Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dinar - More Info

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Subject: Dinar - More Monday tidbits

To all our great PD members, this is additional information we can share. We are working on more later today or tomorrow.

As the beautiful sun sets to complete it's day, we can share with you that we are one day closer to our new journey and blessings.

This pretty much confirms that you cannot believe everything you are reading in the news from Iraq. Pretty misleading at times if you ask me.

As promised, I have a new update from our sources. We are working very hard to provide you with the best information we can.

Here is the information from Ray.

Just heard from some of my contacts that Parliament will be voting on the Interior and Defense Ministers either Tuesday (our tonight) or Wednesday. This week folks.

The Security Minister will be following that. Also, Parliament voted today to pay the US Government $400 million to settle the Iraq war lawsuits.

Also, they told me that Parliament is not taking 10 days off. They are still there working and will be there working.

Hopefully the Ministers will be seated once and for all. I will report more as I hear it.


Ray, thank you for all you are doing of us and the time you are spending to help guide us through this complex situation.

Hearing that the ministers are almost completed brings us even close to the completion of the Government.

Again, thank you for all you do in providing us with the best and most factual information around. If I had a hat on I would take it off to you.

God Bless you and your family,

Rich Queen] silhouette Hiding and resting. OK this was more about a related matter. That will absolutely be fully completed no later than Wednesday so the RV should show up at ANY MINUTE
[Rich Queen] ramblinrose Green light given at all levels, and there will be no more word from Poof. Elvis has left the building

Things look like they're heating up, you can feel the energy. This can pop at any time. What Okie is saying is absolutely on the mark. My forex guys who I deal with tell me that this is coming down any time and look for a bait rate, meaning the rate may just come in attractive enough for some and the heavy weights will stand strong. Don't get caught with your pants down is what I was told just now. Be cool and patient. This is gonna be fantastic!!

For the people who do not understand how this can happen $$$$
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Let me just say that I am not a guru. I do not claim to know when the RV will happen or what rate it will come in at. Does not matter.

So many people have used the abundance of money involved makes it impossible for it to happen.

Let me give you some things to ponder:
There were originally 30 trillion dinar printed. Well over 80% of that amount has been accounted for and is in the hands of Iraq. That leaves 6 trillion dinar out of which US, China, Russia, Brazil and other countries hold a substantial amount of these in their countries. So let us say that there is 1 - 1.5 trillion is out in the hands of regular people, trusts, etc.

How could Iraq possibly cash in this much at one time? They can't! Or Can They?

China and the US have signed agreements that they each will take all of their dinar and all that they cash in from their citizens in OIL @ an agreed upon rate of $ 32.00 per barrel for however long it takes.

Now taking the total of 6 trillion that is supposedly out there which would be multiplied by the rate that we will set at $ 4 just to go from a number of some kind.

So now we have $24,000,000,000,000! Seems like an amount that just will not be possible? Read on. 24 trillion dollars will transform to 750 BILLION barrels of oil @ $32.00. That is what it will cost Iraq to payoff. That is still a lot of money, right? Well, considering that one barrel of oil cost Iraq less than $2.00 per barrel to process which means that Iraq can pay off ALL of the Dinar still out for
$1,500,000,000 while coming out of sanctions, becoming a powerful country and a part of the UN and WTO and go forward.

Being that this RV would basically make it so the US will be able to pay off most or all of their national debt along with the other countries involved would be doing the same making the World Economy would get a tremendous shot in the arm and everyone would be on a better playing field meaning World trade would be enhanced and the US and China emerge as the strongest and Iraq comes out as either the richest or the 2nd richest country in the world.

So, my friends, the RV can happen and actually if you take Iraq's assets, it could actually justify RVing at upwards of $8 - $12 and this calculation would work and still leave Iraq with a smidgen of debt compared to the assets they have. So rest assured that there will BE NO LOP because it is not necessary and it would deflate this entire plan and not help anyone and Iraq would not emerge as a stable government or friend to anyone.

So, poke holes in this if you wish. I would be interested to see what anyone can come up with that will change these numbers. I am not a genius, just an investor that has to reason out everything I invest in to see where the return can come from and how much it can actually reasonably be...

I didn't come up with this plan, but whoever did was a genius. This is historic. People have said to me, "How can you invest so little and gain so much?" Well, not in our lifetime has any country been completely destroyed, government and all with the agenda to build it back up. This plan was IMO in place before the first boot hit the ground in Iraq. It all makes sense.

Please feel free to credibly pick this apart if you can. I have studied this to no end and I keep coming up with the same numbers.


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MightyMaxMan said...

If I have $4 Million IDQ in an Iraqi Bank, at your $8 to $12 RV, what could this mean for my funds to revalue in US dollars, if and when this RV does in fact take place? Thanks!