Sunday, January 30, 2011

Global Economic Settlement

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CGI's fullsailmu: Global Economic Settlement
Posted By: Susoni
Date: Saturday, 29-Jan-2011 22:44:27

Note: I received this via email, I thought I would share it with you all.
One of the best talks of the year . . . . a genie in the bottle is going to be released . . . a global economic settlement is a comin’. Enclosed is a fascinating discussion by in-the-know economists that weaves the economic disaster rumors circulating on the internet into a comprehensible explanation of what is coming down the pike regarding new currencies. Apparently, very powerful countries, G-19, are ready to reboot, realign, resettle the world’s debt, and to create a settlement for all countries that have been ruined by the Federal Reserve. A sort of Jubilee is coming. Rumors among the Republic regarding Tim Turner and trillions being made available to the U.S. is substantiated. China is key . . . who by the way have resisted global domination of the illuminati. The Federal Reserve and the IRS are on the way out. Derivatives will be deemed worthless. The U.S. Treasury will be refunded. Treasury bills will replace FRNs.. Assets will be nationalized. Those damaged in the stock market will receive remedy. It is amazing . . . and . . . it’s all a matter of timing and coordination. The whole planet will be affected and soon . . . but to understand you need to listen to a healthy portion of this 90 minute session.
Global Economic Settlement

The following has been posted at 10:05pm 01/29/2011 by Paul Wenzel Editor & Publisher of
(snip) On Sunday, Treasury Secretary Geithner will have dinner at Treasury with former secretaries of the Treasury.
What's up with this? There was no indication on the weekly Treasury schedule, put out just a day ago, that this dinner was planned. Very unusual.
On top of that, the Treasury put this notice out at 9:00PM on a Saturday night. Sure looks like a rushed meeting to me. (snip)


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Geitner and his former cronies are meeting to plan on how they're going to get their fortunes positioned before they collapse the dollar. Wonder if any activity is going on a Ft. Knox or the gold reserve bank in New York. Gold is the first thing to leave a country prior to collapse. Just look at what the Tunisian president took with him when he fled the country a few days ago.

Terri said...

Susoni can you tell us where to listen to the next conference call? That was extremely interesting!