Thursday, January 27, 2011

Health - Delicious, Healthy Tuna You Can Trust

For years, Dr. Williams has recommended that you eat fish on a regular basis as a way to increase the omega-3 fatty acids in your diet. These help to support almost every system in your body, especially your cardiovascular system, blood pressure, cholesterol, brain function, and joints. But the big question is "which types of fish are best?"
Over the years he's studied a wide variety of fish for their omega-3 content and tuna always tops the list. It has over 1,000 mg of omega-3 fats in one 3 ½ ounce serving, while the same amount of Atlantic cod or rockfish contained less than 500 mg of these essential fats.
Tuna is one of the best fish sources of DHA fats you can eat, containing 900 mg per 3 ½ oz. serving-that's even higher than salmon, which has 800 mg per serving. Plus, tuna contains a lot of heart-healthy EPA fats. Studies have shown that eating at least two ounces of fish a week may cut the risk of heart disease in half (click here to learn more about EPA and DHA fats).
Dr. Williams has found an extremely healthy and delicious tuna
When it comes to health benefits, all tuna is not created equal. Some are much healthier for you than others.
The one Dr. Williams is most excited about is called Wild Planet Albacore Tuna.
This tuna gives you the biggest bang for your buck in terms of taste and healthy omega-3s.
The best tuna is high in omega-3s and lower in mercury content. And that's exactly what you get with Wild Planet Albacore Tuna.
After selecting the smaller, healthier tuna, they fillet the fish by hand and pack them into cans with lead-free seams. Once sealed, the tuna is cooked in the can with its own natural, healthy juices-with no added oil or water. Since every last drop of omega-3-packed oil is in each can, when you open this tuna, you don't want to drain it. Instead, you want to mix the oil right back in.
The taste and quality of this tuna are excellent. And now, we've made special arrangements to get it to you at a SPECIAL SAVINGS. Click here for the details of our exclusive, money-saving offer as well as delicious recipes!
We encourage you to give it a try.
Dr. Williams' Mountain Home Nutritionals Team
P.S. Carvalho Wild-Caught Albacore Tuna, packed in its own omega-3 juices, is one of the healthiest and most delicious foods you can eat for your heart and brain. Click here to learn more.

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