any military involvement/backing. That is, if there is any. That is classic strategy. You don't tip your hand in poker until the final Call. The game is not over yet. Due to ongoing propaganda, any "proof" would quickly 1) be quenched, 2) spun into "conspiracy theory madness," and 3) put out the fire.

IF there is proof, it will come when the de facto/cabal/whatever, falls, which is coming.

And that doesn't just apply to TT and the Republic, but also "deliveries," "NESARA," and so on. As it stands right now, all this "stuff" is still only words on a page.

Now, mind you, I believe all this is taking place, but one does have to maintain a more objective/distant viewpoint in order to stay grounded.

Wake up indeed.

John MacHaffie said...

per 6:59

You are walking a thin rope with your views. We do have evidence of programs packages and the cabal blockages. You need to get out more and read more. LOL! Per Nesara, ditto!

Per the formation of these republics ditto.

Per the proclamations and announcements of TT --

Suicidal to admit evidence of military backing --- in your opinion only. NOW MY MILITARY SOURCES SAY THEY DO NOT SUPPORT TT. What does TT military sources say?

A wee bit quiet -- wonder why?

Anonymous said...

RE: Military sources. My speculation: There would be a huge firestorm if they did. 'Course, depends upon who those backers are... for that matter, who are your sources - can you publicly disclose their information without compromising their positions?

RE: evidence of programs and packages, etc. I am not in possession of, nor have I seen any concrete evidence of such. Sorry. Only things I've seen on that note are Internet based. And you know what is on the Internet. And believe me, I read quite a bit.

RE: Fine line. Yup, shore am. I'm the "nutter" in my household. But I also try to take a balanced view of things with what knowledge I do have in my possession. That is the position one has to take as a mushroom.

I'll be happy to email directly if you'd like as opposed to leaving anonymous comments. :)

Anonymous said...

There is a reason for that quiet, but soon you shall all see the results of this weekend, 2 more weeks and it's a done deal, or I am out, and then I will believe that all is BS. Including the other programs, then I'm going underground and out of country for the olympics of another nature. Peace

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Supposing TT does have military support behind him, for the sake of discussion, do you honestly think, at this point in time, and given all things, that it would be prudent to disclose any proof to the public?

It would be highly imprudent to publicly boast about military support to intended overthrown of the elected government (like it or not) at all; the fact that Turner does that for months is a clear sign there isn’t any such support – that would be considered as a conspiracy to sedition, the most severe violation of the Code – you just cannot brag about it openly, without gravely endangering military personal involved, if that would be true, of course.

All relevant Turner’s claims, promises and predictions turned out false; top brass would never support such a clusterf*ck.

Anonymous said...

OK - I will try to straighten out several - mistakes. I've been aware of all this 'stuff' for 45 years. I won't bore you w/credentials or 'secret inside sources' - that are always anonymous - of course. I'm heard on a few patriot radio shows from time to time. I was involved first with RAP - then the Restored Republic. RAP was nothing more than a smokescreen for a military coup - and they lied to us. Truth about it has finally emerged. To equate the two is a flat lie.
I've done my own investigation of Tim Turner. Let the record show that there is not one shred of evidence of criminal wrong-doing on his part. Had there been any evidence - it would have been splattered all across the Internet. I know that many plans were shattered for him - by those who did not want the Restored America to see the light of day.
I won't bore you w/inside 'intel' or my connections - that are many.
I am a student of economics. Economics powers politics. Wherever the money and military go - we will go - from 2300 years of real history. As an economics guy, I will point out a few things that are in plain sight - real - they've happened - and they mean something if you know real economics - not magic currency stories.
1) A representative of the Bank of England recently stated that fractional reserve banking was a terrible idea. 2) The almighty Federal Reserve has also apparently been forced to buy a mass of T-bills from China. Both events tell me that there's a worldwide push to topple the banksters - and someone has their complete attention.
When I met w/Tim, I posed a question of sorts: 'As I understand it, some very wealthy people have agreed to buy bonds to jump-start this republic, then you will go after the counterfeiters and seize their assets with criminal forfeiture laws.' His answer - plain and simple: 'Yes.'
Now - the de facto will fall - and it's falling on its sword - right now. They remind me of some toothless old 98-year-old codger - bed-ridden - screaming at people 'When I get up out of bed, I'm gonna whup up on all you whipper-snappers.' A pathetic sight indeed.
The de facto gov't was designed to fail - to bring in one-world gov't - that won't happen! Back to economics:
People who buy bonds in a government - loan it money - have very good reason to desire privacy. After they've bought the bonds - whacking them won't stop the new government - OK? So, they're in much more danger prior to the bond sale than after. Remaining anonymous is the 'norm' in such historic events.
And - I think I'm gonna barf if I hear about any more 'secret inside sources.' My dad knew real people in VERY high places - and for damn sure they don't talk. They did leave info w/my dad - to release if they did get whacked - and I saw these documents after he died.
Real sources of this nature - don't blab to bloggers.
And - after watching - time after time after time - all the John's Cleaning Ladies' words - fall flat on their face - my only question for you, John - is why in the hell do you listen to these idiots? Why do you give them credence? I sure don't.
Tim Turner has a lot longer track record for telling the plain truth than you do. I will never have to hang my head - because Tim is our chosen leader. Let the record show - no evidence of wrong-doing on his part. As for you, John, I've held my fingers back - long enough.
1) The de facto will fall - soon.
2) Why don't you come up with a better remedy, solution - whatever.
And - about the packets and spaceships - PUT UP OR SHUT UP, YOU LITTLE HUCKSTER. You've totally discredited yourself. Just look at all your Cleaning Ladies posts - and tell me about your wonderful integrity and inside sources - Jim from West Virginia

Anonymous said...

@ 7:41 AM: I agree, though I believe far more is in the works.

Anonymous said...

This is B.S. TT has not shown anything but a bunch of words. "in your face" pal. my experience on the local level in the Ma Republic has shown me that TT cannot keep his people in-line. TT calls for peace and acceptance of those that want to return to the republic but his leaders are reluctant to do remove the plank from their own eyes. Recently a bunch of folks got themselves arrested in the Cambridge,Mass. district court. Oh and get this the case revolved around an old case a few years back and before RAP. This is being done for one of the jury commisioners own gain!!!! (its on the police arrest record) TT claimed personally that he would "fix" the problem of those arrested etc. Let's see what he does if anything. Oh and guess what that person whose case it is did not get arrested ! mmmm I wonder why this person let others get arrested besides themself? Unbeleivable hypocricy not to mention when the National republic was notified and they did nothing about the rougeness of the Mass Republic and the usurptation of that jury. Yes, thats correct they did nothing and continue to disavow anything that took place in the Mass Republic. They instead they poke fun of those that have questioned their authority. They actively say oh anyone can join but don't try to put yourself in a position of leadership.
So John your not alone.
I really wanted this all to work but I am not one who brain washes easily if at all. I speak my mind. Something is not right with this program when transparency is lost and worse when others lie and deceive their patriot brothers.
Its too bad there is "NO" PROOF of anything TT says and its sad when you listen to some of these followers you can tell that A. they are followers not leaders and B. they have certainly to some extent been brainwashed.
John and others hang in there and beware keep shedding the light on this un repentants. Let me say not all in the movement are wrong or bad but there are a few who need to be weeded out before acceptance by the people takes place within the republics. God Bless You all..

Anonymous said...

Nesara, Rusa, Rap, Dejure United States. All at this point are just internet pixels. Nothing has come to being. So why all the fighting? They are all good end results. I am so sure that everyone wants the existing mess to go into history as a bad thing destroyed and never to be forgotten. It is not about one person or the other. It is rather about 330 million or even 6.2 billion people. I suggest folks work towards their end and stop infighting. Lest the Evil will take you all over as planned. Standing back and looking at you all I see a bunch of kids fighting on the play ground. For gods sake grow up.

Julian said...

The question of military support came up a year ago, and all of a sudden there was a mad rush to "sign people up" to RAP or the "Restored America Plan". It seemed like TT had to prove to someone at that time (the military?) that he had the public on board. That's when I smelled a rat, along with his throwing good people out one week and "allowing" them back in the next. I don't think the military, especially at the top, cares one whit about the American people. It's run by the corporations and is a TOOL for THEM, not us. Our children are just cannon fodder for them.

If the military is involved in "The Restored America Plan", it is NOT at the JCS levels - those who were in the four command aircraft EB-4's on the day of 9/11. The Pentagon top brass belongs to secret societies and are a MAJOR part of the people's problem....I'm not talking about the normal soldiers here.

Watch the Kay Griggs youtubes. She's the wife of the Chief of Staff (Col Griggs) to GENERAL GRAY. She names names and describes membership in these organizations and a rampant homosexual agenda on young officers, pushed by the top Pentagon brass. There's also a discussion of the EB-4 aircraft and Cheney at in the article about Jesse Ventura and 911.

Anonymous said...

Anony... For Gods sake grow up? The ones that need growing up are the ones who are leading this thing. They need to stand up and listen to the grevences of those of us now not wait until they have failed like the defact has failed us!!! you grow up!!!

Anonymous said...

@ 1/23 6:46 AM: The de facto didn't fail us, it did everything "we" (the people) allowed it to do. So, who failed whom? Who is the real cause of all this "woe?"

TLGA said...

Those exposing TT are doing so after "finding out" for themselves. Those who defend are doing so blindly with nothing to go on but idle promises and claims...

Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance....Albert Einstein

Anonymous said...

IF T.T. is such a great man of God, why does he not know his scriptures well enough to know that what is foretold, is that only Christ with his Angels will remove the evil from upon this earth. Man does not have the power or authority to get this done. It is a spiritual battle of good vs evil, light vs darkness and only Yahweh has the power to straighten it out in his due time. Yes we must do what we can to oppose this evil,but Tim is only a mortal man. He doesn't even know who Satan's earthly agents are that control all things here on earth.

Kevin said...

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