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A Start-Up Comprehensive Preparatory Measures:
Tentative Date: from 11th April to 21 April, 2012
Venue: First preference - Roxas City, Capiz Province, The Philippines.
(Venue may shift to any other third world nation, if necessary).

Presenter and Convener: Mr. Eric V. Encina, Social Crediter/ Monetary Reformer, Campaigner.
Inaugural Address by Dr. Leo Rebello, World Peace Envoy, Bombay, India, who is also the Chair of the Organizing Committee of this unique first World Congress.
Aims and Objectives: To create a Holistic Development of the World by replacing the Forces of Greed as represented by the N.W.O.
Total Attendance: about 10,000 speakers and participants from all over the world consisting of Politicians, Planners, Professors, Diplomats, Judges, High Ranking Officials of various World Organisations, NGO heads, Researchers, Authors, Heads of Religious and Spiritual Organizations, Nobel Laureates, Doctoral Students and Home Makers.
List of Speakers will be underway:
Book based on the presentations made at the 10-day historic event will be brought out later.
One Time Funding required: One million US$ dollars, without strings attached.
Book publishers any philanthropic organizations may consider donating this amount.
More details will be provided on request to serious funders who share the vision of Holistic Development of the World. An idea mooted by Dr. Leo Rebello which is far better than the mercenary N.W.O.
Eric V. Encina, Filipino Social Crediter/Monetary Reformer
c/o Lito Alhambra Old House, Homesite, Km. 2, Brgy. Lawa-an,
P.O. Box 8, 5800, Roxas City, Capiz Province, Philippines.
Email: eric.encina8@gmail.com / eric_encina@yahoo.com
Mobile Contact Number Smart 09995427779

AN INVITATION Proponent: Eric V. Encina, Filipino Social Crediter/Monetary Reformer /Activist/Campaigner For Financial-Economic Justice For All People
Email: eric_encina@yahoo.com, eric.encina8@gmail.com
Contact Number : 09995427779
I. Rationale: Monetary Reform, the policy of Social Credit New Economics System should be the new state or government policy to effectively address financial-economic problems and cure poverty in the country, in the world. What can be the role of the Social Credit Economic System and its Monetary Reform Policy to help the Republic of the Philippines and to all nations develop a self-reliant and independent national economy without debt? The people of the world must be educated or animated, inspired, and knowledgeable on monetary reform policy to help mobilize the work for change and justice in the financial-economic fields and ensure to build an environment or condition or pressures upon or through which an all-out war against debt-mega-usurious money system can be launched or sustained until the solution is implemented for the benefit of all people across the planet. Without full education, knowledge, mobilization, commitment, fellowship, cooperation, solidarity of poor and ordinary citizens, families, workers, various sectors and churches, monetary reform policy of Social Credit cannot successfully be launched and sustainable for the long-term. Thus, the need for 2011-2015-2010 WORLD CONFERENCE/FORUM/WORKSHOP ON SOCIAL CREDIT PHILOSOPHY AND ITS MONETARY REFORM POLICY, ITS RELATED FIELD OF STUDIES ON TECHNICAL ASPECTS FOR IMPLEMENTATION FOR THE BENEFITS FOR ALL PEOPLE IN THE IMMEDIATE 21ST CENTURY.
II. Major Goal:
Introduce the legislation and technical implementation of Social Credit Monetary Reform policy in the local governments, national governments with the cooperation of politicians, government leaders, businesspeople and private citizens and firms.
III. Major Objectives
At the end of the workshops, the global participants from various walks of life and sectors will be able to:
1. Clearly state and identify the root-cause of poverty, chronic shortage of money, the problems of poverty, and economic crisis in the world and how to prevent total economic collapse following the financial collapse.
2. See the problems of the devastating effects of interest paid by the Governments to private, commercial, foreign and international banks and the self-aggrandizement of multinational corporations over the wealth of the earth.
3. Knowledgeable on how money system operates and controls money.
4. Appreciate the methods, proposals, policies of Monetary Reform policy of Social Credit and its related public banking debt free money creation schemes and proposals.
5. Assess the feasibility , pitfalls, risks, weaknesses of, opportunities for debt free money creation public banking facilities and implementation, and or the threats of those who are opposed among the powers-that-be.
6. Take initiatives for individuals or family, families for action or campaign, mission for monetary reform in their respective places, towns, villages, cities or provinces, countries, regions, continents.
7. Present their comments, suggestions, proposals, criticism or correction about the policy of Social Credit Monetary Reform and or about debt free money creation proposals.
8. Explain some legal implications and the roles of the supreme courts of lands on money creation.
9. Explain some economic inter-relations with other nations under the hegemony of IMF and WB.
Illustrate the need for campaigning, networking and activism for monetary reform and debt free money creation all over the world for global success for all people.
.IV. Workshops Components/Contents
1. Topic 1: Presentation of Debt Money System and its adverse/deadly effects to social, economic and moral life of the peoples across the planet. Evidences are indispensable for presentation.
2. Topic 2: The problems of interest, inflation, deficit and devaluation of currencies to all nations.
3. Topic 3: The problems of poverty, debt, hunger, unemployment, bankruptcies, calamities as the result of the present financial-economic system and usury to most nations.
4. Topic 4: The problems of taxation as the tool of debt finance and usury.
5. Topic 5: Analysis of the present financial-economic system and situation and what is the best approach to correct it.
6. Topic 6: Campaigning, Networking for Social Credit Monetary Reform in the villages, towns and provinces, countries, regions and continents.
7. Topic 7: Film-showing on how money is created, etc. and the the effects to humanity at large.
8. Topic 8: Workshops: Training Programs for the New Social Crediters, Campaign Conceptualization and Policy Formulation For Monetary Reform and debt free money creation.
9. Topic 9: Monetary Reform lobbying to governments’ departments, leaders, politicians, parties and economists.
10. Topic 10: Opposition to private, commercial, foreign and international banks’ (IMF & WB) policies. How to deal with IMF and WB officials in a manner that they can submit for the reformation of money system from debt-based to debt-free.
V. Methodology Lecture -discussion, workshops, panel discussions, critiquing, individual reading, film-showing, open learning community, forum and focused group discussions on financial-economic-social, political issues for monetary reform for all nations.
VI. Participants/Delegates from all over the world.
(Priority Delegates )

1. Social Crediter Philosophers
2. Monetary/Money Reformers
3. Social Scientists
4. Economic/Monetary Alternative Experts
5. Economic/Monetary Justice Activists
6. Citizen’s Income/Basic Income/Supplementary Basic Income Campaigners/Activists
7. Social Credit Political Parties/Organizations/Communities
8. Money Reform/Monetary Reform Political Parties/Organizations/Communities
9. Economic/Monetary Justice Inter-Faith Organizations
10. Social Credit Institutes
11. Social Credit Schools of Studies
12. Social Credit/Money/Monetary Reform Publications
13. Writers/Journalists
(Secondary Participants/Delegates)
1. Professionals in Different Study Fields
2. Businessmen/Trade peoples/Entrepreneurs
3. Church-based Organizations and Associations
4. Educators
5. Clergymen & the Church officials
6. Government Officials, Public Servants and Politicians
7. Economists
8. Academia
9. Other Non-Governmental Organizations/Agencies/And/Or Representatives
10. Companies adopting alternative economics
11. Private firms
12. OPEN TO ALL participants from all walks of life.
13. Possible participation from the economists and world bankers from the government and private sectors and companies.
VII. International Organizers and Staff from Different Social Credit, Monetary Reform Organizations and monetary justice and economic justice advocates from all over the world. The presentation and talks shall be arranged and led by the WORLD SOCIAL CREDIT AND MONETARY REFORM EXPERTS on topics, and will come from who have specific knowledge and understanding of Social Credit Monetary Reform policy and debt free money creation.
VIII. Venue To be held if possible to any third world region or country, if possible in Capiz Province, Philippines, where debt and poverty have enormous negative and deadly impact.
IX. Duration: 10 days(Morning session: 9:00-10:30AM; afternoon session: 1:00 to 5:00PM)
X. Budget A. Needed funding more or less US$1 Million
(Please help raise US$1 Million for this World Congress)
B. Suggested Materials For Reference:
CH Douglas books:
The Big Idea of Reconstruction
The Brief for the Prosecution
The Development of World Dominion Money and Price System
The policy of a Philosophy
The « Land for the (Chosen) People » Racket The New and the Old Economics Social Credit & Christian Philosophy
Economic Democracy Monopoly of Credit
The Nature of Democracy
Social Credit Louis Even Books:
What Do We Mean By Real Social Credit?
A Sound and Effective Financial System
Geoffrey Dobbs Book: What is Social Credit?
Brian Monahan Books: Social Credit Freedom and Inflation
C. Marshall Hattersley Book: Wealth, Want and War
Eric D. Butler books: Social Dynamics
Maurice Couldborne: The Meaning of Social Credit The Web of Debt by Ellen Brown
We Hold These Truths by Richard Cook
The Lost Science of Money by Stephen Zarlenga
ILLUMINATI- The Cult that Hijacked the World by Henry Makow, Ph.D.
The Secrets of the Federal Reserve by Eustace Mullins
The World Order by Eustace Mullins
The Reality of Money and The Federal Reserve
Fantopia by James Gibb Stuart
World Without Wars by Dr. Leo Rebello
Other References are welcome.
Tools and Materials are needed.
Outputs: Those who are trained peoples or coordinators or allies for Social Credit Monetary Reform in the campaign, mission and lobbying for monetary reform in the region, in the Philippines, in the third world nations and from all over the world.
New Social Crediters after the workshops can present their proposals and be encouraged to inform their respective Congressmen or Senators and government leaders to file a bill for legislation, in perpetuity, on monetary reform, debt-free money creation and implement it for the benefits of the present and next generations through the distribution of wealth by way of dividend to every man, woman and child.
We will need accomplished complete analysis of the subject matters-topics with all endorsement and mutual understanding and protocols.
We need the most comprehensive technical aspects of monetary reform debt-free money creation proposals according to the Social Credit Philosophy and choose the best and are presented to any government-nations and to the world inundated by debt and poverty caused by the present debt money system.
XIII. Plan of Action and Recommendation: Take action for monetary reform policy of Social Credit monetary reform debt-free money creation for all nations and for all peoples.
Proposed & Prepared by: (Subject For Amendments, Correction & Improvement – Open for All For Rectification)
Eric V. Encina
Filipino Social Crediter/Monetary Reformer
c/o Lito Alhambra Old House, Homesite,
Km2, Brgy. Lawa-an, PO Box 8, 5800 Roxas City, Capiz Province,
eric.encina8@gmail.com, eric_encina@yahoo.com
My contact Number 09995427779
– Eric Encina - Social Crediter/ Monetary Reformer/ Campaigner in the Philippines Of impoverished, hunger-starvation, health-disasters-stricken Capiz province, Philippines.
"Of most diagnosis, the debt money system is the nucleus of all evils in the Philippines sparing no one including the religious peoples and even those postulate themselves as Godly men. I believe that once monetary reform scheme takes effect by legislation in the country, it will be working as “self-correcting” in the process of economy and finance."- Eric V. Encina
It is the criterion of a just money system that what is both socially and physically possible should also be made financially possible.
The aim of the economic and financial system is the service of man. The goal of an economic system should be the satisfaction of human needs, the production of goods (the role of the producing system) and the distribution of goods so that they may reach the people who need them (the role of the financial system). Social Credit proposes a technique that would make the production and financial systems serve their purpose.
Eric V. Encina
Against The Banking System & The Culpable Bankers, Economists

And Politicians
By Eric V. Encina
Debt Money System remains to be a terrible sham and scam of the 21st century. The Banking System Rubrics must be destroyed before it can totally destroy us into ashes.
We have the burden of proof against the banking system.
Let’s start the rebuttal on the crimes of the banking system. I am sure anyone who reads this article has rebuttal evidences that can be enough to pronounce judgment against the Banking System and the bankers on the crime of the MONOPOLY OF CREDIT.
Whatever the Bankers’ “ratio legis” – legal reasonings or grounds in defense of their debt-based-at-compounded-usury system, it can be toppled down by the conspicuously dreadful effects and evidences of casualties of the banking crimes against the people.
While it’s impossible, under the present controlled circumstances, influences and conspiracies existing, by design, to quash the operation of the banking system by judicial body of the land or by the Supreme Court, it must be the PEOPLE who would pronounce judgment, by rights of citizenship against the bankers.
The bitter fight would be between PEOPLES VERSUS THE BANKERS. "The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the people versus the banks." – Lord Action.
The fight has become gradiatorial by circumstances and by events.
I am convinced that WORLD DEBTS OF NATIONS to banking system cartel are all odious by adroit conspiracy, based on “ex nihilo” creation of money. And on this premise, it is genetically criminal, and therefore must not be repaid. On the Law of Reparation, the Bankers must return what they have stolen, extorted, scammed, racketed both by legal and illegal means, and thus countries must take initiatives to establish a new financial-economic system for justice, equality and financial security for all.
The only obvious risk is that bankers might likely rest back through whatever adroit and atrocious methods and means.

Debt Moratorium is a sham and therefore, futile by principles. Debt Management is futile by its rubbish theories of voodoo economics. WHAT WE NEED IS WRITING OFF DEBTS ALTOGETHER AND CREATE MONEY DEBT-FREE BY THE PUBLIC BANKING SYSTEM BY LEGISLATION, BY THE AUTHORITY OF THE GOVERNMENT AND BACKED UP BY THE PEOPLE.
Higher percentage of citizens in those highly indebted-addicted-nations including USA and EU are already in severe “MENTAL-MORAL-EMOTIONAL-SPIRITUAL ANGUISH” other than penury, hunger, unemployment, homelessness, indebtedness and despair. All these are becoming largely unbearable as wanton as millstone at the back of everyone while crimes continue unabated by financial-economic criminals, of money manifa and devil-sold-out politicians, alas, with impunity.
The Banking System is a “malum in se” or evil by itself as its major part is a latent defect to majority of people. It has been conceived in iniquity and operating, thriving in pestiferous crimes of leeching off people’s economic life-blood, which is money.
People’s Judgment Against the Bankers is not like passing through Kangaroo Court. It’s about a judgment of facts, de facto, the voice of the people about the debt money at compounded usury system crimes, in statu qou, is already an evidence to sustain.
The time is indeed ripe to reclaim, by de jure, or by right such inalienable financial-economic bill of rights. ELIMINATE DEBT AND COMPOUNDED USURY AND REPLACE IT, de novo, by DEBT FREE MONEY SYSTEM with “dividend” to every MAN, WOMAN, CHILD from the cradle to the grave, to be valid in perpetuity for all people, by God’s will.
The illusory promises of the money-poisoned, nasty-muddy politicians must also be totally dispelled and abhorred. Their negligence other than betrayal to their constituents is inexcusable and unpardonable.
THE ONLY HIDDEN ASSET OF THE BANKING SYSTEM is the creation of money out of nothing – the fractional reserve banking system, otherwise, bankers do not have any real assets of their own at all.
The extraordinary remedy, after all our tremendous exhaustion, is to make the system collapse by its fatal course, and as such, change the ENGINE OF DESTRUCTIVE FINANCE. This must be exigible, not just by exigency, by people’s mandate and legitimate demands in the 21st century.
Eric V. Encina
Filipino Social Crediter/ Monetary Reformer
c/o Lito Alhambra Old House, Homesite, Km. 2, Brgy. Lawa-an, P.O. Box 8, 5800
Roxas City, Capiz, Philippines
eric.encina8@gmail.com _,_.__,
Mobile Contact Number Smart 09995427779

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Adriaan Koreman said...

Basically everybody knows that wealth can only be produced from work. In times of unemployment work is lost and poverty is the result.
Our present monetary systems cannot lower government debt without creating high unemployment. This is because the means of exchange (money) is not similar to what it has to exchange (work and produce). Work or produce is lost when it is not used. Money is not. Therefore a new type of money with the possibility of bearing both positive and negative interest cannot be avoided if the problems of high unemployment and high government debt are to be solved. This new money is the Aurum. It's value is to be kept at a twenty years simple moving average (SMA) of the price of 0.1 gram (100 mg) of gold. But linking a new type of money to a broad commodity index or even to the SDR is also a possibility.
Every country can introduce the Aurum without any international agreements, but it would help if all countries would use the same basis. Please check how it works on www.digigeld.webklik.nl