Wednesday, November 22, 2017



(Rand McNally, Sperry-Rand, Rand Corporation) Presumed back as un-named ascended master.  He mentioned he meets with all ascended masters and other planners daily. 

Tank question:

For people involved in humanitarian projects:

24 hour time period?  Is everything still on track?

Not changed.

High level arrests taking place now?  What impact for humanitarian funding?

Arrests are separate event.  Arrests have been going on for years.  Why taken so long?  It is very intricate and detailed.  Tens of thousands are being arrested.  King pins and leaders are given the opportunity to work with us.  Politely.  They are told options of what will happen for them.  IE they don’t go to jail.  Or moved off planet.  Work with us or x is their choice.  Get planet cleaned up and get human race going in right direction.  Many are not made that way and chosen to go down with ship.  Everything is happening before our eyes. 

One of the biggest holdups is getting these people out of the way so that our future will be safe.  Rumors of FEMA camps and coffins, etc. are real.  They were made by them for us, and now will be used for them if necessary.   
Things are going on right now as we speak—all around the country at break-neck speed.  This has been a pea-in-the-shell game with people focusing on small actions and not the bigger picture.  The whole situation can’t be let out. 

The danger in circulating real information is because someone tells someone who tells someone and it becomes like a kids' game of telephone where the end message is completely different.  So better not to tell until these events pass.   

Really bad players have already been moved off the planet.  Process is painstakingly detailed.  We do not want not to get general population in panic.  This involves all countries actually being now run by new, positive  shadow governments but most people wouldn’t believe it at this point even if told.  All 209 countries.  

We will have governments for the people—no income tax, etc. etc.  This is a shift for the psyche of the American people — all people everywhere -- HUGE emotional shift from the past.  A very few people understand this.  It is not about the money but about people hurting.  The proper tool to use to FIX current conditions is currently money.  Some people will go crazy.  (Money will disappear soon and all will be credits for exchanging.)

People “hearing” this are the leaders.  There are not that many -- just a few thousand planet wide.  All people are going to look to us for guidance in massive numbers. We will be the teacher — teach them how to fish, etc.  All  along we will need to behave as if we don’t have money when we actually do have the resources.

How to get human race out of ignorance?  Planet is dying.  In 16th century earth’s oxygen level was at 31%.  It is currently running at 18% in just 400 years.  We each have skills we came with related to our mission.  Some are latent and just now growing up and will be needed in the very near future.  HOW do we get the human race going in the right direction?  The capability of distributing wealth will take a long time in current channels.  On the other hand we will be given the opportunity to FLOOD quickly everyone with wealth.  Instead of corporations that are always working for the bottom line this will disappear.

Crypto currencies are on the dark agenda’s approach.  Crypto is same is fiat—not real and based on greed—started by cabal mentality.  When they want, they can simply turn the system off and no one invested will have anything.  Wouldn’t we rather have something in our hands with stable, lasting buying power?  This why “real” money is what is coming forth—backed by gold, world-wide, including regional currencies.   

Big mega banks will no longer exist.  We will create our own banks.  No more federal reserve.  There will be more “home town” banks in the future.  Eventually money and credit will not exist.  This will take a few years because everything will be free and instant.  Now we are taking one step at a time.  These plans are already designed to come forth — are engineered to come out when we can accept it.  Jared says he has been studying and working with this for 53 years.

He mentions he can feel everyone’s energy regarding “when will be getting the funding”?  He said it will not be announced like people are currently expecting.  Because we haven’t got things in our bank account we have a bent perspective.

We need to make one last positive push this night to usher this vehicle in from the Creator(s). It is our request to God that is ushering this in. Pain will disappear. Scars will remain, but downdraft energies will subside.  (Senses anger from call listeners.) 

We will have a flood of unlimited wealth.  We must convince the populace that all we need is available in abundance.  Dark agenda created fear-based limitation.  They knew this time would come.  The reality is that we already have abundance.  As soon as we step into that mental space, we will be ready to receive it. 

Discussion occurred next as to how people will learn about ETs having taken control of planet — too much shock to expose to most at once.  It is currently coming softly through vehicles such as History Channel and movies.

If we want to get rid of the monetary system on earth, this is the way to do it — flush with more than we could ever spend.  Liberated planets and liberators are helping — lots of ET beings are helping with this system.  Most other planets do not have/use anything like money.  The human race is about 30 million years behind most others in the galaxy due to the dark agendas that were unknowingly/unwillingly imposed.

There are whole civilizations are under/within earth, not in the center.  They are like huge caverns like Garden of Eden.  Always lit.  They house millions of beings.  They are vastly more evolved than us, look much like us, and surface on occasion to check things out — even interact.  Eventually/soon they will be helping us — teaching us about new technologies, etc. 

Everyone will get phenomenal amounts of money.  Every person.  Funds have accumulated over several millions of years.  Lots of civilizations on earth have tried to overcome the current dynamic and haven’t made it.  We are making it this time. We have turned this corner.  Current human burden makes it appalling to be here.  Everyone should be wealthy, free, living in joyful learning and creating.  That is our birthright.  People of earth are “builders”. 

An industry that will go through the roof will be body-guards and security for those who have the money to dispense.  Of course, it is best that no one share the fact they have money so their work can be done somewhat anonymously until everyone is brought up to speed.   There will be a huge demand for body-guards anyway.  Every single human being has purpose and a part to play in this evolutionary process.  We are all related.  We are all connected as one.  All are from one source.  All brothers and sisters.  War is now outlawed on planet earth.  (Paris Accord)

Question was asked about why the fear communication is still taking place: 

Everything is happening in front of us, really.  All news is tainted if not outright false.  Dark agenda understands that most people come home from work and watch TV so this has been a primary tool for conditioning and brainwashing.   

Media is owned by cabal for deception.  If they can get us to get mad/angry/confrontational, they LOVE it.  They bathe in it.  If they can get us to become broken, penniless, strike out at another, they love it.  They eat and feed off of it every single day.  AS SOON AS WE EACH GET CLEAR, WE STOP PLAYING THEIR GAME.  THEY FEAR THIS. 

Once the people are in fear, they are controllable forever.  This is more powerful than (zero point energy) -- the power of our thoughts. They are afraid we will find out who we are.  They are afraid we are too immature to “know” how to handle ourselves and will mess up the world and the galaxy.

When we can’t wake others up, it is because they are not ready.  Not yet their “time”.  So few are currently awake.  Humanitarians educating themselves are mostly awake.  There aren’t that many — yet.  Awakening comes first to those who are here to be humanitarians to help transform the planet through this stage of development.  If our true intent is to help the human race, we are being engaged.

The reason this transition has been on and off so frequently is there is such a huge dynamic to be considered. 

Question:  How much of the current dynamic shift on its own vs. that which is completely our responsibility—such as switching over the media, etc.?

For most people who have tried to make changes in the current system, it is like walking into a space that is a completely downdraft environment and, it is too much to fight it, so they join it and function the best they can from within. At first they want to change, but then get discouraged.  The structure is rotten at the core from misinformation.  People don’t really know what is happening.  We are the ones who will have the responsibility to talk to others and educate, and simply BUY out the other organizations and take them over.  It is planetary wide.  Buckminster Fuller:  “Instead of trying to fix the old, create something good and new and it will make the old obsolete.”

It will also be a similar approach to a terminator coming into a home to rid the home of termites.  In this case the cabal has become lazy and arrogant, and we now have the upper hand because we are now aware and understanding of their intentions, limitations, and moves.  In other words we have come to understand them better than they understand themselves, and have become educated without their realizing our growing wisdom about them.   

Not everything will be done or finished when we move forward, but the very bad players have been removed, and there have been more than tens of thousands arrested or killed if necessary.  We each have to determine what our participation will be as we are guided by spiritual sources, and how to handle creating the transition.  We will need to involve the community at the soonest.  Make offers to cities and counties to pay for all the improvements.  Money is why our infrastructure, buildings, bridges, tunnels, etc. are in such bad shape.

Everyone wants to make the changes but when push comes to shove not that many people have really prepared to make them.  The future leaders will be those who have prepared to bring the rest of the population forward.  There will be resistance to change.  (I can feel/am experiencing the activists on this call line who are committed to getting things done.)  If we can get 1% of the earth’s population squared a couple times a week at a vibration frequency and putting this towards oceans and soil the transformation will occur in days.  (He was suggesting that one common time when everyone would be praying for the same thing at the same time.)

There are so many things about to come forth that pain/sorrow/stress/anger will soon be eliminated and we will be so thankful we were able to be here in physical form to experience the shift.  It is a wondrous time on this planet and “they” don’t want this. 

As things move forward, we will be able to create anything we want to create.  WE are all servants of humanity.  We serve each other as our natural state.  This is what they have tried to take away from us—implanting the idea that it is important to serve self with various forms of entertainment, etc. Sports were designed to pit us “against” each other and to create separation because they knew, if we joined forces, we would be unstoppable in our power to defeat them—and easily.  (Note the problems in NFL with diminishing ratings.)   Human’s true magic lies in our servitude.  Soon we will not have to worry about poverty or sickness any more so our joy will come solely from service to others.

Human race is a herd mentality.  Everybody wants to be different but we are more alike than different.  This is why they created all the religions and wars.  They have “fooled” humans into thinking we need to kill each other.  The dark agenda is to turn men into women and women into men.  Men are feminized to curb their aggressiveness designed to protect and defend.

Question:  How and when full disclosure will happen?

Now.  It is currently falling out of the sky so fast most people can’t take it all in. Some even go into denial.  But it is very blatant for those paying attention  There will be free learning centers where people can go in and learn the history of the whole human race, how it came to be that we became so controlled—why, when, where, etc. and they will include information that will aid greatly in the transition.  The centers are designed and have physical facilities and trained staff at the ready as soon as the word comes out. 

How many people have said “I don’t belong here” or “I walk to a different drummer”, etc.?   The truth is that none of us started on earth.  We are all from somewhere else.  Full disclosure will come out--perhaps even Thanksgiving week with more to come in gushers of information.  There is no other way to do it.  If it was further spread out it won’t have the needed impact for needed belief.

What is going on is that the dark force is posing as our “boss” when they are actually our “employee”.  (It took a few hundred years for them to pull off this scam, but they are patient!)  Mention was made of Native Americans who were in sync with nature when “bad” white guys came and began to destroy.  Our “good” ancestors in America beat the longest standing army in the world with simple pitchforks and rifles and we won!  That happened because of determination and commitment.  Most of them were farmers.  The cabal’s goal was to squelch this spirit.

Will not be someone standing on podium announcing disclosure, but we have to look for it.  This allows everyone to “get it” at their own speed.

Pharmaceutical companies need to shift to being healing centers through new   technologies.  We will need to bring these new technologies forth in somewhat of a STEALTH MODE so as not to be stopped or sabotaged .  Things will take a little while because there are still so many who want to continue the status quo.  Free energy is about to be announced in the next few days. 

Re Med Bed:   based on tachyon plasmatic particle energy with controlled AI (computer).  Sees all muscles and organs in body—down to microbic level of blood and picks up all imperfections.  Cures anything in about 2 ½ minutes (including growing new limbs) and missing parts and cures forever.
Where organ has been removed or has stopped operating, process regenerates that organ as if it was never removed. It can see the pattern that was left behind.   Cures cancer, Lou Garrick’s, Muscular dystrophy, Hodgkin’s-- all diseases.  It also de-ages.  Someone can elect to be a certain age and it will create.  However, thought will need to be given to whether parents will want to become younger than their children, etc.

The future will be totally opposite of what we have lived previously.  All new technologies are ready now;  it is just a matter of getting them distributed SAFELY.

Re:  oil well in Gulf of Mexico: was bombed and is still pumping 2-3M gal of oil into ocean since.  Whole ocean floor is fractured.  We have technology to heal this.  Prudo Bay,   Valdese disaster in 1973.  Oil is 6” thick at bottom and still there.  We have a 600M year old dormant microbe can be brought back to eat up all the oil.  Leaves behind nitrogen and oxygen.  It is available right now today.

The most important way to getting the word about the  new technologies out to people is networking with people who we trust.  When installing a new device such as free energy, tell people to be careful.   The people who will fight the new technologies are thos who will be afraid of losing their jobs, in this case utility companies.  We can set up a trust for these people and employ them to do other  jobs.  The power will be in soon be in the hands of funded humanitarians, and it will be important to think quickly on our feet. 

Question:  Timing of funds receipt:

It’s time. Be very diligent.

Question:  Bitterness around corporations and TBA pay-out accounts. Mentions strawman accounts. They will be resurrected and restructured to heal poverty and debt.  It must be distributed and needs to be calculated correctly and handled appropriately and will be enacted.  It was initially to serve cabal participants (primarily government employees) and people going into this at this point will have a very difficult making their way through it—strategically and legally.  Some people basically jumped the gun to claim their funds before the system was ready, and this was good for beginning to get information out to the public and let the PTB understand it was time.  It is actively being worked on.

The way to make dramatic announcements palatable will be to give difficult information along with money and good news.  People will first look at their personal wealth then look at the bigger picture once their individual issues are taken care of.  People will have to take things one sip at a time.  It will be mind-boggling for a lot of people.  WE also can educate people little by little.  The first thing people will do will be to take their lives back—shelter, vehicle, bank accounts set up, etc. 

There will be no taxation on income in the future.  .  If we buy anything new the consumption tax will be 15-20%.  It will be automatically subtracted=--built into the POP system.  No IRS forms.  May be something different for business—not discussed yet.

What about 501c3’s?  (Tithing)  Current infrastructure will change like day and night.  There won’t be “corporations” but “organizations”.  Non-profit options were initially created to save taxes on humanitarian endeavors, but in the future there will be no taxes. 

Question re Med Bed:  Consider the de-aging, but think it through carefully.  Do you really want to be young again?  What if I want to be 30 again and a spouse wants to remain 85, or you may de-age to be younger than your kids, etc.  There will be emotional dynamics.  Whole families may need to discuss together.  But we will soon be able to travel and relocate on other planets so there is wide-open adventure for those interested.  Game plan is to manufacture and distribute Med Beds around the globe.  Veterans with missing limbs will be helped, but there is an emotional aspect to this.  Most have become comfortable if not friendly with their disabilities.  Each person will be able to decide whether they want to remain here or not.  What will bring them gratification. 

11,000 people are listening to our call tonight.  What if 150,000 were getting this information?

Everybody on this planet needs “us” desperately.  All who are present on the call and involved in this better get their self esteem on board because everyone who knows what is happening is truly needed at this time.  All the challenges we have each experienced were important for bringing us to this very time to help others.  We are a combination of Andromedan, Arterian, Syrian DNA—a melting pot of the best of each of  those civilizations.  It was given to create us.  We are launching as a new and powerful species in the universe, even though this “experiment” was tried to be stopped by the “destroyer” races.  The “builders” (us) and the “destroyers” (them) are like yin and yang—both necessary and both important.  This is why it is known that those of us who have been judged as the “worst” of us (Hitler for instance) actually were the most courageous souls ever, because they were strong enough and willing to come into this space and play the role of the “bad” guy in this dimension.  They were actually acting out of great love.

Third dimension is lots different than 5th dimension into which we are quickly moving.  We are not crystalline yet, but our systems will be re-arranged to accommodate the new resonance.  Not everyone will be ready or will adjust easily.  We are faced with a massive undertaking to bring them into understanding.  Some will come; some will not; some will be miserable trying to figure it out.  The money will be nearly meaningless compared to our real task of bringing forth the transition.

We will do this together and will meet up with each other and build teams based specifically on what we are here to do.  We are really all steadfast heroes to help all get from 3rd to 5th dimension.  Our leadership test involved listening to the “truth” (from a spiritual perspective) when those around us couldn’t hear it.  We are all chosen to work our tails off for the rest of our lives.  However, this will not feel like work because it is why we came and it will be completely joyful, even if it takes a lot of effort.

Question re timing of appointments:

Process is bleeding out right now and ready to be verbalized.  Meetings have already begun, so if we have not yet been called our call will come very soon.  There are several thousand of us to be set up through the new financial system and it is taking time, pure and simple.

Question on source of humans:

We were created on another planet and shipped here in capsules.  Atlantians in charge of the project later abandoned us (the project).  Ananoki started messing with us from that point forward. The Ananoki put the problematic issues into the mix.  This created the warring aggressive gene.  They are masterful geneticists.  300,000 humans disappear off the planet from the S alone every year.  They are captured and put into asteroid mining centers mining for minerals mostly.  Not stuff we think is valuable.  We did not come from planet earth.  That is why people for so many generations feel so out of place.  We are just not comfortable in many situations.  We are genetic makeup from many civilizations. 

We have off-world DNA which is known to higher levels of those in dark agenda.
They create things to keep us occupied.  We were slaves of Ananaki – slaves to mine gold for them, because they had ruined their own planet and moved on to ours.  Their plan was to ruin ours and move on once again.  They are trying to survive.  Gold dust which they needed for their survival in the atmosphere.  They put in a drink called soma which was used to keep them young.  Their planet took 3600 years to make one orbit so their experience of time is much different than ours.    One of their years is 3600 of ours. 

Niburu is Ananaki  planet.  It is also sometimes also called planet X.  When they were here they drank this drink to keep themselves young.  This is where the name “fountain of youth” came from.  This is a very long conversation.  We have several DNAs in our makeup.  Most intelligent species are much like us with two arms and legs.  Some taller, some shorter, some with different colored skin.  The new information centers will have information on this for those who ask.

Majority of spaceship sightings reported are reverse engineered made by us here.  (Such as ones being currently reported near Tampa.)  Some are 100x300 miles in size.  Whole civilizations are living inside.  They are massive like this.  Full disclosure will take a long time due to the extensiveness of this. 

Learning centers: 

Learning centers will be available for easy access to all, designed for all learning styles.  Tactile, visual, sensory, etc.  We go in and ask questions.  They will direct us directly to the information desired.  Each individual will learn at the level of their comprehension.  Most hi school students are currently at 3rd grade levels.  College grads at 8th grade comprehensive levels.  Military people (good guys with classified missions) have been moving around the country for about six years to get ready for this.  It is good military.  These centers are part of  NESARA.  People will be taught about the constitution and constitutional law.  All attorneys (bar is of bad guys) will become “lawyers” trained in constitutional law as will current judges.  Humanitarians will have immediate access to retrained lawyers and accountants immediately.  In basic terms, the constitution allows us to be completely free of the many laws that currently impose on our freedoms (such as building a shed needs to be 10’ from another shed), etc. etc.  Constitutionally we are actually free to do as we please as long as what we do does not hurt or impinge upon another.  You can see that whole counties and cities employees will need to be retrained.  All school systems retrained.

Re  next state of activity:

We will listen for (spiritual) guidance coming in telepathically from guides such as guides, elders, ascended master types, angels, etc.

Question about population being upset about hearing the truth:

They will be able to handle in their own time—just not given the opportunity yet.  Most humans can accept quite a bit and are very resilient.  With assistance, love and compassion, most will be able to adjust. 

Cabal wanted to “save” the planet by eliminating 90% of its people.  One way is to take people off planet and create new colonies.  Earth is now at 7.8B and by 2020 we will be at nearly 10B population.  Many must leave earth because earth can’t sustain.  Can only currently sustain 6B and we are now at nearly 8B.  Over capacity on ecological level.  This planet was designed as an “Eden” to be eternally beautiful.  We are tasked with bringing it back.

Once the truth comes out people will be more open to unknowns.  Then we move on. 

Question re project preparation:

Money will be around for at least 5-10 years, so we want to ask for whatever we might need for future generations.  We will want to have enough time to assemble teams and begin work that is more universal in nature.  Then money will be done.  Exchanges will occur from love.

Participant who is Chiropractor wants to be part of group to introduce Med Bed”

Send Dr. WC the request to meet with Mr. Rand and will move forward from there.

I want to get a lot of machines out.  You are welcome with open arms.

St. Germaine said in 2014:  “It is done.  Freedom has been achieved”.  Then he passed.

He passed and came back.  He is 150% here in the flesh right now.  I have met him several times.  Also many of the other ascended masters.  I talk with several of them every day.  Freedom of the human race from slavery to freedom is now full-blown.  St. Germaine created the financial structure that would mean freedom for the human race.  He invented all aspects of banking system on this planet which wasn’t used the way it was designed to be used when the bad guys interveened.  He is alive and well, and is here, along with Quan Yen, Matraya, (2nd Buddha) and lots of movement and activity in the flesh.

 X Technology:

This technology can see through walls.  The inventor was killed so technology could be hidden.

Question about Cuba:

Man wants to take care of vets.  (get a med bed).  Then wants to go to his home country of Cuba.  What will be the future of Cuba?:   Free free free.  Free country. Free people.  Free enterprise.  Expansion.  Infrastructure totally redone.  No more oppression. Poverty eliminated.  Motivation for great commerce interaction with the rest of the planet.  Rich and wonderful culture.  Phenomenal people unduly treated. Will be turned into the paradise it was meant to be.  They will have the financial aid and humanitarian help.  The people there can decide how to make it happen.

Re: Replicators: 

Will eliminate the need for lots of land to grow food.  Soil, plants, and trees are plasma.  Replicators manipulate plasma energy and turn it into anything you want.  Can punch in “hot fudge sunday” and will be right there.  Boots to wear…. even cars.  No waste because it goes right back into the machine to be re-replicated into something else.  This is coming soon and will be handed out all over the place.  All people in a poor village could have everything they want within a few minutes. 

In China they sell 24 homes made with a replicator in 24 hours.  2000 sq. ft homes.
We will be able to accomplish a phenomenal amount and have a wonderful time constantly.  Replicators will be available to us when the Galactics decide we can handle it physically and emotionally.  The beginning of this is 3D printers.

Re: Teleportation:

Available in fewer than 5 years.  It is here but not yet in cities here.  This technology will also be brought forth as soon as we are “ready” to handle it.

Question about humanitarian “money::

The amount in question it is a lot—most will be digital, not physical.  It is actually processed as a line of credit against the resources of the world—mostly Africa—setting the stage for the discontinuation of money in the future.  Given how much funding is actually available, a quadrillion is not a large amount. 

Make deposits, act set up, temporary debit card, counter checks (not for main account of course), letters of credit, proof of funds documents, etc. get funds transferred/wired into current/different trust accounts.  Probably best not to have over $500M per account for safety and security.  Might want to talk with banker first if you already have an account you will use so they can watch for it.  The higher the amount the longer the payout period—can negotiate both.

Question re earth changes:

Re: Niburu -  We are not going to be destroyed by Niburu (aka Planet X).  It has come and gone.  

Yes, there will be major geographical changes on the planet.  Shorelines gone.  

Florida will be not be there up to Panama City area.   

The Mississippi River will become wide:  narrowest 3 miles, widest 25 miles wide and will go up into MI and great lakes.  The great lakes will be combined as one body of water.  

Been telling people since 1998 about land mass changes which are due to being a young planet.  70% of people are currently on or within 50 miles of shorelines.  Water will slosh around.  Some earthquakes.  Nothing fully catastrophic.  NYC will not be around.  Lots of changes. 

The only coastal town that will survive will be VA Beach.  Gulf will increase.  Jersey will all be flooded out.  Florida gone. This is why China has built so many mega sized ghost cities inland.  They are functioning now but nearly empty of people.   They have prepared for people to have a place to go from the coast. 

Governments are being quiet because they don’t want people to panic.  Desire of most evolved people and guides is that faith and natural efforts towards getting self educated will naturally bring people away from the coasts in time.  Then we will have finances to rebuild areas that experienced destruction.  

The ET dark agenda wanted to destroy everything and we have now moved ourselves beyond that.  Their agenda is to make things better by destroying.  Our part is creating.  Like yin and yang.  Their agenda is over and now a rebuilding phase here now.   

Niburu has come and gone. 

There are spheres in our solar system that look like planets but are ships with whole civilizations living in them.  Most of the time they are cloaked but sometimes they are not and  people pick them up.  Some are like the one seen in the movie Avatar.  We have been so enslaved from real information for so long.  We could be out there exploring billions of galaxies right now!   

Re: Ananaki: some were bad and some were good.  They messed up our planet.  These were the ones who enslaved us for mining gold.  This is why people here love gold so much today.           

Every time a person awakens, it is like a rose blooming to those galactic watching.  It can’t be hurried. 

Atlantis will rise and become another continent and cause the water sloshing that will eliminate the current shorelines.  Tectonic plates under it will shift to start the process.  (200 miles out from CA and 2000 ft. deep there are two shorelines that have been identified.)

Lumeria was near Bali and PI.  Part of it was blown away in a crash in the solar system.  If we drained the oceans we could see the damage.  They can use a scope to view this damage.  Part of Lumeria was blown away.  After flooding people will have an option to go to inner earth (not center planet but deep into planet.)   Hollowed out paradise in caverns that hold whole civilizations.  We are related to them.  They have made room for a lot of surface population if things on surface get too hairy.  That will happen.  It will happen shortly.  We will soon meet them as they come to the surface to meet us. They have been around a lot longer than we have.

In the future earth will be like a big commerce center where different species can meet and interact—that will come a little later.  (Remember lots of the disclosure has been depicted in the Sci Fi movies of past years.) 

Agarthians and humans will interact.  They will teach us about their technologies. They have major cities of  millions of population.  Human race is actually the minority race on earth. (We have been kind of left alone because we are so “messed up”.   It is our consistent determination to overcome our collective ills that has brought in good ET help for us.)   

Other intelligent life:  Paladians,  Arturians, Syrians, Andromadons …. a lot of species are here among us.  Agarthians are tall, muscular genetically (men and women),  a lot have white hair.  Eyes are larger.  Features are finer than ours.  Soft spoken.  Don’t’ eat meat.  Very highly advanced with telepathy.  Not warring—not interested in killing.  Have a lot of technology.  Fly saucers.  Aurora Borealis gives them their power at their entrance point. It doesn’t get dark where they live in earth. 

Interstellar travel used to be common place.  There are two gateways on earth to Mars.  Environment can be breathed.  The red is from camera lenses.  The vista there is beautiful blue sky and sun.  There was nuclear war there about 3M years ago which messed it up.  They have been re-populating with vegetation  for 10 years with pine trees.  Known in certain circles as the “new earth”.   

Colonies: earth, reptilian (warring) non-warring reptilian colony and a couple more.  

Venus has a breathable layer in its atmosphere.  They live underground there because it is too hot on the surface.   

There are “people” on Saturn, Jupiter and all planets. 

Re:  claiming our freedom: receiving humanitarian funding to fix.

Now like a roto rooter has gone down the pike ahead and cleaned it out.  WE have a financial waterfall gushing towards us as we speak.  Kind of like Niagara Falls coming in.  A tsunami.  Appointments will begin very soon.  Those who are watching will be in a position to go first.  We are informed and have made project plans … lots of over-achievers are in this group.  We  will find we have actually have prepared more than will be needed. 

Planning, coordinating, arranging, training, delegating, in all facets of this transition on a global basis is an unbelievably large job.  Monumental.  This is the eve of the human race experiencing something spectacular.  Cabal has been reduced to very feeble attempts.

This call is very, very powerful in terms of its being a collective mindset of truth and pure intention. It has demonstrated to PTB the readiness of the humanitarian collective, and helping move things along.    There is much power in supporting truth and positive vibrations through imagination.  What we “think” from a state of loving presence produces the result. 

Statements about being kept down:

Fluoride in the water calcifies the pineal gland which stops functioning by blocking the ability to transcend.  Water marketed for babies as “pure” is heavy with fluoride which is actually a powerful poison.  This way they keep us coming back again and again as slaves.  This will be corrected by the Med Bed.  Will activate third eye. 

Most of what we really do, we do in other dimensions while we are sleeping.  (Refers to Comic book and movie Dr. Strange.) 

Most of what we view here as being real is the big LIE.  Most of what we can’t see is the TRUTH.  This is why the cabal is so smug.  They think this is all a really funny joke.  (The movie Santa Clause with Tim Allen is mentioned.)

The creative energy we have on this call from our thoughts is so mind boggling and powerful and effective most people would not believe it.

“We” are now being asked to share what we have and “be” who we are with others.  Those who have held back and been afraid of sharing or releasing technologies out of fear should now do so, and with an eye about being somewhat in stealth mode. 

Those with funds access should never let people know they have access to these funds or more mature focus can easily shift from the good deed to an immature focus regarding the money involved. 

Imagine what it will be like when the “loving” people on earth are the ones who hold the wealth!!! (instead of the “bad” buys)

The ones with dark agendas were offered the option to participate with us to save the earth and teach its people.  They were given several opportunities and told the repercussions for not joining us would be either imprisonment for life of death or moving their molecules off the planet as their other option.  At that point many joined us and many chose death.   

Some “said” they would join us with not real intention to do so, and have been responsible for things like Las Vegas.  They are now being dealt with.   Much has  been completed now to prepare the way with some final mop-ups.  We won’t go in the next two hours but very soon.  It would be a good idea for everyone to pray for the safety of all throughout this process.   

There are still rogue participants at lower levels on automatic pilot who are geared towards disruption and destruction.  They will eventually be gone.  It may take a couple years to address this all at the lower levels.  In reality, tens of thousands of those at lower levels have turned themselves in for amnesty.  Example would be school bus drivers who were told their families would be killed unless they drove the busses of kids to the blood ceremonies and pedophile parties. This is all now done. 

Question about the Vatican:

It is the Roman Empire.  It is not about Catholics but about the Pope at the Vatican who has deceived the Catholics for so many years.  The Vatican is the center of rulership for the cabal and destructive forces on the planet.  (Secondary centers were Washington DC and London).  Most of the secrets that have been held from humanity have been stored in the basement of the Vatican.  They have now been moved now to higher ground for protection from potential flooding.  Vatican will be dissolved and dismantled.  People will learn the truth.  Pope has worshiped “Lucifer”.  This will shatter a LOT of people very deeply.  It will come with FULL DISCLOSURE.

Question about Pedophiles: 

90% of people alive today have eaten human DNA.  It has been hidden in ground beef.  Cargill is big culprit.  Went mostly to restaurants.  300k children have met this end after they were disposed of  following use as sex slaves and been murdered for sacrifice and blood drinking.  When they were done with them they were put into holding rooms or coolers where they were held until slaughtered.  Disclosure will reveal that popes have been drinking children’s blood for over 600 years.  They believe this adds to their power, alertness and intelligence.  Now, the disclosure gun is loaded and about to blast.

Kennedy was killed for wanting to bring things into the open.  Jackie knew what was going on, so would have been killed which is why she agreed to “marry” Onassis as he could afford to offer her the needed protection for her life. 

The Middle East has been enslaved the most badly.  America pretty badly and not well thought of in other countries.

Question about future transportation:

There are 2-seater and 4-seater “scooters” in which you speak your destination and you appear there in less than 15 minutes.  They manipulate gravitational force and “time jump”.  There will be cargo busses.  They were ready in 2010.  The most difficult part of bringing forth new inventions such as these will be that people aren’t really ready to accept them as quickly as they might come available.  In about 2 years we will likely have access to instant space travel. 

Question about our future role:

We are the ones chosen to be their guides.  There are a few more planets that will need our help to bring about their transformation as earth will have gone through.  WE will be ambassadors for this endeavor.  They will not have to deal with cabal forces, however, as we have completed that aspect here and now.  This was their last stand and are now abolished from this part of the universe.  Their mission was to destroy as ours is to build. 

The human beings that have gone to bat for their fellow humans have made a tremendous impact.  So many people have given their all—many to death—it is beyond comprehension.  There was no guarantee we would make it, but as we remained committed and passionate and resilient throughout, more and more races came to our aid in support. 


The resonance emanating from this has made a tremendous impact on advanced “participants”, providing a reading of readiness, energy, and updraft dynamic.  What you ask for you get—more than you can possibly imagine. 


They are not yet totally shut down due to a few rogue participants running on automatic pilot, but soon will be—perhaps next 2-3 weeks.

Weather manipulation:

This is now under control.  They cannot manipulate weather against us any longer.  There is still one rogue submarine with a tracking device that has been cleverly hidden so as not to be detected, and Russia is currently closing in on its location. 

They don’t know exactly where it is.  “Smarty” (nickname of scientist on the call) stepped in to say they are close.  ‘Retrace steps and you will find it’.  The order was given on the call.   (It is worth noting that Russia, China and the US are actually very good friends and allies behind the scenes.  Have been for a long time.  They are involved together in the secret space program (SSP) that has deflected unfriendly warriors in space away from earth successfully.) 

Recap:  This event is thousands of times bigger, deeper and more intricate (and messy) than can be revealed or understood by most.  What we have experienced as delays were little bumps in the road that needed to be addressed—unexpected things due to creative cabal antics. 

Sometimes Intel providers who had real information but who were not cleared to release it did so anyway in loyalty to their listeners, and when they did that the cabal heard it and took the opportunity to attempt sabotage, so what was an actual planned date was changed because of their premature and public enthusiasm.


Anonymous said...

Who is this Jared Rand person?

Anonymous said...

one can only hope this is real

Anonymous said...

Anytime, anybody promises anybody free money, you will know for sure it is all B.S., no matter whatever they say. Free money is the best way I know of, to destroy anybody, because it destroys the individuals' opportunity to develop their own talents, and weakens them mentally, physically and spiritually.

TheGateKeeper said...

Im sure this is Blowsef using another name. Get ready folks, they blow the RV horn the loudest during the ThanksGiving, Christmas, and New Years the loudest. Got to do that so they can get their holiday bonuses thru currency sales. Every year they blow harder as people barely got 2 nickles to rub together. They want your 2 nickles. lol. The asswipes at the top dont want you having shit. They want your ass and spirit broken so that its more for them and less for you. They want us licking their boots for crumbs. Then after we are done licking their boots, they will use that same boot to put up our asses for being so weak minded. Thats the feeling of power they crave. They want you to realy five your child to them to do whatever they want without resistance. But they got to make you poor and desparate first. They dont like the idea of shareing their toys. The less we have, the happier they are. More for them and less for you. They need to be put into a rocket and shot straight into the sun. Amen

just some dude with dsl said...

If your just waking up. The rest of us that are awake have been reading this dis info for the last 15 years. Its all a huge distraction. Sure in 2 years we will be traveling in space instantly,,, sure. This article does'nt address the wifi cell phone weaponization? Thats a big red flag... Not to mention the traveling in space 2 years away... sure...

Unknown said...

WHY do we need bodyguards if we are going to all be wealthy? This is weird to me! "An industry that will go through the roof will be body-guards and security for those who have the money to dispense. Of course, it is best that no one share the fact they have money so their work can be done somewhat anonymously until everyone is brought up to speed. There will be a huge demand for body-guards anyway. "

just some dude with dsl said...

bullets dont care...