Thursday, September 21, 2017

One of the DUMBEST 'leaders' of the black caucus ever imagined


And everyone in DC is trying to help Maxine 'find it'!

The Laughing Stock Of Washington D.C. 
Maxine Waters

( - Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), who previously has called for the impeachment of Donald Trump, on Thursday told a Congressional Black Caucus Town Hall on Civil Rights that she expects other members of the black community to back her up:

“Don't come here and tell me, ‘Maxine, you keep on doing what you do.’ But when you gonna give me some support?” she asked. “How many of you in your organizations have said, 'Impeach 45' ?”

 Maxine Waters Pushes Trump Impeachment!
During Eulogy at Dick Gregory's Funeral!!!

Waters urged the crowd not to get hung up on what law to invoke in the impeachment process:

Impeachment is about whatever the Congress says it is. There is no law that dictates impeachment. What the Constitution says is “high crimes and misdemeanors,” and we define that.


In response to those who wanted to know what Maxie's home looks like, we posted pics for you below:




  Comments about Maxie by readers:

       Mike Schnabel 3 hours ago

Maxine Waters - You are The Dumbest Of Dumb People !!! And you try to lure other Blacks into your Lying Spider Web ...You must think they are stupid enough to believe all that BS you feed them ! VOTE HER OUT NEXT TIME !!!

-       Rani USACITIZEN972 hours ago
Definitely - Waters has the nerve to say that President Trump is undermining our Government when, in fact, she and her rhetoric are undermining President Trump. If any impeachments were to be made, they should have impeached 44. Maxine Waters needs to be thrown out of Congress. She is stupid and the only people listening to her rants are the people who are just as stupid as she is.
-        ImStillaYankee Rani2 hours ago
Throwing her out is too nice, I say she be dragged out—preferably down each & every step.
...I would pay MONEY to see that!!
-        keepersleeper Ranian hour ago
...Oh So Right!
-        mabera19 Rani23 minutes ago
Why Obama cannot be impeached.mhtml
-       mamadoc USACITIZEN972 hours ago
Gosh, that would be wonderful. And keep her in solitary confinement so that no one ever has to see or hear her again. Then take all her wealth and redistribute it, a la Obama, to people in poverty
-        bendecido mamadocan hour ago
Which would be hew own people
-        Gay Phillips USACITIZEN972 hours ago
A case could certainly be made for that
-        GinnyCW Mike Schnabel2 hours ago
Please help support Omar Navarro. He's running against the racist psychopath.
-        ted towny GinnyCWan hour ago
Get the name out so people know there is a choice.
-        Suzu M ted townyan hour ago
Never heard of him. What's his scoop? What's he stand for?
-        danhoch Mike Schnabel2 hours ago
Unfortunately  they are dumb enough to believe her....she'll cut off their welfare and other goodies,
-        Mainman12 Mike Schnabel2 hours ago
Impeach Maxine! LOL
-        John W.H. Mainman12an hour ago
Impeach her ?? Hell - arrest her and lock her lying ass up down at Guantanamo bay !! Charge her for un-American activity, and failure to follow the constitution she took a oath to protect !
-       Doris Will Mainman1232 minutes ago
I wonder how her next election is going to fare. From her last Town Hall meeting it looked like her constituents were fed up with her antics does that make her a DINO? Why were they having a civil rights meeting? I thought everybody had the same rights now. As a matter of fact, why do they have a Black Caucus? Whites don't have a White Caucus. Should Whites be demanding more rights? Even the Muslims are demanding more rights, including Sharia Law, Halal food, No pork in prisons. Our Patriots were lucky to have food at all when we were fighting the Revolution. One fine day Slappy Maxie will realize that any collusion with Russia traces back to the Democrats.
-        parkslopedog Mike Schnabelan hour ago
Blacks will never vote against one of their own, and the libs are too guilt-ridden to vote against her. She knows her followers for the fools they are and she's laughing up her sleeve at them. We'll be looking at that hateful face until she's diagnosed with Alzheimer's or Parkinson's and is carried out of the bldg, and maybe not even then.
-        Suzu M parkslopedog43 minutes ago
Please don't lump all blacks into one group as if every single one of them are foolish. That's not true.
-        Joe Lyddon parkslopedog11 minutes ago
Get Herman Cain educated on what she is & what she's trying to do... and suggest that HE gets on the band wagon AGAINST her!   That just might make a difference!)
-        usmc12 Mike Schnabel2 hours ago
Semper Fi! Brother
-        vince Mike Schnabelan hour ago
You’re the man, and I back you 100%.  Time to take this liberal socialist left dumb ass down.  All patriots need to vote her out of office.
-        gvette Mike Schnabel11 minutes ago
When you look up the demographics of the people she represents, you'll find the bulk are blacks and wetbacks. Also remember, she doesn't live where they do.
-        Pat3 hours ago
I think the DOJ could indict her with only 30 minutes of investigation.
-        shirley doughty Pat2 hours ago
IF they WOULD investigate. Seems as if they only investigate Trump and his family. If truly this ‘government’ was working for us, Obama would have been impeached within the first 3 months of his first term, but oh no, no one wanted to be called a racist for impeaching their first black president. IT WAS NEVER ABOUT THE SKIN COLOR, BUT HIS AGENDA. But they still don't believe that no matter what. EVERYTHING is about race to her and millions like her.
They are still afraid to accuse him or do anything just because he is black. He knows he can get away with anything just because of the color of his skin. He is a scum bag!
That’s why he was emperor, not President. Emperors tell their henchmen to ignore this law & that. Emperors tell their senators how they want laws written.
-        Bill Matthes Pat2 hours ago
And to think that people actually sit through her moronic rants and clap like trained seals in support of this corrupt and crazy woman! WOW!
-        Suzu M Bill Matthes42 minutes ago
Actually, I wasn't really that impressed with the number of people clapping. I thought it sounded very half-hearted throughout most of it. Except for the fella that gave a hearty woo-hoo! I think even SHE was surprised that she didn't get that great of a reaction. lol.
-        mikel4 hours ago
another leftist dumb black caucus bullshit artist
-       John Dobie4 hours ago
Waters is a crook herself. Maxine and her daughter are both on the take. She is just part of the swamp and is afraid of what Trump and an honest majority will do to her.
-        SD of AZ John Dobie2 hours ago
All the swamp dwellers share her fear.
-        Rani John Dobie2 hours ago
Notice how well dressed she is and the jewelry she wears. I see she has her nails done also - how did this stupid black woman make the millions she has made? She should not be in Congress or any other area of our Government. She's crazy and should be investigated and voted out of Congress. She's an embarrassment to Congress.  AND to the people of this nation.
- Ranian hour ago
And decent black people!
-        Barny Fife Ranian hour ago
Judicial Watch has designated her to be the most corrupt out of several others several different times.
-        maxx John Dobie2 hours ago
-        Robert Woodrick4 hours ago
How did this woman get elected. She wants to tale down Trump. No matter what. That is a problem. High crimes and misdemeanors. That means there needs to BE a crime. You don't get to make it up.
-        bobbywho Robert Woodrick2 hours ago
Mueller is trying to make one up. He's going to frame our president if Manafort falls for the blackmail. Mueller's new hire is famous for framing people. The most and best we can do right now is notify the representatives that there will not be an impeachment. They are crooked to their cores. so much more
I think they know better, I think if they try they know the PATRIOTS will drain the swamp the old way!
I would like to think that but as we all see, Hillary is still in the news and fighting for re-election or impeachment. Sessions should have arrested every last one of them from the start and this might not be happening. Start with the snake opissant and all the little snakes hissing around him.
She gets elected because she represents a very Black populated district in east Los Angeles. Of course, she doesn't LIVE there because her being one of the One Percent Club probably wouldn't make her very popular, and her multi-million dollar house would stick out like a sore thumb!!! The progressives have done a fantastic job of brainwashing their constituents when it comes to voting in elections. She will probably be there until they carry her out of the chamber with her toes up!!!!!
-        mannasage4 hours ago
To quote Waters, shes a scumbag w/o asking! Stupid & crooked as hell. Why don't these websites give us pics of the Calif. neighborhood she lives in? Is there any blacks living nearby? I doubt it. They can't afford to, right? Clinton was impeached by Congress.  Why wasn't that confirmed? One Senator fool said no, yes Harry Reid screwed the pooch. Why was that even allowed?
-        John Deer3 hours ago
The Intelligence of a CONGO Mountain Gorilla, not the Silverback.! Would not want to insult the Silverback.!
-        shamu9 John Deer2 hours ago
Remember the 'Congo-Rilla' Comic Books, in the magazine Depts. of .05, and .10 cent Stores in the late '50's early '60's??
-        Kenneth Fichtl John Deeran hour ago
She says the Congress determines the impeachment benchmarks. It might be helpful if they could read first. Right Nancy?
Not to mention they are twice as smart! (Silverback)
-        ANA APETROAE John Deer2 hours ago
-        parkslopedog John Deeran hour ago
Gorillas in the wild are gentle sociable vegetarians, unlike this big-mouthed vampire.
-        keepersleeper4 hours ago
Maxine is simply a FOOL! 

It is obvious Maxie should give SERIOUS thought to RETIREMENT. We decided to add some ENCOURAGEMENT along those lines for her below:

Need we add any more comments?! 


Anonymous said...

Old Maxine needs to have one of those copper coated microchips implanted in her forehead. That would straighten her out; horizontal but straight.

Anonymous said...

Maxine is as criminal and stupid as Polosi and should either be put away in a mental ward or a rope around her neck along with all the rest of the scum in the District of Criminals

Anonymous said...

Well we sure know she is a racist. She seems to think that no American and especially Pres. Trump should talk to a Russian. Wonder why she doesn't like Russians? Oh I know, they would have to be a black Russian to be O.K.. Problem solved.

Well it solves that problem but now we have a second problem. Where is any evidence that Russia hacked and Pres. Trump talked to Russians?

Can you imagine getting kicked out of office for talking to a Russian.

I don't think it even happened, wasn't that the week the Russians were out of town wrestling bears? Ken T.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Maxine is dumb like through lack of edumacation. I think she is just retarded. Maybe dropped on her head when she was a baby or maybe a crack baby. She seems cracked to me so would go with the latter. Ken T.