Friday, August 30, 2013

Pat Buchanan ---- Obama's ILLEGAL WAR in Syria


Anonymous said...

How ironic... attack Syria for a supposed chemical attack but it is ok to spray cheicals daily on American citizens, and poison their water with fluoride, not t mention MSG, Aspartame, and GMO etc. etc. etc. ..its called the soft kill this is much more humane than an outright chemical insane and talk about the kettle calling the pot black.

This is a bankers war, as they all are, and NONE of them are anything about the people of these countries....we are all expendable.
God forgive us and save our republic...Your TRUTH will stand the test of time<><

Anonymous said...

since when does the u.s. go attack and police any country it wants, with the blood and lives of the american people who will have to go to the front line of battle, since when was u.s. ever been threated by any nation, other than japan, britain, and who else. pat saids it best what gives obama the right to command wars, and he suspects this to be another false flag AGAIN.
and just like a world known tyrants who do these types of actions all thu man's history, who made him king. where is the teeth of congress and the senate, and why do they bite their tongue to not talk back to this king.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that funny, a lizzy calling out the Sirian Commander. Hhhhaaahhaaa Ahhhh Boy oh boy will the lizzy's stop at nothing....!!!

JOHN, WHY DO YOU POST THIS CRAP??? Do you have so much hate for Obama that you would post this reptilians crap? Seriously, I thought you were one of us!

In the very near future everything will be revealed and you will find out the double agenda that Obama has HAD to fulfill in order to bring the current situation to a head.

UNLESS OF COURSE - YOU ARE CABAL. Then all the attacks make sense. The alignment with the reptilian republicans is obvious. WOW. And of course I will know if you don't post this
comment that I in fact, was correct. Hmmmmm, clearly a sticky situation.

Your once loyal fan...... could be again if you will consider A NEW WAY OF LOOKING AT THINGS!

Yours truly in love and light,

Anonymous said...

Apparently the higher vibrations of Light hitting Earth has had a disasterous effect on the grey matter of some individuals.
How high is the attitude that you hold of yourself?
To slash and trash the opinions of others, then proclaim that you are "truly yours in love and light" is just beyond endurable for a 'real' person of the spirit.
Please reveal your source that claims that Obama is acting on a double agenda?
Let me say this clearly. Would you encourage an upright spiritually moral entity to pervert himself in order to be acceptable enough to a bunch of degenerate thugs so that they would put him into the position that they want to control?
I say that there NEVER was a Creator-sponsored 'manchurian candidate' plan that brought Barry Dunham Davis (Frank Marshall Davis-father-US citizen-communist) to become the corporate president of US,Inc.
I favor the facts that support the Communist hierarchy in Russia and in banking coordinating efforts to put a puppet into the presidency for their own purposes, which is not the same as the wishes or actions of the higher spiritual powers.
Ps - you must not have heard that the real reptilians were taken back when Gabrielle blew the trumpet earlier in the week. Now, only the minions are left.
Hope your judgemental outburst doesn't throw you into the non-ascension crowd.
Blessings to you for your chosen destination, everyone has eternity to make the right choices to 'come to Jesus' as earth people say.

Anonymous said...

I respectfully disagree with you Anon 1:59. Obama isn't any more a puppet than Bush's, Clintons, Reagon or any of the other past Presidents. I don't agree with all of the things Obama has done either, but we don't know the whole story. As far as war crimes, his are not near as nasty, evil or ugly as the Bush's. Funny how the most wicked on the planet hide behind the guise of Christianity.

I guess we shall all see how this plays out. Pat Buchanan is a Lizzy just as many of the other "spiritual leaders" of this country are (and politicians, bankers, etc). I did hear about the "real" reptilians being taken back and I think that seeing is believing. If that were really true and only the minions remained, we would be seeing some significant changes now wouldn't we.

When you are awake and finally see the Truth, as dis-concerning as it may be, you come to realize that even the most sacredly held beliefs and individuals have been corrupted.

The reptilians have had control for ions of time and we silly little humans think that on one day in the month of August 2013 they are going to magically disappear? NOT. I wouldn't put it past them to have another game changer up their sleeves. After all, they obviously far surpassed us in creative intelligence to maintain this matrix for so long.

Nonetheless, Pat Buchanan and many of the holy rollers are lizzys or hybrids and heavily vested in the evilness that has perpetuated this planet and dominated our society.

And just because I have an "opinion" and make an observation about what is going on (just as you have) doesn't make me any less beloved or ascension "worthy" than anybody else. I choose the light, I choose love and I also choose truth.

Yours truly in love and light.