Monday, April 25, 2011

It's a whole new ball game

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Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2011 09:32:24 -0500

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Well, a New Ball Game:

With us, it's a whole new ball game. RV isn't necessarily the right word, IMO, although it is used alot. It's actually a conversion or transformation from the Supreme Court ruled UNLAWFUL Fed Res (and therefore Fed Reserve NOTE) to a US Treasury asset backed note, or from a worthless fiat note to a bill with value which is calibrated or pegged to other currency values.

All paperwork signed off at IMF this week. RV's next week. Bernanke has to explain the RV of currencies Wednesday night of many countries. Some arrests going on the rest of this coming week. Prosperity letters have gone out for Mon. & Tues. Wed heaviest day and end. No one knows the rate. As I said Friday, no deliveries and no RV this weekend. All set for this next week and still is!"

It started with the Supreme Court Ruling in 1993 where the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the farmers and stipulated that the farmers be paid in asset backed currency. They actually ruled AGAINST the Fed Res and the IRS declaring them both unlawful, and by default, the Fed Reserve NOTE (our fiat currency) is unlawful. Therefore, a team of five federal justices was created to figure out how to constitutionally pay the farmers. They hired experts in currency, const.Law, etc. called the White Knights. Since they found that they couldn't convert to an asset backed currency in a void without the other countries of the world doing likewise, this thing had to be coordinated world wide. Keep in mind that the US is the reserve currency of the world. To have it asset backed while all the other were fiat would have been a huge mess! On September 19, 2007 Congress acted to create an asset backed currency. This went into effect on October 19th, 2007 in coordination with the other countries to be activated when it could all be done together.

I heard that too. It would make sense that that would be how they present the change to the American people. Most people don't know that the Federal Reserve had only a 100 year lease.

I can only guess on that! I'm still believing that all this is happening because of the Supreme Court ruling that declared the Fed Reserve and IRS unlawful and ordered that the farmers be paid in asset backed currency. Then they put a gag order on the ruling so that America and the world would not realize that the reserve currency of the world comes from an unlawful agency!

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