Friday, March 31, 2017

'Operation Containment' - a trial run?


March 31 2017
Kent Dunn Reporting

A trial run?  Or an indication of what is planned for our nation's immediate future?
By now most have heard the reports from Thursday evening concerning a massive fire on I-85 northbound just south of Ga. 400 when a section of the critical bridge structure collapsed. 

Some have reported that ISIS was responsible for the blowup, while others claim that the CIA and FBI together collaborated the blowup of the bridge.  

The blowup of the bridge has been labeled "Operation Containment" and is believed to be one of many similar events to be taking place as 'terrorist attacks' are planned to begin across the nation. 

The part of the bridge blown was found to have no rebar in it to give the structure sustaining ability.

A PVC pipe was discovered containing explosive material which, interestingly, was apparently placed in the non-rebar section. 

Also reported was that there is a big intelligence base underground at the location of the bridge.

To the dismay of the Atlanta fire department, fighters were instructed to 'stand down' on attending to the fire until the bridge falls down.

The CIA and the FBI are attempting everything they can to get trouble brewing across the nation.  The ultimate goal is to contain the population in the cities they are now in.  Reports are that their plans are to take over all transportation venues, such as streets, allies, and modes of transportation such as trains, busses, etc., severely restricting movement of the population. 

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