Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dinar Cash-In Info

Hello Team ...

I have been getting many emails and phone calls asking me where
the cash-in areas are located around this nation. I have been doing
some research and looking around the sites and have found some
very simple and easy ways to find what you need and how to
access it ... so please follow these directions to where you can go
to access ...

1. go to this website .....
(I have double checked the spelling this time.)

2. when the Home page opens, look across the top banner and find
Financial Planning click on it.

3. when that page opens .... if you choose to go with Ty, then scroll
down to MTT - DinarBanker turn in click on it

4. you will find a page of instructions along with some email info and
other links. Read it until you totally understand what you read.
Then, if you scroll all the way to the bottom you will find a map of
the US showing all the intended (now) areas where the airport
access is available.

5. If you prefer to go with Ali and DinarTrade ... then when you go to
Financial Planning and click on it ...

6. when that page opens ... scroll down to
MTT - DinarTrade turn in click on it

7. when that page opens it will have a page of New Updated
Exchange Procedures. Read until you understand what you read.

8. There are phone numbers and website listed for making
appointments AFTER the RV RATE is known.

9. There is also a map of the presently planned locations for

10. If you choose NOT to go with the higher exchange rates that
you will receive from Ali or Ty ... then you are welcome to
exchange at any currency exchange bank. It may be less than
what you will receive from Ali or Ty.

This is where YOU need to do your own Due Diligence and find
out for yourself where to go and how you want to exchange your

Hope this helps those of you who are still puzzling over how to go
about it.

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