Monday, April 25, 2011

Dinar & Federal Reserve Info

Posted in the Dinar Intel Skype Room

We are hearing so much right now and don't know what to believe but someone has to be right sometime. I choose to believe those who say the RV is basically here!! But we will see soon, if this info is right or not.

I hope you understand that I cannot say certain things or be explicit due to it coming back on the people who take such risks to share information with us. Let me just give you this bottom line which I feel I can today since certain information is beginning to hit the internet.
All that had to be worked out to get this revalue into our hands has been done. It is reliably reported today that the Iraqi smart cards are active and are at the $4.40 value. This would be the CBI rate - could be that $3.86 bank rate we heard about here. Unless this goes up for us, this is most likely the rate we will be seeing later today or tomorrow when our screens go active. This is the end of the RV ride. Banking and financial systems are ready globally and have been told to be ready.
However, the revalue is not all that is taking place here. The new U.S. Treasury notes will be coming out simultaneously with or just behind the revalue. The Federal Reserve will be doing a change over to the U.S. Treasury this week and cease to exist as such. For all who might raise an eyebrow and wonder if I am buying into a conspiracy, let me put that thought out of your head now. Anyone who has received any instruction from the "IRS" regarding payments after April 15, have found that they are now instructed to make payments to the U. S. Treasury (not the IRS). For those who remember the Silver Certificates that were replaced with the Federal Reserve Notes a few decades ago, it was a clean-cut exchange, no major changes we thought much about. This should be pretty much the same flow. The difference is that the U.S. Treasury notes will now be worth something, not just fiat money or I.O.Us . More changes will be coming on the heels of this which is scheduled for mid-week, but the changes are ultimately for the better and are part of "justice" being done. Stay tuned - it promises to be a very interesting time ahead. BUT, most of all, we can rejoice in the fact that we will finally have our "cash in hand".
Be Well, Be Safe, Be Wise; you will be wealthy!


Anonymous said...

This certainly sounds like good news, time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Do we trust the "corp" to truly back the currency or be like comex and have little actual silver held versus amount they leverage?

Al A said...

We can alway trust congress Republicrats to manage/increase our debt as the latest action will tell. Or is it we can't not borrow from the U.S. Treasury because its broke?

Anonymous said...

a few years ago, I was having an encounter with the IRS and had to make payments. I got a letter at that time asking me to make my payments to the us treasury. I thought something had happened then, but to no avail

Anonymous said...

i did not think you would share that john!!! that making out your checks to the us treasury is something new!!! ITS NOT ABOUT 4 YEARS!!! IF IAM WRONG YOU TELL ME FRIEND IN CHRIST SERVICE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I pray to our father in heaven that all this is true for his children<<<<<

Unknown said...

Lets see, the US dollar will soon be devalued 50 to 70 % . And the Powers That Be, have now officially jumped ship. [The charter for the Federal Reserve was NOT over until Dec 21/2012.] And you guys ALL think that this is a good thing happening here?
The WISE ones had better go and read Revelation Ch 17 & 18. And if you really can't see the hand writing on the wall. Go to Jeremiah Ch 50 &51. Because I see serious trouble coming your way!!!

Anonymous said...

This is BS as usual. All payments I've ever made to the IRS were made out to the U. S. Treasury. The Dinar will be RV'd alright,,,DOWN! Better wake up people. This is just another scam like the Prosperity Packs, St Germaine, and Tim Turner and his cronies. You'll be living in a 3rd world country pretty soon and you better get prepared. Hope you have the guts to post this John, otherwise you're just another scammmer.

John MacHaffie said...

to anon 11:12 PM --- I got the guts sonny! I don't have time for the whining idiots who refuse perceive what is really going on now. Wonder which alphabet agency you work from.

And sonny you are just another idiot - don't waste our time!