Monday, September 11, 2017

Meet the Kids!


Looks can be somewhat deceiving!  The stories behind these three kids would make a movie that would not be forgotten.  Rather than choosing to abort as many women in this nation would do, in an attempt to save the lives of both, Jordan and Jason were both delivered caesarean at around 7+ months, dead at birth but yet revived and survived but not without handicap issues. Both have cerebral palsy as a result of the oxygen deprivation, and Jason suffering more severe CP handicaps as well as declared to be legally blind. The lenses in his glasses are as thick as coke bottle bottoms.  Both boys have 'permanent' limiting physical issues including eyesight, coordination, etc.  

And Mackenzie - born to a young mother who was hooked on multiple drugs.  Both the birth mother and child were victims of severe child abuse (of the kind pedophelia is made of).  Mackenzie has multiple diagnoses of 3 letter 'conditions' that cause her, the family, her few friends and her school allot of problems. 

The new parents adopted Mackenzie at age 4 after a long (years) court struggle and thousands of dollars needing to be expended for her medical/psychiatric costs then and since. Mac has mental  conditions (from the child abuse suffered and that caused by the drugs, etc. her mother was taking prior to Mac's birth) that require miracle deliverance and healing.  

I am not asking for your money.  More than that, the family and the children would greatly appreciate your prayers.  Tensions get high at times - imagine if you had 3 special needs children, all tugging at you and each other at the same time, and you're trying your best to manage their health, physical, emotional and educational needs as well as your own as parents - all at the same time.  

This couple literally sacrificed their lives to protect, care and provide for the lives of these children.  Multiply their situation by the thousands and you can get a good idea of what others are also experiencing.  Today one can get an abortion easily enough to be 'rid of' a 'problem' - but this couple did NOT consider abortion despite the pending diagnosis of their two sons.  Most would never adopt a 'troubled' child no matter how cute or how badly a couple might want a child.  These three children would be cast aside, left to their own fate.  The parents have the heart and the fortitude to extend to each one their love, caring and provision as best they can. And even with their own problems that they manage to work through on a daily basis, they make themselves available to others who come to them with their problems for guidance and compassion.  The 'light and love' definitely shows forth through this entire family.

Their story would make an excellent interview for Dr. Phil and Oprah.

So why am I printing this on the blog?  Because there are many across this nation who are experiencing similar situations. This little family is in the background. Few know of the sacrifices they make and the situations they deal with every day.  Few would ever think of providing any sort of help.  Few if any would look upon this couple and think to thank them for the sacrifices they make. Most in our nation go on their merry way and have no concern for the needs and experiences of others. 

I know this family and am personally aware of all that they have been going through for many years now.  I am posting their story to give honor to them for the love and caring they show to others daily DESPITE their own needs, and to make America aware that there are several of our brothers and sisters 'out there' who could use your prayers - and even offers to help.  THIS FAMILY ESPECIALLY NEEDS DIVINE INTERVENTION on their behalf.   

Olive Oyl

United we stand - divided we fall. ( tand,_div ided_we_ fall)

Gal 6:10  As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith


Olive Oyl said...

Many are expecting a pending RV and the receipt of ALLOT of money. The purpose for posting this story is to remind readers of the needs of many Americans as well as those in other nations who have and who are experiencing many trials. Those who are not should be very grateful, but should consider helping those who are rather than spending all their 'haul' on their own personal selfish desires. That goes along with inappropriate rude unkind uncalled for and as-inine comments - which will NOT be posted under this or any other similar article. The AHO who posted the long ridiculous diatribe - you know where you can go.

Anonymous said...

Yes OO - I saw that comment posted earlier and was taken aback by the rudeness and obvious unconcern for this family, especially in regard to the young girl. I found this very disconcerting in light of all the exposure in recent months regarding pedophelia, human slavery and even murder of the victims in our nation and worldwide. I am grateful that this couple had the concern and the wherewithal to get the child delivered from the control and abuse of these perverts. And, for the record, not all posts on this blog have to be about 'laws' and Washington DC! We as the people of this nation need to be reminded that we are human and we should have cares and concerns about others, especially our family and friends. It was refreshing to see and to read your posts about the Thorpes and about the little boy Omari, both of which are a great reminder that we should be thinking of others, serving them when we can, and that this money we will be receiving is not about making ourselves out to be 'hot shots' but is to be spent on projects and meeting the needs of many others not so fortunate as we will be. Shame on those who are on a one track road - self and greed. Surely that will lead to a dead end, a road taking these kind of people back to the poverty they came from. How sad..