Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Eleventh Hour - Continues Again

Marianna, Florida
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The Eleventh Hour – Fear Not

January 26, 2011

Fear not what tomorrow will bring, for I am with you.
 I am always right beside you. 
I offer hope in any situation.
I offer peace during any trial. 
In this hour, the eleventh hour,
I offer to you joy, joy realized in a most positive fashion.

Renounce the enemy and his cohorts. 
Focus on the Beloved, and know the wonder of belonging to the One Who offers hope and peace to any who will receive.

I say, “fear not, oh, child of the living God, the Creator of the universe, for I am with you. 
I am right by your side, enfolding you in the wonder of My love.
This, the eleventh hour, brings with it much that you will not understand,
but you will know for certain that your God is with you enfolding you in His arms of love and gifting you with the peace and joy that are a part of Who He is.

I am your God; you are My chosen. 
I have called you for this coming hour, this coming hour of wonder. 
I have equipped you.  I have designed you to walk in the wonder of My grace. 
So take that first step, beloved, with the knowledge that the living God has a glorious plan,
a wonderful plan, a plan to bless and bring about My glorious will in your life.

Bringing about this final hour is something that delights My heart,
and you will find that it will delight yours, too, dear one.
Yes.  It will certainly delight your heart too!

The Eleventh Hour – Approaching

January 25, 2011

The eleventh hour is fast approaching. 
The eleventh hour has been planned since the beginning of time. 
It has been expertly  planned to benefit My very own chosen.
Nothing has caught Me by surprise. 
Nothing has caught Me off guard, ever. 

So do not let that thought enter your mind.
Do not think that I have fallen asleep and am not mindful of the episodes that are making their appearance.
Do not think that I am not fully aware of what is occurring in your midst. 
I have planned and there is nothing that can disrupt My plans.
There is nothing that could ever stop My plans. 
The eleventh hour is fast approaching and nothing can stop it, beloved. 
No, absolutely nothing! 
Don’t even think it for a moment!!!

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