Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fed Reserve conference and what it means

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Fed Reserve conference and what it means by Rich Queen

There were several scenarios on how this could have gone. Most of you know that before any major speech several versions are written and the green light is given on which one is to be delivered at the last minute. I was hoping that the speech that included an announcement about returning to the gold standard would have been given especially after a friend of mine actually witnessed on CNBC that this would happen yesterday. What was a seemingly unbelievably boring speech given today was given for a reason. The markets were rocked hard enough as it was today - gold and silver made record highs, meaning that confidence in the USD is very low, despite Bernanke's glib reassurances. If his explanation was actually true, inflation would have already rallied to a much greater extent. Don't forget this is one of the men responsible for printing billions of fiat dollars WITHOUT the permission of the American people.

You may think that an announcement of a return to the gold standard would've bolstered the dollar, however the ensuing melee would have been too much for the market to bear AT THIS TIME. Bernanke was given instructions per the speech AND HE FOLLOWED THEM. That, apparently, was enough, and was the MAIN point of his speech today for some who were watching. I noticed that the most important thing he actually said was about the Fed's commitment to increased transparency. He made it seem like it was their idea, but trust me - it wasn't - they were forced to "show the man behind the curtain". A signal was indeed given, and all should proceed without hindrance. We shall just have to ride it out, white-knucked, hand-in-hand across the finish line. If there was another kink thrown into this process I will let you know if I can.

At this point, all I can say is I have heard NOTHING bad about things proceeding as planned. I wanted to see certain results today, but the day ain't over yet, and things happening through Thursday were always a definite possibility. Don't give up hope, folks - more things point to a green light than away from it. Also remember - within HOURS of the Kuwaiti RV there were widespread reports that it would NEVER happen.

As for those that poo-poo the wider implications of these historic times, remember - the USD has already been removed by the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) as the currency of choice to be used for loans - this is documented in the press. Just an indication of things to come. I don't need to convince anyone of what is coming - time will tell the tale. But bedbugs are very hard to kill . . . let's hope they are finally annihilated so we can get on with rebuilding the world they are stealing from us, drop by precious drop.

Much love to all of you. Hang tough. I was going to remain silent, but I wanted to reassure some of you as best I can at this time.

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