Monday, March 27, 2017

Anyone who claim to be a Continental Marshal better read this before you end up imprisoned or dead!

A Marshal is the highest ranking officer of military police! If you did not become a MP in the military service and have rank promoted to Marshal, then you are in violation of Lieber code and punishable in a military court. Please read the information at this link.

All American DeFacto courts are military courts. This is why any military rank above Sargent (if I remember right) can arrest a judge.

Abraham Lincoln declared General Order 100 in 1863 that put America under Lieber Code Military Jurisdiction and Marshal Law and Lincoln was Assassinated before he could end General order 100 revoking Lieber Code laws applying to the 50 nation=states. The title "Marshal" is a military office! Stop using "Continental Marshals" title immediately before you are arrested for impersonating a military law enforcement officer!

You people trying to claim particular duties that belong to the state's militias by declaring yourselves as Continental Marshals are putting yourselves in serious danger!

You may look up the definitions for "marshal" and you will find what I found and read. You will find some entries under civilian areas and also those areas are under Lieber Code. It is still military. 

 F. Lieber
A. Lincoln

Laws and Treaties Protecting Cultural Property

The Lieber Code of 1863



Early in the 19th century, Chief Justice Marshall noted that sovereign nations had the right to confiscate property of an enemy during armed conflict, but the Lieber Code of 1863, formally known as General Order No. 100, reversed that notion by incorporating the principle that monuments, places of worship and works of art must be spared from destruction in times of war. The code, commissioned by President Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War, was published as a pamphlet that could be carried by Union soldiers. Written by Professor Francis Lieber of Columbia College (now Columbia University), it provided that “classical works of art, libraries, scientific collections, or precious instruments . . . must be secured against all avoidable injury” (Article 35).

The Lieber Code also identified military necessity for the first time as a general legal principle whose purpose was to limit violence. Article 14 of the Lieber Code states, “Military necessity, as understood by modern civilized nations, consists in the necessity of those measures which are indispensable for securing the ends of the war, and which are lawful according to the modern law and usages of war,” i.e., military necessity permits only that degree of force necessary to defeat the enemy. Although some have pointed to military necessity as justification for the destruction of an enemy’s property, e.g. defendants in the Nuremberg trials following WWII, it does not justify the willful or wanton destruction, not justified by imperative military necessity.

The Brussels Declaration of 1874, as well as the Hague Regulations on the Laws and Customs of War on Land of 1899 and 1907 (Link to the 1899 and 1907 page), are partially based on the Lieber Code and retain the principle that cultural property should be protected in times of armed conflict.

Full text of the Lieber Code »
See in particular, Article II Sections 34-36 where the protection of cultural property is mandated.


Anonymous said...

Part 1 of two
In the military you become citizen of the United States, so if you claim to be a citizen of the United States and you didn't join the military, or you claim an office that can be held by a citizen of the United States, you are committing a felony, you have to dig into title 18 to see it.

US Citizens are different, and if you are a US Citizen and sitting in meetings claiming to be a continental Marshall, all someone needs to do is pull public records.

Did they vote? US Citizens can vote, Continental Marshals have no authority to vote just like illegals should not be able to vote. You are either in, or out, but not both.

Did they claim on any form of ID to be a US Citizen? Then you are not both a US Citizen and a continental Marshall.

The people who are awake are like kids given a gun, they think they know, and get mad at people who know a little more than they do, and they post stuff like 'you're an idiot', because they can't post anything that counter claims or dis claims what was posted by someone that knows.

You get your disclosure and you are still ignorant.
You watch award shows, and they program you to vote trump and you think all that spraying is killing you, but you won't die, and you claim the food is bad, but you still eat it and don't die.

You claim the sea is dead and are still eating seafood, or going to the beach or swimming in the ocean or pool, or lake.

All that spraying is getting into those places too, but you ignore that.
And you name people on the internet as criminals because you read somewhere they committed a crime.

Alex Jones is the first to back down on making claims people are criminals where he's not an actual witness to what they did.

The FEMA camps are being set up for you people who are making false claims in the public slandering the people you voted for and agree to be governed by.

You are the We the people, who gave your power to another group of people and then claim to tell them what to do, until they come for you, and then you want to go to war with them.

Anonymous said...

Part 2 of two

There are societies of people whether muslim or amish, or expatriated, or renounced, or illegal, who are not part of the system and didn't consent to be governed.

Everyone will be treated according to their will and according to their deeds.
Don't get mad if you are publicly posting things you can't research to be true, because you saw it posted by someone else. The Elf bie I is known to create the scenario and hook in those that bite, so don't get mad if you get captured and fenced in for your actions, and johnny across the street did the same thing and is free.

The control opposition is all around you.

You have been warned. Disclosure says facebook, google, twitter, is censoring, and n esss a is intercepting all communications, and you still do what you do, as if you are going to fight the invisible with all your friends who are doing the same things.

Either die from the stuff you say they are doing to kill you, or live and let them keep doing that stuff that hasn't killed you.

I'm waiting on whole cities or towns or an entire community of elderly, or the children who get one hour of outside every day as part of a government mandate to show some signs they are dying from the stuff you people post on the internet.

Olympic records are being broken by people not living in a bubble.
Folks are off grid and still alive.
Wildlife is still alive
Birds are still flying
There are still some fish and some marine life even as poop and pills are being dumped into the pacific ocean by a treatment plant in Seattle.

So yes, I'm on a tangent. Some sensitive someone and no I won't call you a snowflake, I'm not programmed to start using that word but they'll have the masses using it in three years, cause people took to baby boomer, generation x and generation y, so the people will start using it, but some sensitive is going to get all tied up about these words
and want to tell me what an idiot I am, or that I'm stupid, or that I don't know what I'm typing about.

You'd be surprised what I know that I don't share because as a group, you never wanted to know the things that make you uncomfortable and you like pointing fingers at other people as causes for problems you create.