Monday, September 11, 2017

Your Inheritance

By Anna Von Reitz

A lot of my work concerns helping you all to claim back your natural inheritance -- your Given Trade Name, your natural domicile on the land of your organic states of the Union, your assets both on the land and at sea.   That's all well and good. These are your belongings which crooks have tried to steal.  We must pay attention and work together (and separately) to undermine their schemes and put an end to their bogus claims against us and our property interests.  

But there is an even greater inheritance that all people must become aware of. We are the children of God, made in His image, endowed with his powers and creativity. We are all demi-gods and there is nothing boastful or blasphemous or hoo-doo-voo-doo about this statement: it is clearly written in the holy scriptures and Jesus demonstrated this throughout His life.  His Disciples went on and continued to demonstrate it with their lives.  Indeed, the true saints among us have always borne Witness to what one man or woman can do.  

If we "tune in" and become one with Jesus, and He is one with Our Father, then indeed we tap into the full force of the Creative Power and Genius of the Universe. As conduits of that Power, we can do anything truly good that we wish to do.  

Jesus told the winds to be still on Lake Galilee and they were stilled.  He told his Disciples that in the future we would do even greater miracles than He performed. Do you think that Jesus had any reason to tell lies?  Why do you take part of His teaching so seriously, yet discount all the rest as if He must have been talking to someone else?  

Who, me?  Lord?  You're talking to me?  I'm able to do miracles?  What??? 

He spoke to the Disciples then and He speaks to you now.  

As part of the "waking up" process, everyone needs to wake up to their own divine nature.  Instead of moaning and groaning because we are not wholly divine and immortal, turn your attention to what is highest and strongest and best in you. Realize that this physical body is like a space suit that has its limitations, but the consciousness that dwells within the body is not limited. 

Why does it surprise anyone that I have encouraged you to take control of Hurricane Irma?   Haven't we seen enough destruction from Hurricane Harvey?  
Anyone want seconds?  

Many "lightworkers" are already assembled and beginning to explore their natural abilities to control weather phenomenon. 

Such efforts and the "hauling the net" exercise I gave everyone can move both storms and mountains, but it certainly helps if you practice an even more fundamental skill: focusing your attention on what is good. 

I, myself, can call rain and make it go away, can re-direct the path of cyclones, and change the winds.  Jesus could do this, and His followers can do this.  It has been given to us as a gift, so, instead of standing around like sheep being rained on, explore your abilities.  The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.  Literally.  

Because meditation is a relatively familiar concept nowadays, many of those who are trying to awaken people to their true inheritance use the word "meditation" to describe the means of exercising these abilities, and others, like those who preach "visualization" and "manifestation" have other ways to explain it, but I have a slightly different way of approaching access to this divine gift that is virtually fool-proof.   

In my view, we are rather limited at this stage of our development--- much like small children who are only beginning to become aware of ourselves and clumsily discovering our abilities, we don't have answers for many questions.  

We can't answer "how" or "why" or "when" or "who" or "how much" or "where" very well, but there is one question that we can answer with great individual accuracy. 

We can answer the question of "what" we want, and the more our hearts dwell on good and just and humble aims, the more quickly and surely all our needs are met and our wishes are accomplished without us having to worry about who or when or where or why or how or how much.  

All those issues are taken care of for us.  

All we have to do is to give our attention to what is good, instead of what is bad. Choose life.  Choose health.  Choose peace.  And realizing that we are all neophytes, babies just toddling along, ask for help from your Father in Heaven and from your Righteous Savior to better know what is good.  

Just like a grown-up who sees a toddler reaching for a bowl of oatmeal, they are in a position to guide your movements and help you navigate the spoon-to-mouth action.  

Giving our attention to something is different than meditating on it and also different than visualizing anything in particular.  It is more a matter of simply looking and seeing and letting our focus dwell on whatever it is in a detached, impersonal, observing way.  

You have to be able to latch onto the concept of "dog" before you can differentiate down to the reality of your own individual dog, Brutus.  

This process of giving your attention to things determines what you bring into or cast out of your experience.  

I once knew a woman who complained that what she wanted was a tall, dark, handsome man, but all she ever got were short, pale, ugly chaps.  She was lavishing her attention on what she didn't want. 

So I taught her how to re-focus and dispassionately give her attention to what she wanted, both in terms of appearance and behavior.  In no time at all, she had half a dozen tall, dark, handsome men who were also kind and competent and -- guess what? --interested in her, even though she was middle aged and overweight.  

We can all have such abundance of any good thing we desire, so long as we learn to give our attention to what we want -- as if we were curious about what it is we are seeing.  

I told my friend -- look at tall, dark, handsome men -- not as objects of desire, but as phenomenon. Whenever you see one, even in a magazine--- observe them like a scientist. What makes them dark?  What makes them handsome?  Even more important, what makes them kind?  What makes them competent?  

What are you giving your attention to today?  

Hurricane Irma?  Are you allowing yourself to replay television footage of wildly swaying palm trees and flapping electrical lines?  Or maybe you are looking at the thermal images of the storm moving like a rainbow-colored wheel across the blue of the sea?  

Okay, well, you saw all that and more on TV.  Is that what you should give your attention to?  No, you need to redefine what you are giving your attention to and take it away from what you don't want, just like my friend who was drawing an endless stream of short, ugly men into her life. 

Focus your attention on other things, other aspects of weather, that you do want. Find a picture of a peaceful Caribbean island scene, bright sun, calm waters. Look at that. Observe it.  Reflect that back without comment, without urgency, without desire--- like a camera simply reporting what it sees.  Sink into the feeling of it. What does it feel like?  How does it smell?  What does the gentle lapping of the waves sound like?  

Focusing your attention on what you want instead of what you don't want reprograms the whole delivery system of the Universe, which is created to serve your every need.  

Some people desiring evil for others have created ugly technology that delivers fear and physical damage.  They give their attention to such things, but their attention is not stronger than yours and they don't get to dictate what you give your attention to.  

So if you give your attention to still winds and quiet waters and bright sun and blue seas and healthy marine biospheres, that's what you will create. If you give you attention to peace and to having plenty of everything you need, that is what you will create, just as reliably as the grass grows. 

Just define what it is that you truly want and then, casually, back up your focus with your actions.  Remember that your Father is the Creator, and as His child, you also create --- mindfully or not --- we are all creating the world around us. 

So learn how to give your attention to what you want, instead of what you don't want.  Stop letting the faceless, bought, irresponsible "media" focus your attention on sex and death and disaster.  Take control of Hurricane Irma, instead. 

Unwind the spiral of the wind.  Make the wind lie down.  Just do it, dispassionately, happily, as a matter of course.  We don't need a hurricane.  So enough of that nonsense.  

And while we are at it......

You want a government that serves you, instead of one that serves itself at your expense?  What does such a government look like?  What kind of structure does it have?  What does it require?  What's the easiest way to deliver public services? What objectives does such a government have?  What kind of people create such a government?  

The scriptures promise that Our God will bring to ruin those ruining the Earth, but destroy the World -- the fictional world created by men -- with fire.  How can He do both?  Is it not said that Our God is a "consuming fire"?   Are we not baptized with the Holy Spirit's flame?  

As each one of us catches fire and begins to burn with the Spirit of love and peace and health and sharing and fearlessness and calm and truth, the chaos and darkness and dishonesty and fear and idolatry and illness and violence and all the rest of what is threatening and ugly, gets burned away by the holy fire and creative vision burning brightly within us.  

Those who have been deceived by the idol-makers and defrauded by con men can suddenly see what they've been doing and believing in and giving their attention to--- and so, are enabled to know the Truth and choose differently,  

Wake up, Children of God!  Daylight in the swamps!  Claim your inheritance!

What will you give your attention to?  What will you create this day?  

Hurricane Irma, supposedly "the worst storm in history", has just been downgraded to a Category Three.   This was done by a relatively few people who gave their attention to calming the storm and turning it away.  Imagine what happens when all the good people on Earth become adept at using their natural gifts to build a peaceful paradise?  

We will indeed say, "Go!" and the mountains will move and "Be still!" and the winds will lie down.  To the servants and sons of Satan, we will say, "Depart!" and they will go, because they have no choice.  Earth belongs to us, not to them. 

And that's the facts of your inheritance.  

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