Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Secret Police In West Virginia Republic?

Subject: Today's issue: Secret Police In West Virginia Republic?

The NEW Issue:  More Police Needed

As crime rates rise, some in the community are calling for increased policing.

Should we adopt:

   1. "Just the other day, I got mugged in the broad daylight!" says ruffian Gregory Rifkin. "And the ironic thing is I had just stuck up this other guy. When muggers are getting mugged, even I have to admit that crime has gotten out of control. We do need more police."

   2. "The solution to crime is not more police!" says noted sociologist and occasional crime novelist Randy Wall. "Studies repeatedly show that crime is caused by poverty and poor education. Increase government spending in these areas, and crime will fall! Maybe not overnight, but it will happen."

   3. "Yeah, good luck with that," says conservative leader and gun enthusiast Jean-Paul King. "Look, we do need more police, that's clear. But that's not enough. We need real punishments: sentences that will act as a genuine deterrent to people considering a life of crime. Like public floggings."

   4. Dismiss this issue.

What say you?

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