Sunday, March 26, 2017


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Anonymous said...

Paul Ryan saw his chance to stab Pres. Trump in the back and make him look bad but it is Paul Ryan that is the joke.

Judge Jeanine called him a Rhino but Con-gress acts like a bunch of drunk winos. He is just one of those at the top that is trying to make Pres. Trump falter and fail.

If Trump doesn't stop catering to the Cabal the people will soon turn against him.

I understand there is a video of Pres. Trump having sex with a thirteen year old. If true I would suggest he contact her and pay monetary damages by contract. If she agrees to not press charges and there is no longer an injured party, under common law there is no case. Could this be what TPTB have on Pres. Trump that's clearly making him not do his job? For example why are the Chem-Trails still being sprayed on us. Viruses being spraying on us has nothing to do with weather modification and people are dying and some their skin is falling off and that is in many states. My understanding is that he is going to be held accountable for his accessory the genocide. He has complete control of our air space as Commander-in Chief.

This is just one thing among many that he is failing in under his leadership. People are starting to get tired of being passive in looking to give Pres. Trump time to prove himself but so far he is faltering. Yes he is getting some things done but seems to ignore important things like our health and unconstitutionally giving away taxpayer money. If the Constitution doesn't give authority to give away money then why is it being done?

Yes I know others before have done it but it needs to stop now as that's why the people elected him, to make these changes.

He needs to repeal Obama Care as he said he would or is his word worth nothing? The Constitution does not give the Federal Government the right to control my health care period. I personally will not comply with any directives given by the Federal Government to control my health care. I will bring a law suite instead and millions of others should as well to protect their natural rights.

He was my pick but soon if he doesn't perform people will be saying, throw the bum out and lock him up.

He could become the greatest Pres. of all time but he needs to stop following all of the D.C. criminals and a few other countries.

I believe at this time we have a 50-50 chance of having a civil war, it is that serious.

Pres. Trump has a responsibility to the country to lead and at all times do the right thing because it's right.