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Kerry Lies About Number of Syrian Chemical War Dead


Kerry Lies About Number of Syrian Chemical War Dead to justify Bombing Syria

Vatic Note:  I am totally ashamed of my country.  We are becoming more and more and more like Israel who has become, rightly so, a pariah among the family of nations.  The ease with which the lying occurs is what disturbs me.

Sometimes you have to lie to the enemy, but you should never enjoy doing it.  And NO ELECTED OFFICIAL SHOULD LIE TO HIS CONSTITUENTS. And that means their appointed agents as well, since they speak for the elected official, such as Kerry does as SOS on behalf of Obama. 

We find out that Kerry has been using a false name as well.  His real name is Kohen.  Why hide his real name?  What hidden agenda goes along with the name change and the hiding of it?  Is this a "Trotsky" situation?  His real name was "Bronstein", but it was changed to Trotsky so he could fit in as a Russian for the revolution. 

There are sooo damn many layers of deception that its  almost  impossible to track them all at every level.  The only safe and workable thing to do is disbelieve everything they say that  you can't personally confirm  yourself.  Its what I have chosen to do.  I assume, if its an act of violence, that its a false flag and then I assume "...the usual suspects" are behind it.

That is a great  way to deal with it, then act on that assumption.  Should something come out that changes it all, fine, you can always retreat, but its hard to advance if you believe them in the beginning when you could do something about it, had you known the truth.

Kerry Lies About Number of Syrian Chemical War Dead
Kurt Nimmo, Info wars,  August 30, 2013
Photo: U.S. Embassy, Turkey.

During his State Department speech today, Secretary of State John Kerry grossly misrepresented the facts about the chemical attack at Ghouta near Damascus.

“The United States government now knows that at least 1,429 Syrians were killed in this attack, including at least 426 children,” Kerry said. “I’m not asking you to take my word for it. Read for yourself, everyone… the evidence from thousands of sources, evidence that is already publicly available,” he added.  (VN: We took your advice and checked it out for ourselves, and you were wrong.... you lied, and that is why there can be no world war, except against the international bankers and Israel.  And we must do it globally.  The first bomb dropped is the signal for everyone to begin working their part of the WW against the bankers within their country and refuse to fight anyone else since they are not the enemy. We can win too, just look at Ron Pauls 2008 campaign.)

According to the international aid group Doctors Without Borders, however, 355 people were killed, not the wildly exaggerated figure cited by Kerry.

Kerry said evidence of Syrian complicity in the attack remains classified and will not be shared with the American people.  (VN: then the gov wonders why we don't trust them or believe a single word they say or their managed MSM that rockefeller thanked for lying for the elite, and as he said they could not have gotten this far without the MSM cooperation.  Now that is indictment if I ever heard one.)

The organization, along with the Red Cross, is deeply concerned the Obama administration and other proponents of military action against Syria are misrepresenting data to make the case for military intervention.

On Thursday, the Red Cross said a U.S. attack will aggravate civilian suffering. “Further escalation will likely trigger more displacement and add to humanitarian needs, which are already immense,” said Magne Barth, head of the International Red Cross delegation in Syria.

The establishment media has reported the government’s version of what happened it Syria without criticizing such discrepancies.  (VN: Not true, the Wall Street Journal reported it was the rebels. Shocked the heck out of me.)

On Friday, we reported the so-called rebels, in fact al-Qaeda mercenaries supported by the CIA and Saudi Arabia, (VN: Israel and Mossad) were responsible for the chemical attack Obama and the government, including many members of Congress, have attributed to Bashar al-Assad without providing evidence.

“From numerous interviews with doctors, Ghouta residents, rebel fighters and their families… many believe that certain rebels received chemical weapons via the Saudi intelligence chief, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, and were responsible for carrying out the (deadly) gas attack,” writes Associated Press journalist Dale Gavlak.  (VN: which simply means, we have no idea which of our allies gave the rebels the weapons. MI6?  CIA?  Mossad?  Saudi Arabia?  Since its the associated press, they will lie for the Zionist bankers since they are owned in part by many of them.)
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