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Republic - Update - Jan 19

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Date: Saturday, 22-Jan-2011 01:25:55

[1/19/2011 2:12:06 PM] Republic of the united States – Update Jan. 19, 2011

Where Are We? – I was just told that the postponed notification letters to Law Enforcement agencies, all 5500, will be going out by the end of this week. There was some delay. I expect the amount of data and work is overwhelming. The notification letter has been written and will be going out this week. We see this as a milestone because the Republic will be officially interacting in lawful process with the de facto government. The next big event will be a meeting of the National Grand Jury. They will hear representative cases on IRS issues (liens, levies, seizures, confiscations), mortgage foreclosures, I believe Chemtrails and something else is scheduled. The national grand jury will hear the cases and probably return a finding. This kicks the matter to the Federal Supreme Court which currently has no back log . The de facto agency directors and the agency will be served with lawful de jure process and notified to appear at the de jure Supreme Court. Our Supreme Court will not look like a temple (parthenon) built in honor of some false God. This is a case they cannot possibly win so we doubt they will appear. I expect they will not respond at all. Then the Supreme Court (De Jure) will make an official decision. This will most likely result in orders being generated to the Military for enforcement as coming from the only lawful government in the land. The orders will be designed to end the injustices against “we the people”. There are two Supreme Court Cases that state that a de facto (in fact) government can only function in the absence of the de jure (lawful) government. If the de jure government exists (we do exist) it trumps the de facto out of position as the lawful government. This is now the case. The deceivers probably figured we would never figure out what they did and effect the correction. I always say they are not smart but they are vicious and accomplished liars. In fact if you are not an accomplished liar you cannot function in the de facto government. IN the next week or so things will begin to get real interesting. As said previously we will go to daily updates and even three times a day updates when things gets moving fast. When it gets busy we may need to resort to audio updates but they will be found in the same section on our website..
People Opposing the Republic – Earlier this week we were missing four states which should be in position by the end of this week or on the weekend. We just lost a state that was recently reseated. Possibly the trouble makers impersonated people like us and joined only to then resign causing us delay. Possibly they tried to scare the newly seated government with their unfounded rumors. Minor delay but that is all they can do. They would rather have Chemtrails, TSA, IRS, Wars, GMO, ObamaCare & Obama than the Republic as evidenced by their actions. Makes you wonder who these people serve doesn't it? I am seeing them as enemies of the Republic and freedom. They keep saying Tim Turner is going to be arrested. Never happens does it. They scare others with this arrest fear as well. If any arrests were going to be made would have happened a long time ago. Please bear in mind Tim Turner is not the Republic he is just an office holder. What about the fifty State Republics and the Governors, Representatives, Senators, Jurors etc. We have seen no objective proof or evidence about the republic causing us fear. Because the Republic has not yet completed some of it's tasks does not mean it will fail. If the antis really thought the Republic was going to fail they would not be working so hard to stop it would they? No they know it is so very close to completion they are doing all they can to keep us under the de facto Chemtrails, GMO, Foreclosures, FRN's and all. They are actually a testimony to the success of the Republic. Turner is not a king, monarch or anything else like that. I personally am committed to the fact that Mr. Turner is not a muslim from Kenya which is a lot more than I can say for the person the antis favor by default. Makes sense doesn't it. Also remember the interim offices are only for six months. If these antis really wanted change why don't they join the Republic and position themselves to run for office in a few short months? Makes one wonder. They would prefer to keep Obama there. Since there is no other viable movement that means they are okay with Obama there for another year! So what kind of people are these. They are aware of the Federal reserve, the Gulf poisoning, GMO, Vaccines, ObamaCare, the senseless economic wars, 9/11 and they still want the de facto to remain for at least another year. They have no other movement that is even 2% as viable as the republic. Problem is life under Obama and the de facto is going to come to an end anyway if there hypothetically was no republic. Problem is the ending will be most painful. The cities, counties, states and fed are running out of money. This is common knowledge. The fed is not bailing out the municipalities. The states are asking permission to file bankruptcies. Millions are going to be wiped out when they lose their pensions. Muni bonds will be defaulting wiping out buyers. Lots of payments for goods and services will be defaulted on wiping out small local businesses. Foreclosures will be continuing. The picture is dismal. If the antis resent the thought of a Republic founded on common law and the word of God then I seriously have some real suggestions for you, regarding places that you can easily move to where you may be happier, see below.
Places to Go to get away from De Facto and Avoid the Republic - There are countries you can go to and have a decent life. The republic is seating and will be operative any day now. You know this and that is why you are trying so hard to interfere in these last days before the seating. We may not understand you or agree with you but we do not hate you. We understand you will hate living in a Constitutional Common Law country that uses the Bible as a reference. We will never force anyone to follow our faith. We won't let you force us to follow your faith either by hook or crook. We do know there are pagan images on the buildings in Washington, D.C that are just put there without telling the people they are pagan images paying respect to pseudo Gods foreign to “we the people”. This is de facto trickery and the republic will never do such a thing to any persons and of course the republic is not a pagan nation as it appears the de facto is. We will never force you to stop any practice or lifestyle as long as it causes no harm or damage to others. Once again you will not be able to force us to pay homage to your lifestyle either as the de facto does by unilaterally installing their silly pagan images on their de facto buildings with money taken from “we the people” and they do such things in many other areas. It is a distinct possibility that you may be happier living outside of the republic. Seriously. If this offends you, sorry but it appears this way. We see no other reason why you oppose the republic with such vigor especially in the last days preceding the seating of the republic. You seem desperate in fact and grasping at straws that are not even there. Logical action would be running for office in the seated Republic. Surely you know this can be done.You cannot do this with the de facto and they are killing you in many ways right now today yet you favor them over the republic. Another movement is like what at least one year away or more? Then comes funding, military etc. You surely do not think chemtrails and the gulf waters are a myth and can be ignored? The logical deduction is life under the Republic would be simply awful for you or you so perceive this to be the case. Of course your conclusions are conjecture only since none of us has ever lived under the republic. This is a deduction based on your actions. Here are some suggestions that are real, for places to live. The list is not exhaustive but should give you some ideas regarding possibilities. None of these countries would be likely to set up a Republic based on Common law using the bible anytime soon. If you do not think this is on point or of value then disregard it and please do not be offended. If the seating of the republic will cause you to be unhappy as evidenced by your actions, then please look at some places where you might be happier. The Republic will seat with or without your resistance efforts. This is just a suggestion that may lead to more peace for those who seem to resist anything the Republic does. Unlike yourselves I think life under the de facto is at best a miserable existence but you do not seem to mind it or you would follow the path of working inside the republic to run for elected office, instead of leaving the de facto to continue. These other countries do not have Chemtrails, some have laws against GMO food (Ecuador), they do not push vaccines and they do not go around poisoning oceans, etc.
Bolivia – The leader of this country is powerful and hates the de facto USA. An expat is not shunned. They do not exchange information with USA on anything tax, criminal, civil or anything else. The US Embassy probably at best has a handful of staff, not a large apparatus. You can rent a very nice condo in Santa Cruz for $600 a month. Oh two or three bedrooms 1500 sq feet +. A nice steak dinner in a restaurant would be about $10.00. You can easily file a residency. After two years as a resident (yes you have to actually live there) they will grant you a full citizenship which means you can get a passport, vote etc. When you get your residency you will be able to use those documents to open up a Bolivia bank account without your USA passport. It would be easy to live on $1500 a month there. Medical is cheap, think $25 for a MD house call. Most drugs will be available for about 35% of USA prices without a prescription. Christianity is not a dominant religion and the government certainly does not follow the bible. It is not hard to start a business. They have decent internet, satellite TV etc. They do speak Spanish.
Venezuela – This is similar to Bolivia. The place to go is Isla Margarita. It is an island resort. Beautiful. Great beaches. Chavez sort of leaves this place alone. Cost of living about same as Bolivia. Takes five years for a passport. Do not go there if you have children or if you are military age in that you could get drafted. Gasoline is about $0.15 a gallon. You could let your car run all night long with the A/C so it is cool when you wake up in morning . You could get a 427 chevy powered ski boat and go full throttle all day. Christianity is not a dominant religion and the government certainly does not follow the bible. You can mind your own business and enjoy the beautiful beach all year round. The USA has about zero influence there. Just bank outside of Venezuela and use an ATM or Visa card for money from cash machines. If you can live under Obama you can easily live under Chavez.
Paraguay – Here the USA de facto is very unpopular. You can be a citizen in three short years. Residences come easy. The residency will let you cross by land into the other Mercosur countries like Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay. This means you can travel by land on your Paraguay ID only as a resident and get lost between the cracks. Christianity is not a dominant religion and the government certainly does not follow the bible. Living is cheap. Language is Spanish. They have official gun control but there is a large flourishing inventory of underground (illegal) gun sales. They sell AK'47's and RPG's in the markets as a back room item. As a resident/citizen of Paraguay you can spend much time in Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay.
Ecuador – Here you can get a citizenship in three years with residencies easy and fast. Many expats live in Ecuador. They are fairly left wing. Prices are high there but it is an option. Nice country.
Cambodia – Here is another option. Citizenship will come after some years of (3-5) residency. Cheap to live. Interesting people. USA has little influence there.
There are some nations in Africa that are cheap to live in with a number of ex pats there. You might want to look at Thailand and Vietnam as well.
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LT Oates Your metophoric phrasing is consistant with de facto... make em feel guilty for not wanting to participate within an organization that has not proven its freakng word (s). You dishonor your oath sir. Just because I choose to wait and see doesn't mean that I am operating against you. I have seen the decieftful nature of your organization from within !!!!! Yet somehow I still hold out on hopes that some if not most of the present leadership is gone within my republic! Stop trying to fool people with your metaphoric phrases and Military jibber jab... I have been there too.

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I believe there is the possibility of defacto plants to cause delay.