Monday, January 24, 2011

Republic - Tim Turner Fantasy IS FINISHED -

The Turner Fantasy is finished as is the U.S. Corporation. Please read the attached documents. I have been appointed an Officer on Behalf of the Great Turtle Island and given permission to disseminate this information to the world. Information will be shared as it becomes available. Divine Justice has been served.

Teri Lynn Hinkle
Georgia Republic
Divine Justice And Return To Liberty
Order Our Empirical Office
Lawful Situation

(Small extract from the above document)

At long last the traitorous actions of the U.S. Corporation, James Timothy Turner and all other cabalist organizations have been defeated.  Mr. Turner’s false claim of intention to file secret documents with The Hague will now be known to all for the insidious plot against the people that it is. Turner was served with legal notice this past week of the Historical event which has taken place.

The war against the indigenous peoples of this continent began many hundreds of years ago with the first invasion of Europeans. That war has now been finished once and for all. Divine justice has prevailed and the land stolen from the Native Peoples has been restored. 

This has been done by lawful Stitution which has been filed at the UN, UPU, Inspector General of the United States Postal Service, United States Military and United States Supreme and World Courts. This was filed and accomplished in early November of 2010. The same Stitution and notification has been sent to all original thirteen colonies as of today.

Obama and the entire corporation have been served notice they are trespassing on Native land and are operating a false government and must desist.  All states will now revert to Indian Nation Law under the various nations within their respective territories.  Indian Nation Law is based on Nature’s Law and returns this land to the jurisdiction of our Creator. Any person wishing to remain on the land in this country will be REQUIRED to claim that right by signing page thirteen of the stitution document attached here and return it to:


Anonymous said...

This is incredible! How is this going to be enforced? This corporate nightmare state we live in ignores all laws even their own statutes. They think they are above the law and get ignorant or corrupt people(law enforcement,Judges,Lawyers, Sheriffs, FBI, CIA, Military etc) to do the fighting for their sick system.

Unknown said...

Dear God
Being bless with the soul you created, (just for Me) and placing it among so many other beautiful soul's, onto this Beautiful planet you created, just for us, I can't express in words, how much I Love You, for all I have received from you.
However: God I'm a bit confused, and need some help, When you have time that is; I thought I could wonder anyplace, on your planet, Well God, some of your soul's, keep on asking me for my papers; God please get them to me "ASAP", or show me where you put them, they must be very important, many other soul's are looking also, We are really stuck, and have to move off our little plot's on your planet, As you know, we just fixed our problem, we had about our little plot's, However: some of your other soul's are doing the same thing again, Showing us this big huge map "It's like almost all of your planet" they say they own it, and we need to pay them to stay, on our plot's; If this is so God, you really need to make a bunch more land for us, we don't need much; Or tell your other soul's that they can't take your stuff and sell it or rent it; Oh: I don't mean to be a bother God, Have you noticed what some of your soul's are doing to your Air & Water, It's like really nasty God and killing all life you created, If I was you I'd be like really mad.
Your Soul

Anonymous said...

Even the indigenous people weren't united and certainly didn't rule solely and exclusively over their territories but often fought with neighboring tribes over jurisdiction and hunting rights. Many of the tribes worked side by side with the white man...especially along the east coast. Indians did not have the need for "ownership" of property such as the white man has.

Does her rationale mean that all conquered lands throughout the world must revert back to the original inhabitants of those territories? Should France, Britain, the Netherlands,et al be returned to the Goths, Visigoths, Burgundians, Angles and Saxons? Is this woman for real? Is she for real?

United we stand, divided we fall.

Anonymous said...

Please check out the Republic for the united States of America for yourselves because this article is twisted badly. The Republic is for all. Always check your facts and believe nothing until you look it up for yourself. There are many out there who do not want the Republic to return. They like the current Democracy (mob rule or rule of the majority). Our Founders warned us against "Democracies" because they all fail by way of becoming 'Oligarchy', followed by Socialism, then tyrannical rule. The U.S. is a Corporation and the states and counties became subcorporations. The People, well, we are corporate assets more or less. Do your research. Look up the original organic Constitution and compare all the wording and fonts with the current Corporate Constitution. I think you might find some modifications. The Republic and Democrat establishments do not want you to know about the re-inhabited Republic for the united States of America because they'll have to serve The People once again. The will be below The People as intended and they'll have to stop the spending among other things. Do you like unlawful taxation like PROPERTY TAXES? I'm ready to abolish taxes.

Go to
and make up your own mind; start educating yourself and think for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Whatever you say, Mr. Turner. :P