Tuesday, April 19, 2011

We are ALL being killed. --- DO YOU CARE?

Submitted by Nancy - a wonderful caring soul

My son and his wife and daughter live in Portland, OR.

My daughter-in-law is pregnant.

Friday they went to the doctor for an ultrasound, to hear the baby's heartbeat.

There was no heartbeat.

The baby died.

Portand has been pelted with radiation from Fukushima.

As has the entire North American continent.

I need to know if we are going work together to save life.

I need to know who is willing to help.

My grandbaby is not the only one that will die, if we are unsuccessful.

In fact, more are dying right now.

Genocide is happening in the Gulf of Mexico, and no one came to defend and save life. John and I came and proved a method to clean the waters.

Where was the rest of my country?

Why the silence about people being poisoned?

When it was proven the frequencies restore the water and eliminate the toxins, where were the people working together to help stop the genocide?

On March 08, 2011 I sent you an email. I told you that Lisa Nelson died of poisoning from the toxins used in the BP oil disaster. You did nothing.

Frankly, I am frustrated.

My country allowed the people along the Gulf of Mexico to be poisoned.

YOU...my countrymen, sat back and did NOTHING.

Now, YOU, my countrymen are also being poisoned.

Are you going to be silent as the radiation kills you and your loved ones?

There is technology to STOP the radiation leak at Fukushima.

The people that have that technology have decided NOT to use it.

There is technology to protect the world population from the radioactive cloud that is enveloping the globe.

The people that have that technology have decided NOT to use it.

YOUR money, YOUR labor has been used (taxes) to pay for the technology YOUR government has. Technology that CAN stop the radiation poisoning.

Just like what happened in the Gulf of Mexico.

The technology was known how to stop the oil, and to safely clean up the oil.

But the plan was to KILL the people on the Gulf.

Now the radiation monitors WE paid for in the U.S. are "not working".

The EPA wants to "raise the safe level" of radiation allowed in our food and water...because we are already being poisoned.

Just like the EPA and the FDA say the water in the Gulf of Mexico and the seafood from the Gulf is "safe".

We are ALL being killed.

No games.

People either work together towards a solution

or die.

Please send this email to others.


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Anonymous said...

Thank you for caring. What is the matter with our people?. I live in the heartland of our country and contacted all I knew to ask for water samples as you requested. One man speaks daily of being a "patriot." His entire family lives in New Orleans, traveled there a couple times, yet brought back no water.

My daughter lives near Seattle. She is a tea party person, yet has NO IDEA what we face and treats me as a fool. (My health is bad or I would visit her. Getting to the store is a big move for me.) If I sent her your plea in an email, I would not hear from her for months. I have mentioned before the radiation, which causes her to laugh at my concern. PLEASE offer your advice as to what a person in my position might do to help. For the last 4-5 years I have put myself "out there" wreaking havoc in my state & county.

I am willing to help, but do not know what to do. The people who live in my state are mostly brain dead and remain concerned only for their own comforts, etc. I am so terribly frustrated.

I believe they care. The problem is they are unable to face reality.

Thanks and God Bless you,