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Glenn Beck begins to teach America’s biblical (Israelite) identity!

Glenn Beck begins to teach America’s biblical (Israelite) identity!

by: Dr. James W. Bruggeman of Stone Kingdom Ministries -

August 30, 2013

Praise God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ! An article posted today (Friday, August 30, 2013) in the widely-read World Net Daily began this way:

[Quoting] Radio and television host Glenn Beck is now going public with his belief the United States is among the famous “Lost 10 Tribes of Israel,” and America today is suffering calamities just as ancient Israel did due to its disobedience to the laws of God.

Echoing the conclusions of some experts who have delved deeply into what’s known as the theory of “Anglo-Israelism” or “British-Israelism,” Beck took viewers of his TV show into a biblical history lesson dating back to the time after King David of the Old Testament, when the once united kingdom of Israel became divided. …Beck explained that eventually, God warned the rebellious northern kingdom to stop its sinning, or else face disaster. [end quote] Full story here.

I am so thrilled for many reasons that Glenn Beck has taken this courageous step.  One reason is because this is a second and extended answer to my personal prayers of over 30 years ago!  And I did not even expect this second and greater answer to my prayer.

At that time—the late 70s—I was working full-time for an organization trying to educate my fellow citizens, to awaken them to the true facts of history and politics and how we are losing our God-given liberties.  Here was the first step in how God answered my prayer:

At this point, allow me to quote myself (only slightly edited) from a lecture which I presented to our Stone Kingdom Fellowship groups in Tennessee and Atlanta in June of 2010.  It is lecture #2 in my series called Mystery Babylon and the Stone Kingdom. It is entitled “We’re in Trouble—First, the Prophet.”

[begin quote] The more I labored the more disheartened I became as I was coming to the conclusion that there was no way that I and my fellow laborers—in 1979—were going to be able to stop the juggernaut of a tyrannical, one world government which would plunge the world into a millennium of the darkest of Dark Ages.

But there I was, basically teaching true American history to merely small groups of interested citizens, and occasionally to larger audiences of maybe a couple hundred.  In those days, I used to pray that someday, someone could get on national radio or television and teach the American people our truth—the truth about the Founding Fathers, the truth about the Constitution, and the truth of our history, how it has been distorted and twisted by evil men who have crept in unawares.

Men like Horace Mann in the 1800s and John Dewey, the progressive socialist, in the early 1900s, and men like William Ayers in our era.  Back in the 70s, Bill Ayers was a co-founder of the violent, Marxist Weather Underground terrorist group, who blew up buildings which killed and maimed people.

Ayers now says they should have done more bombings!  The word for that is “unrepentant.” Last I heard, Ayers is a university professor who, among other activities, writes textbooks for teaching teachers, and is a friend and unofficial consultant of President Obama.

I prayed back then that I would see the day when the truth would be taught, not just to small groups as I was doing, but to the masses on television.  My friends, praise God, my prayer of 30 years ago is being answered. I told you earlier that in this series of lectures I would name names.  I now see a man who is doing that work.  Yes, I believe that Glenn Beck is one of the prophets sent by God to teach America our true history.  And he is a Mormon of all things! (grinning)

Isn’t that just like our Father, though?  He is always coming up with something to surprise us—an answer to prayer sometimes comes from where we would least expect it.  Has that ever happened to you?  Yeah, so God sends a Mormon to do the job.  I think part of the reason is to see if we can learn to work with Christian brethren no matter what brand they are wearing, no matter what denominational box they are popping out of.

I have heard Glenn Beck enough on his radio program and seen enough of his television programs [when he was on the Fox network] to believe that he is my Christian brother.  Of course, he does not have perfect doctrine—but then neither do I,… nor do you.

Now before some of you go bananas on me, just think about it.  Did you expect that God would send prophets who are without warts, as it were?  Perhaps you have been under the impression that the prophets of old were so holy and pious that they never had a flaw or fault in their lives.

If that is the impression you have had, let me help dissuade you of that false notion: think of the prophet Hosea.  He believed that God told him to marry a whore, so he did.  And He was right; that was God’s Plan for him, but I am here to tell you that if you think you know about some rocky marriages, just picture how rocky that one must have been.

Then there is cry-baby Jeremiah, (known as “the weeping prophet.”) Jerry at first balked at God’s command to him because, he said, he was too young to be a prophet.  And then there was Moses, who complained that he was not a public speaker.  And Jonah, who was so in defiance against God’s will that he go preach to the non-Israelite Assyrians of Nineveh so they would repent…

Jonah was so dead set against that idea that he took off on a ship in the other direction.  I could go on, but you get the picture.  Glenn Beck frequently reminds his listeners and viewers of his warts, including the fact that he divorced his first wife, and that he hit bottom as an alcoholic.

I don’t know if he was raised as a Mormon or simply converted to it after he hit bottom, but as you know, in the Mormon religion, alcoholic beverages are forbidden, so obviously that kind of church family would make his abstinence from alcohol easier for him.

[I have since learned that Glenn was born Roman Catholic, and only became Mormon in the past decade or so, probably due to the influence of his long-time Mormon friend and radio show sidekick, Pat Gray.  Glenn’s other radio show sidekick is Stu Brugiere, who is Jewish.  The Wikipedia entry about Stu says he is the Executive Producer and head writer for The Glenn Beck Program.]

So when I tell you that Glenn Beck is a prophet, it does not mean that he walks on water.  I mean that the work he feels compelled to do fits right in line with God’s word in Isaiah 10 and Judges, chapter 6: Namely, that first comes the prophet, then the deliverer.  The prophet who teaches Israel her history.

That is what Glenn Beck is doing.  Five days a week, this man reaches millions with his radio program.  And five nights a week, on the Fox News Network [now on his own The Blaze TV and internet program], he is there for a full hour with his chalkboards and other visual aids, just a self-taught man, who is now America’s true-history professor.

So, you may wonder, is James Bruggeman becoming a clone of Glenn Beck?  [Meaning that my introductory lectures in the Mystery Babylon and the Stone Kingdom series were all about true American history and a look at the proper function of government, which was what Beck also happened to be teaching at that time (2010).]

No, he is a clone of me 30 years ago, except that he has a national megaphone and I praise God for it!  He is teaching what I was teaching 30 years ago, except of course, the names have changed.  We have a new generation of Insiders who are now at the helm of Mystery Babylon.  But the game is still the same.

And Glenn Beck gets it… not completely…and not exactly as you or I might see it, but enough to do the job he is called to do.  So understand that this is not an unqualified endorsement of everything he says and does.

Because occasionally, I hear him say something or promote some person or their work, something which just makes me cringe.  For example, he and I have a very different view on Israel.  But what do you expect?  He is a Mormon and their view of  Israel is about the same as the Baptists, the Methodists, and numerous other Christian denominations.

[Perhaps that is now beginning to change (with Glenn teaching America is Israel).  It will be interesting to see if Stu Brugiere becomes a “Messianic Jew,” or a (fill-in-the-blank-denomination) Christian; although that would still conflict with Beck if Beck is indeed learning more about America’s true biblical identity.

At this point, it appears that Glenn is at the old Worldwide Church of God level of understanding; i.e., Armstrong’s version of old Anglo-Israelism or old British Israelism (where they identify the Anglo-Saxons as the ten lost tribes and the modern Jews as the true and literal descendants of the tribe of Judah.)  Herbert W. Armstrong came along in the 1930s and essentially plagiarized large portions of Bishop J. H. Allen’s 1903 classic, Judah’s Sceptre and Joseph’s Birthright—an enlightening and basic book, which we still offer: SKM # B-124, a 377-page hardback, $22 ppd.]

It is important to recognize that Glenn Beck had become a famous and prominent talk show host long before his eyes were opened to what is really going on.  It has only been in about the last three years that his program has changed to become American History 101, Continuing Education for America.

God put Glenn Beck in the “pulpit” of the 3rd most-listened-to talk radio program in America and then God opened his eyes and put fire in his heart to plead with the American people to wake up.  He even referenced himself as one of the “watchmen on the wall” of Ezekiel.  Beck is one of the answers to my prayer in the 1970s.

Beck is a funny guy, a true comedian, and that helps to break up the very serious matters he is dealing with.  But when he is serious—and of what I have heard of his programs, I would guess that I agree with about 90-95% of what I hear coming from his lips.

And brothers and sisters, that is far more than enough for me to feel comfortable in suggesting to you that you encourage sleeping Americans to listen to or watch Glenn Beck.  They may not wake up to who true Israel is by watching Beck, but at least they will wake up to the plight we are in as a nation.  That’s a first step.  [But now, three years later, in 2013, millions more Americans may just also wake up to their true biblical identity as the descendants of Jacob-Israel!]

I have often heard Beck pleading with his listeners to pray to the God of the Bible, and “you must look to God” for deliverance; he used illustration of Moses putting the serpent on the pole—and he said it’s so simple that many will not do it! “Look to God,” Beck says.

“You must pray,” he says “and expect miracles…like Moses and the children of Israel at the Red Sea.”  Hello-o-o-o-o-o!  There is much, much more that I have heard from him that persuades me this man is a true prophet, a prominent one, but only one of many who are doing the job of teaching Israel her history before God sends the deliverers.

Remember how in lecture #1 of this series, I told you about George Orwell in the same context with Ayn Rand and her book, Atlas Shrugged?  And I told you her book was prescient of what we are now experiencing in America?

Well, just a couple nights ago [June, 2010], on his evening television program, Beck was giving a promo for what he was going to be discussing next week, and he had three pictures on his magnetic blackboard: George Orwell and Ayn Rand were two of them.

And let me close this lecture with this: Do you remember that I closed the first message with a passage from Isaiah 52:1 which began with the commands to Israel to “Awake, awake!”?  Well, at the beginning of 2010, Glenn introduced a new theme song for his radio program.  [..which in 2013 has now been superseded with a screaming “singer”—an irritating theme song.]

It’s a powerful melody, but I wondered who wrote the interesting lyrics.  I researched it this week and found out that he, Glenn, did.  So listen to these two short lines:  He is a prophet. Here are the lyrics: Search for answers everywhere, we will be the key.  We must remember who we are; we will be the key.

I am certain that my brother in Christ, Glenn Beck, has no idea that he is asking for America to be awakened to who we are, [...or maybe I was wrong.  Maybe he was already learning in 2010 what he is now in August of 2013 sharing with America.] and when we do awaken, we will be the key to our deliverance because we are also commanded to loose thyself from the bands of thy neck.  (Isaiah 52:2) Praise ye the Lord! [When I agree with Beck that we will be the key, do not misunderstand: of course, it is the Lord’s doing, but God usually works through people, doesn’t He?]  [End of quoting my lecture from 2010.]

So in 2010, I saw that the Lord had answered my prayer of 30 years ago.  Now, today, in August of 2013, He has added even more by having this self-admitted, flawed man (aren’t we all?)  fulfilling the role of a prophet to help awaken God’s true Israel people in America (and elsewhere).  Praise ye the Lord!

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