Monday, January 24, 2011

Dinar Intel - 1/24

Submitted by JL - Thanks

Well so much happened last Thursday and Friday on Forex that the anticipation of today is thick with hope. Hope is great attribute; be sure it never wavers.

Having said that what can we expect today? Let's look at the variables so that we are not surprised or deflated.

Couple of items that are consistent:
Remember that the ME basket traditionally does nothing until 2:00 to 4:00ish am some 13/15 hours from now (after midnight and early Monday morning).
The US market is the Gerbil that turns the economic wheel of Forex (thanks Ron for that analogy). The US market turns on at 8:00 am EST.

1. The IQD could turn on at 3:00 pm CST today and continue reacting to the pulses of the US Dollar when the boards open shortly. Know this...the IQD's fluctuations were reactions to the USD, but most likely the spigot was not turned on completely. That's why we saw intervals of 1 minute to 10 minutes to 30 minutes and some in between. If the spigot was on fully, the movement would have been more fluid with fluctuations much closer together on a consistent basis.

2. The IQD might not move until the ME basket tradtionally trades about 14 hours away and resume the status described in #1.

3. The IQD might return to the activities we witnessed these past few years of 4 changes per 24 period of time once the ME basket basket resumes their activity 14 hours away. This action will lead to a lot of people claiming that the activities from the 19th and 20th were accidents and glitches. If they say that, it's untrue. "Someone" of importance was told to turn the spigot on. And if #3 is the action, then the very best assumption is that the activity we witnessed means that Forex is NOW READY. It's a checkbox we needed. Don't vary or have doubt from that conviction. And it's a wonderful thing!!!

4. The IQD does the magical dance we want it to at 3:00 pm EST today. I doubt this will occur because the CBI has already published their rates today. However, we have been surprised by our friends in the ME before, so I will take a glance just in case.

5. The IQD does the magical dance we want Monday morning at 8:00 am EST when the US Forex market opens. This is an ideal time because of the US being the engine that drives the mystery tour throughout our world. In this scenario, the CBI holds off on updating their website by a mere 4 hours and reacts simultaneously with the US Forex market. This is plausible (that's for you Beachhouse!). With that possibility each morning when the US Forex boards open is an ideal time for the transition to take place.

Alrighty, here are 5 possibilities. All of which are actually good. The #3 is the one most scary because it means our journey continues, however, it continues with a "major" piece of our puzzle done. So bottom line is, Belinda wants a brand new big kitchen, so I want the magical dance to occur very soon.

Here is some proof of the IQD's activities last week as being true, not a test, and not a glitch. Iraq is an asset of the United States. Their most significant monetizable commodity is oil, which is paid for in US dollars. Hence the connection of pegging the IQD to the US Dollar is most likely what will happen. the exact same time the fluctuations on Forex were occuring last week, the EUR/IQD went DEAD. That's right, it straight lined. What that means is that the IQD rate wasn't being affected. On every Forex board I could see, the EUR/IQD straight-lined. So what does that mean? It means the IQD's rate wasn't being passed from board to board against the Euro. Plus a whole lot more.

There are those that suggest the IQD's value will be based on a mixed basket. What they fail to put in the equation is that utilization of a mixed basket is based upon years of trading with countries who significantly contribute to their overall import/export relations. At this point, Iraq does not have those relationships. It is reasonable to assume that Iraq will move to the mixed basket in the next three to five years, and possibly a new Gulf Coast Currency that has been talked about in the past and lately. It's also quite posssible that the IQD will only be traded against the US dollar. This theory minimizes the Forex issues that Iraq will have to endure through multiple currency pairings.

There are only four currencies that are allowed to assume the first position: USD, EUR, GBP, AUD. It's quite possible, and this is a theory derived by recent events, that the IQD trading with/against the others is something for the future. We have never been able to pair the IQD with the British Pound or Austrial Dollar. By minimizing the trading pairs to only the USD, Iraq would benefit initially by narrowing their Forex relationships until they become more stable and grow significantly in their region and globally.

In closing, there are many who know much more about Forex than I do. I am not the end-all-be-all when it comes to this topic. So, in closing I am excited about the window of opportunity in front of us. I will not get too high or too low in the next 24 hours. I watch, listen, learn, and adjust. I wish for you to do the same.

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LG said...

This is a post by Joe P on Peoples Dinar and this guy has no idea what is going on. He has flamed Nesara, John Machaffie, 4winds, rumormill, and probably others by calling these sites criminal and nothing more than a cult. He is a banker and does not want the banking industry to be called bad names. He has nothing to do with trying to save America and its constitution. His intel on Iraq or its money is borrowed intel from other sites.