Monday, March 27, 2017

We The People Have HAD IT! - emailed by a nesaranews reader

We The People Have HAD IT!

Dear Elected, Legislative and Judicial Branches in all 50 states and District of Columbia,

We have been yelling from the rooftops that there is on-going misconduct in our court rooms.  We informed you during Malheur National Wildlife Refuge Trials in September/October of 2016 and again in March of 2017.  We informed you during the first BundyRanch Trial of 2017, currently on break, in Nevada.

We have done our “due diligence” in requesting help, all to fall on deaf ears.  By ALL of our “supposed representatives”.  

Do you all think this is acceptable? WE ARE NOT SHUTTING UP, WE ARE NOT GOING AWAY.

We have notified you in writing.  You have failed to take action, you have failed to even acknowledge the problem, and that is UNACCEPTABLE!  You have the the government committing Brady Violations and Judge Gloria Navarro telling the courtroom “We don’t have to tell you everything”?  What is THAT?  

  • 1)  Under our system of Law, you are required to tell any information that helps the defendant!
  • 2)  Under our system of Law, you are allowed to face your accuser
  • 3)  Under our system of Law, you are allowed BAIL
  • 4)  Under our system of Law, you are allowed a speedy trial

NONE of these have occurred.  Our prisoners are being abused and We The People have had it.

If you all are so busy covering your own asses and corruption, that none of you is willing to take action on these matters, you will have earned what you deserve.

YOU, US Government have a legal agreement (called a Compact) that created you.  Yes, it’s been subverted and perverted, but in any court of law, CONTRACT LAW stands.  

We The People have been complaining about all this garbage for 20+ Years, yet .. no solutions, not one ounce of cooperation or capitulation.  Even the Hagees lost their appeal, and they didn’t deserve that either.

US Attorney General Sessions:  Where are the arrests?  For High Profile People committing Sedition? Subversion?  Treason?   It appears getting convictions for the Bundy Family are more important than any of it.

President Trump:  Where is ANY help for our P3 (Patriot Political Prisoners)?  The list is growing daily!  #FreeTheHammonds  #FreeSamGirod #FreeJoeRobertson WE Are done being polite and respectful.  Pony up and deliver.  That is not a request!

All we can gather by the silence is:  

  • We The People don’t matter
  • We The People are just cream for your RICO Operation
  • We The People do NOT need to follow the law, BECAUSE NONE OF YOU DO!

Anything that now happens as a result of your inaction, will be your own damn fault, and come what may….All I hear by your silence is, we need bigger BundyRanch and Bigger Occupations - don’t forget the guns.. they make QUITE THE STORY!  

Fix this:

We EXPECT ALL DEFENDANTS Released Immediately.  We EXPECT ALL CHARGES against all DEFENDANTS, DISMISSED for BundyRanch and there are **NO OTHER OPTIONS** to be had.   If you want to put me in jail, feel free.. but be warned, I will be asking YOU why you didn’t do your job, and I will be taking notes on your reasons to pass on to others.  You all deserve to be brought up on Civil RICO, and I hope someone does it.  Those of you convicted, deserve the punishment for Treason.


Lovely Critters said...

Thank you Sir!

Anonymous said...

"US Attorney General Sessions: Where are the arrests? "

I bet they didn't even go to the FBI website and file a complaint as a witness. I bet they didn't go to the department of justice website and file a complaint as a witness.
I bet they didn't bar grieve any attorney
I bet they didn't file a judicial complaint
I bet they didn't contact their mayor and demand a claim form for injury
I bet they didn't go to the superior court in their county, as that court deals with real property, and get a temporary restraining order.
I bet they didn't know their birth certificate is in the real property records, so they can use the real property court for any claims for their real property body too.

No...all they did was be a US Citizen, follow on facebook and twitter, talk bad about people of difference to whatever is different, beliefs, religion, color, sexuality, bathroom preference whatever.

All they did was see difference and be indifferent and when they get the government that acts just like they do, with indifference to them being different from the controllers, they want to make public announcements.

Get a brain!
Use it to contact your government.
All you do is sign petitions putting your name out there for stuff you don't know anything about.

If this happened to you first hand, no one is going to investigate or arrest anyone without a witness.

The damn cop is supposed to be the witness on the traffic ticket he writes, and nine times out of ten he won't go to court over a traffic ticket but he will if there is a car accident.

You are so aware! I am so glad I don't 'follow' people like you.

You follow each other like sheep following a goat with a bell, you all do the same damn things and give each other high fives and right ons, and none of you know anything.

But then here I am, knowing a lot because I stepped out of my comfort zone, and learned things the rest of you would never want to know because you are so fearful you'll attack any unknown.

I'm the idiot that gave the freaking clues, and it's much better than the damn one liners the rest of these village idiots post on this site.

I am the idiot.
I am the troll.
I'm crazy and a fool.

Yes those things were posted here about me, by people who don't know me.

Well this idiot, crazy, fool, troll, knows more than your intelligent butt, so I'd rather be me and know who I am, than to be you, calling me names that aren't even true.

FEMA for you who publicly slander people and accuse them of things that are not true, public liars, and you are creating a system of control that will lock you in as soon as you help it build the foundation it needs to lock you in.

Anonymous said...

Part 1
"If you want to put me in jail, feel free.. but be warned, I will be asking YOU why you didn’t do your job, and I will be taking notes on your reasons to pass on to others."

You never make an offer you don't want to accept.

You never tell them to feel free to put you in jail.
They will take you up on that offer, and don't care that :

" I will be asking YOU why you didn’t do your job, and I will be taking notes on your reasons to pass on to others. "

That's a big so what? You'll be asking, and taking notes, and passing notes to others, and they get to arrest you for free?

Many a man has died saying,
"If you want me, come and get me."
Christopher Story put an offer out there saying,
"They know where to find me."

John MacHaffie, posted a similar comment before.

You like fighting ghosts, because the people you see are never the ones controlling the narrative. YOU SHOULD know that, but you forget.

Your memory is 140 characters long..
Ah twitter.

Then you have these arm chair cheerleaders that have no idea why the Bundys are still in jail.

Let's see.

A woman comes to your house, and you have children.
She brings the police and says, you are a bad parent I am taking you children, here, sign this document.

you sign the document, she takes the children.

You get on the internet and complain someone took your children.

The woman goes to court and shows you agreed because you agreed to what she called you and you knew she was taking the children, you signed the document she gave you.

What the heck did the Bundy's sign and what did it say they did?

I can guarantee ya, they also paid someone to speak for them as if they are paper dolls with no mind, no mouth, only a body and a head.

Like a corporate body, they are represented. Someone talks for the ones who have no intelligence to speak for their selves, and who sign documents accepting the deeds they have been accused of, and those same documents come with the agreement to be housed until they pay for their liberty or are convicted by people who are their peers, because they will participate in selecting the people who will convict them.

You aware people, I am the idiot, the fool, but I know more than you do, and you have silenced me so much, you shut the door on your own awareness.

Yes, I will always be glad I am not collectively you.
You are programmed and stupid and get mad at people who know more than you do, or communicate things that are different from what you have 'heard' from your click of people you like to hang out with and post high fives to.

Yes, call someone a fool enough times, you expect them to not notice?
Your false witness against me, was and is to your spiritual energy detriment. I tried to tell ya.

You can't just mistreat people because you don't know them and feel more power than they or feel more superior than they, cause freaking KARMA will make you pay back what you put out.

Anonymous said...

Part 2
You never get away from the energy of your deed.
What you put out; you get back.

No I didn't solve the Bundy's problem in this post.
I can't solve their problem in a post.
I can tell you one of many mistakes they make while they are defying the purported government.
I wonder if they are US Citizens? Do they vote?
Did they consent to be governed?

Can't consent and then not consent without doing things to notify them you do not consent, and you can't consent and not consent when things don't go your way.

Attached to this corporate government by the umbilical cord, and sucking on it's tit while complaining about what you get from it, is asinine.

You either can step away and be the spiritual controller of your self, or you need these people to tell you right from wrong.

I declare, seeing how people treat people these days, you need governing.

You don't know right from wrong, and you believe in mob rule and group control of opposing sides. You will use violence to ensure your victory, you will take from the weak if you have a need too and they don't have guns or bullets to protect their selves.

You believe in you and your family first and foremost, and you want your country to keep you pacified with the ability to consume from other people and other countries; to hell with the rest of the world.

Nothing I post will free the Bundys, and the fool who said feel free to jail him, may find they figure out a way to 'feel free' and take his liberty.

It won't be immediate, they live longer and have more patience.

You want to fight the invisible, well the invisible know who you are, and they will come to collect what you offered them.

You can bet on that.
You can't run from you, nor run from what you do.
There is no where to hide.
The battle is spiritual, and you ignored that warning and you still do.