Sunday, November 26, 2017

Dear native americans In response to Dear white people

 emailed to me by a reader so I posted it.
Dear native americans

In response to Dear white people.  Maybe you need to take it a lot farther back than 1492.  Vikings were in the America's some thousand years ago.  There have been a lot of remnants of them found here.
As for the broken promises, treaties, and such.  How many have been broken by the native americans before 1492 with other tribes?  How many have killed men,women, and children when you did your raids?  You call us { white people} thieves, but how much have you stolen from other tribes?  When you want to say something, you have to look a lot farther back.  That hurts, doesn't it? 
You were going nowhere, because that's all you knew.  Before the white man, you didn't have any metals, which we showed you how to make.  Still you raided, looted, killed, and for what. Maybe your history should start later.  YOU WERE GOING NOWHERE....  God gave you a gift.  The gift of life.  Yet you took it away when you did your raids or when you saw fit.
We showed you how to make metals.  How to have a written language.  But we did NOT show you how to make war.  That's a given.  You needed something else to do besides the raiding.  And we gave it to you.  Then you have the gall to say we broke promises and treaties.
Maybe you need to sit down and realize that you are not angels either.  You have a monthly money coming in from the US GOVERNMENT.  You have the housing from the US GOVERNMENT. You have the higher education, paid by the US GOVERNMENT.  Yet I still live in poverty.  The only joke is you.
Jesus said," Let he without sin, cast the first stone." 

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Anonymous said...

First, there's as much diversity among American Indians as there is diversity among the nations of the world. Some are good; some are not. Some are clean; some are dirty. Next, along with Vikings, et cetera, there were 26 ships that left Scotland and landed on our shores in 1394, one hundred years before the Columbus Lie. Of those 26 ships, 13 returned to Scotland with Principle People of the Cherokee Nation as "Exchange Ambassadors." That's why 70% of all people in Scotland TODAY test positive for American Cherokee bloodline, although they swear their "people" have never left Scotland. Put that in your smoke and pipe it.