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Liars on Parade

Subject: WUA - Liars on Parade
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WUA - Liars on Parade
"The Only Motive I Could Think
of is that They Wanted to
Leverage Anybody in this Country."
Alexandra Bruce
August 22, 2013

This a jaw-dropping series of edits, depicting members of the government and familiar TV personalities being caught lying right through their teeth about the warrantless wiretapping, the infinite dragnet abuses of the already-unconstitutional Patriot Act. This video was put together by author, Allan Weisbecker and is part of an essay he wrote for

30+ year NSA veteran programmer and whistleblower, WIlliam Binney says it all when he describes the motive of this vast operation to record and store all communications between Americans: "The only motive I could think of is that they wanted to leverage anybody in this country...If you ever get on their enemy's list, like Petraeus did, or for whatever reason, then you can be drawn into that surveillance."

[Speaking of General John Allen and Jill Kelley, the latter of whom was the subject of harassing emails by General David Petreaus' paramour, Paula Broadwell]: "Why were they targeted to begin with? What law were they breaking or what probable cause did they have?"

As the RT show host in this segment comments, the most overlooked part of the Petreaus scandal was the incredible reach of the Government's surveillance. As to General John Allen, "Thousands of his personal emails were sifted's not as if he were planning an attack on America!"

Binney replies, "All the Congressional members are under surveillance, too. No one's, yes, this could happen to anyone."

As Weisbecker says, "He who controls the NSA database can force anyone to do...anything. Weisbecker calls to: "Demand the deletion of the illegal NSA data. NOW...and jail the [constitutional oath-breaking] liars...all of them."
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