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Health - How Additional Calcium Makes Osteoporosis Worse

Hi John

Here is some important news about osteoporosis and bone health you can't be without.
And since increasing numbers of people are getting it each year, you gotta ask yourself "Why?"
The answer is below. So it's important that you read this email in its entirety...
Because not only will I tell you things you never knew about osteoporosis, but I'll also show you why you need to question the standard advice you'll likely get for it. Because it's not only ineffective but can be extremely dangerous!
Drugs do NOT help
When bone loss is detected, many times so-called "bone-building" drugs are prescribed. You know, like Fosomax or Boniva (the one that Sally Field is paid to advertise).
Here is just a PARTIAL list of Boniva's side effects:
* Pain in back, arms and legs
* Asthenia (loss of strength; weakness)
* Allergic reactions
* Indigestion, diarrhea, vomiting, gastritis
* Tooth problems
* Hypercholesterolemia (high blood cholesterol)
* Joint and muscle pain
* Arthritis
* Headache
* Dizziness; vertigo (feeling of imbalance)
* Bronchitis
* Pneumonia
* Urinary tract infection

And get this:
Boniva also causes hypocalcemia (LOW blood calcium) and osteonecrosis (death of bone tissue) in the jaw! When you learn of these things, you gotta ask yourself what universe is this? Could this be true? How in God's name are companies allowed to sell this stuff to unsuspecting, vulnerable people?
Funny, Sally Field doesn't talk about any of that in her commercials.
And there's more.
You might not know this, but the FDA is investigating bone-building drugs like Boniva and Fosamax to see if they increase the risk of femur (leg) fractures because so many of its users are suffering broken legs!
Some bone-builders, huh?
Onward we go.
Calcium supplements and dairy products are NOT the answer
Contrary to what the drug companies, the dairy industry and the medical community will tell you, lack of calcium is NOT the cause of osteoporosis.
If lack of calcium WAS the problem, then why would people in the US, a country where we eat MORE dairy products and gulp MORE calcium supplements than anywhere on the planet, have the HIGHEST RATE of osteoporosis in the WORLD?
And why would people in less-developed countries that eat few or no dairy products AND get far less total calcium than we do, have much, much LOWER rates of osteoporosis?
Clearly, lack of calcium isn't the problem.
The REAL culprit behind osteoporosis
The problem is not that your body doesn't have enough calcium. The problem is that your body either can't use the calcium it already has to keep your bones strong, or even that it has TOO MUCH calcium!
I know this is vastly different from what you've heard before, especially from your doctor, but stay with me here. You'll see and understand exactly why this is true.
Why your body can't use its calcium
With osteoporosis or low bone density, the main reason your body can't use its calcium is because it's having trouble absorbing it or keeping it.
There are two primary factors behind this:
1- Having an acidic pH (which is a direct result of diet)
2- Damage to the inner wall of your small intestine caused by gluten
1) The double-edged sword of being acidic
Your body was designed to be slightly alkaline (with an ideal blood pH of about 7.365). That's when it works like it's supposed to.
But when your blood pH is just a bit too acid, you're taking giant leaps and bounds toward disease. This is very common today, due to today's modern diets that have moved away from natural foods.
It ends up being a double whammy.
First, when blood becomes too acidic, it gets thick and your organs and systems don't operate like they're supposed to. Plus your body can't effectively absorb nutrients of ANY kind, whether they come from your food or supplements.
So when you eat acid-creating foods, you're putting out the welcome mat for osteoporosis and a host of other diseases. And any supplements you're taking (including calcium) are useless to your body and come out as expensive pee. Expensive research studies show this again and again.
Second, your body is smart and has one purpose: Survival. So it constantly tries to keep your blood pH slightly alkaline. To do that it takes its own alkaline minerals (one of which is CALCIUM from your BONES) and dumps them into your bloodstream to neutralize the acid and make your blood more alkaline.
Hmmm...methinks that sounds like osteoporosis in the making.
2) The additional price from gluten
Gluten affects your ability to absorb nutrients (including calcium).
One of gluten's effects on your body is that it can flatten the hair-like structures called villi inside your small intestine. Since nutrients are absorbed through these villi, when they're damaged, the nutrients can't get through.
That's why celiacs and gluten-sensitive people are so susceptible to mineral-deficient conditions like osteoporosis.
And why even people without a known gluten problem might want to stay away from gluten.
Now what's this about too MUCH calcium?
In their honest efforts to prevent osteoporosis, many people (especially menopausal women) eat dairy products by the ton, drink oceans of milk and take calcium supplements by the boatload.

And the result? It doesn't work.
In fact, it often hurts instead of helping.
Because when you flood your digestive tract with calcium, it competes with or blocks the absorption of other important minerals--including magnesium.
Magnesium is essential for your body to be able to metabolize and use calcium. So even if you take a supplement that has both calcium and magnesium, if you're overloading on the calcium, you're cutting your own throat so to speak.
Oh, and increasing your risk of osteoporosis, too.
The best prevention against osteoporosis
Here's what the drug companies, dairy industry and many doctors will NOT tell you:
If you want the best prevention for osteoporosis, or if you have it and don't want it to get worse, first and foremost you MUST get rid of the acid waste buildup in your system. Plain and simple.
And the easiest, best and fastest way to do that is through the food you put in your mouth.  Increase your consumption of foods that are alkaline in nature, decrease acid-creating foods, and correctly combine your meals like I advise you in the Great Taste No Pain system.
The Great Taste No Pain manuals spell out which foods are acid-forming vs. alkaline and give you suggestions on what to serve with your favorite foods to help minimize acid wastes.
Plus you'll get recipes that include delicious natural sources of dietary calcium.
Making your body more alkaline will help make sure your bones stay strong and work as they should.
Because your body will better absorb and use ALL the minerals it gets (including calcium) because they won't be sent to neutralize the acid in your blood.
Keeping all your minerals = stronger bones and muscles.

Now, if you're gluten sensitive or want to take the additional step of protecting the villi in your small intestine, Great Taste No Gluten is your ticket.
Great Taste No Gluten outlines the same food pairing principles you'll learn in Great Taste No Pain, plus it will make you an expert in how to recognize and avoid gluten.
And the 160 gluten-free recipes you'll receive are positively divine. You won't miss gluten when you taste these delicious dishes.

The health of your bones, organs and muscles is not something to put off for another day.
Keep them strong and healthy and help fight osteoporosis with Great Taste No Pain  and Great Taste No Gluten.
To your health,
Sherry Brescia
PS: Gladys has enjoyed nearly three years free of acid reflux and joint pain:
Thank you Sherry for everything.  I have been on Great Taste No Pain since March 2008. I lost 50 lbs and my acid reflux is non-existent. In addition the joint pains that I used to suffer from are all gone.
Hurray to you and that simple, delicious eating plan of yours. My friends who tried it are also singing your praises.
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