Friday, January 21, 2011

The Eleventh Hour

Marianna, Florida
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Listening Ears

The Eleventh Hour – My Truth

January 20, 2011

In the eleventh hour My truth shall resound in hearts, bringing new hope. 
Those who have doubted My word will no longer walk in unbelief,
for they will be strengthened in power and might to follow My edicts with precision.

I am the One True God.  My words of truth shall prevail in hearts. 
My words are spoken out of a heart of love and devotion to My beloved,
and you will see the wonder of a totally new hour,
beloved, a totally new hour replete with the wonder of Who I am to you
and what I am doing to bring this eleventh hour to a close and the wonder of eternity to the forefront!!!


The Eleventh Hour – Activity
January 17, 2011

The eleventh hour will be filled with activity like you have never seen or experienced.
It is activity that will be looked upon with eyes of wonder. 
Those who are taking part in this eleventh hour activity will see some things clearly from a new vantage point. 
Yes, your eyes will be open to My truth in a totally new way, a way that will enable you to do things you never dreamed of doing on My behalf. 
Oh, this activity will be welcome in the hearts of My children.
It will be so welcome that you will marvel every waking moment at what your God is doing in your life.

Get ready for the activity of the living God to release some dynamics in your life that you never imagined.
Get ready to walk in a totally new place, and know, dear one, that this eleventh hour activity was sent your way for a reason. 
The reason being, to draw others into My womb* of love!!!
*womb - place of security, place which provides protection and shelter


Eleventh Hour – A Fresh Breeze

January 16, 2011

 The eleventh hour - the latest possible time before it is too late.
I am sending a fresh breeze to My beloved. 
This breeze will sweeten the very air that you breathe.
It will encapsulate you in My warmth.
It is for you, fortifying and strengthening you in ways that you never dreamed. 
This breeze will prepare you for what is to come. 
It will enable you to open your heart, giving to Me an avenue to pour forth from My heart the benefits that will bring delight to your very soul.

Get ready, for this fresh breeze is headed in your direction, beloved. 
You will not miss out, for I am happy to say that this breeze is for any receptive heart. 
Yes, this fresh breeze that will fortify and strengthen is for any heart that is receptive to the living God and His work.

I am sending a fresh breeze to My beloved in this, the eleventh hour.
I am sending it for a good reason.
I want you prepared for what is to come.
I want your eyes open to My truth. 
I want your hearts prepared to receive the wonders that I have prepared. 
So get ready for this breeze. 
Get ready to be warmed by this breeze and know the sweetness that lies within the heart of your God and that He is sending your way. 
It will be refreshing, beloved, refreshing in ways that will give new meaning to the word,
a new meaning that will enhance your life in ways you never dreamed possible. 
It is coming your way as I speak. 
It is blowing so gently and sweetly in your direction,
so be prepared for the wonder,
the rich wonder that this fresh breeze will bring,
that I am sending your way!!!

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