Saturday, November 25, 2017

The White House: Something's Cooking!

Something's Cooking!

Susan Harper Barnett

We were in Washington DC recently for Awaken the Dawn. During our visit, we were fortunate to be able to tour the White House. It was a rather rushed walk through which left me feeling less than satisfied and somewhat disappointed.

The first night we were home from the trip, I had the following dream:

I was on the tour of the White House again. This time, however, I was not rushed in any way. I saw everything in great detail. It was as if everything I had seen in passing during the tour we took had been ingrained in my memory and was brought to the forefront. In the dream, the tour was all I could have hoped it would be. As I went from room to room, I began to notice slow cookers in every room. Several in each room. Some tucked away under drapes, some tucked under floral arrangements, some in plain view. They were very beautiful slow cookers. I particularly liked the one on the piano close to the exit. It was a beautiful, large, shining red and black slow cooker. It looked very elegant sitting on the grand piano. None of the slow cookers seemed out of place.

Upon waking, I asked the Lord what He was saying. He said that in the midst of the flurry, in the midst of our impatience to see something shift before our eyes, He wanted us to know that "something is cooking, slow and steady". We are not to be disturbed by what we do not see. The ingredients are combined and cooking. The end result will be marvelous! The dream was in the White House, but I had the distinct understanding that the rooms in the White House actually spoke of the many chambers of the government in the United States. He is at work! Be encouraged!

When you use a slow cooker, you add ingredients, put the lid on, set the temperature control and turn it on. Then you are instructed to leave it for a certain amount of time. Leave it alone! Do not take the lid off!

We must all learn to trust the process. Just like with the slow cooker, the more we interfere with the process, the longer it will take for us to be ready. In His time, we will be fully prepared and full of flavor. We will be a veritable feast He has prepared to nourish and strengthen His people.
For your life, your family and for our nation......


"Being confident of this one thing, that He who has begun a good work in you is faithful Who will also complete it until the day of Jesus Christ." Philippians 1:6

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