Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Jeff Sessions Tied to Uranium One Treason!


Glenn Canady
November 22, 2017 

IS there an HONEST CON-gressman in the House? NO WONDER the RAT was stalling on doing anything!!!  Put the ankle bracelets on this AHO!  Drain the frick'n swamp! Americans have had ENOUGH! 

Now, it's become clear why Jeff Sessions wasn't too interested in investigating the Uranium One deal with an independent counsel.  He's involved with this treason! 

There are documents proving Jeff Sessions was fully involved with the Uranium One deal and was briefed on it.  He gave this treason his blessing!   Now Trump can fire this piece of garbage and start draining the swamp! 

Trump needs to fire everybody in leadership over there at the Department of Justice who was brought in under ObamaFraud or BushFraud or ClintonFraud.

Sessions Exposed! Traitor! 

In this video I go over information from Twitter patriot @USNJack who has just cooked Jeff Sessions!  I'm urging all patriots to now tweet Donald Trump @potus and @realdonaldtrump, @judicialwatch, @judgejeanine and @seanhannity!  If you all go crazy putting this information out, then Jeff Sessions will be destroyed!

We can finally get Trump to fire this deep state shill and put a true patriot in there who will go after all the criminals!  Jeff Sessions won't do it because he's one of the criminal traitors who approved selling out our Uranium to enrich the Clintons!  No wonder he won't go after Hillary - he works for her!   This is OUTRAGEOUS!

We've got Jeff Sessions caught red handed involved up to his eyeballs in the Uranium One treason carried out by Hillary Clinton and the deep state scum.  Sessions pretended to not know much about Uranium One during his recent visit to Congress but new information has surfaced that he was thoroughly briefed on it!  There are documents proving this!  

Check out the information being put out by NavyJack on Twitter @USNJack.   This guy is a patriot blasting massive truth!

We need to light up President Trump’s Twitter accounts at @potus and @realdonaldtrump with this information. 

Jeff Sessions was nothing more than a coverup guy sent in by the enemy to infiltrate the Trump campaign.  I think he was sent to kiss up to Donald Trump just in case he won because the swamp always has to control the Department of Justice!  

Is Jeff Sessions blackmailed or bribed to protect Hillary Clinton and the Bushes who should already be in jail?  Only a thorough investigation of Jeff Sessions after his removal will tell for sure.  He needs to be FIRED right now for his collusion with the Uranium One deal and Trump has the right to do this!

Sessions hid his involvement in this treason!  Jeff Sessions IS the swamp!  He’s in bed with all of them. Judge Jeanine knows this, too, as you can see in her smash job on the Jeff Sessions swamp monster!

Judge Jeanine Goes BEASTMODE on Swamp Monster Jeff Sessions!  

Jeff Sessions is dirty and compromised in my opinion and his actions prove this.  He’s not producing documents asked for by Congress, he’s hiding evidence, he’s doing NOTHING against the Bush Clinton crime syndicate in fact!  He ignored Stew Webb’s letter detailing $100 trillion in crimes!   We now have the evidence he was well aware of the treason by Hillary Clinton and the rest of her swamp critters!   He was thoroughly briefed on it and is now tied to it forever!  He had no problem with the treason!   

Trump now has the legal authority to fire this deep state shill and bring in somebody who isn’t afraid to prosecute the deep state and isn’t in bed with them!  Trump made a mistake and got sucked in by this sweet talking Alabama swamp monster but Sessions is now cooked! 

You’re FIRED Jeff Sessions!  He must be fired and removed form office.  Have you noticed how the RINOs and DemonRats always threaten Donald Trump when he talks about getting rid of Sessions?  It’s because he’s THEIR man.  Now we know!  

Go TWEET and spread this EVERYWHERE!


Anonymous said...

...As the current expression goes…'How do you dry the swamp'....?

Another One Bites the Dust

Patsy AZ said...

I am not a bit surprised. He must be fired first, then end up prosecuted, convicted and receive the ultimate punishment, the rotten traitor. Hurry up, times awasting.

Anonymous said...

Seems horrid hillary (or sessions) is trying to kill the Russian informant:

Anonymous said...

the mafia "one bullet solution" could be useful with these criminals. save a ton on court costs. problem solved.

Anonymous said...

Heads up everybody!

It's not over - don't lose the plot - until it's over.