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Barack Obama Is Not Real

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STUNNING PHOTO EVIDENCE: Barack Obama Is Not Real Wonkette|Jack Stuef

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Date: Tuesday, 12-Apr-2011 06:24:38


Wonkette|Jack Stuef

Sure, this may look like a photo of Barack Obama hanging out with his visiting grandparents while he was in college at Columbia, but how about this other photo WorldNetDaily’s Jack Cashill “found” that looks like a bad Photoshop job realer than the first one? “The bench is real. The grandparents are real. The wall behind them is real. Barack Obama is not.” Uh oh!
see: http://www.salon.com/news/politics/barack_obama/index.html?story=/politics/war_room/2011/04/07/birther_photoshop_fail

Alex Pareene gets to the real story:

But unmentioned by Cashill is the single most insidious part of this deception: While Barack Obama is nowhere to be found in the unretouched version of this photo, his knee is still in between in grandparents.

What was Barack Obama’s knee doing in New York, while the rest of him was in Pakistan, and Indonesia? Dealing drugs? Why are mainstream journalists afraid to ask tough questions about the president’s detachable knee? The people have a right to know!

Nice try, but incorrect! Obama’s knee was actually stopping in New York to meet with a cell of Marxists to give them terrorism supplies it illegally brought back from Kenya (if all of Obama tried to go through customs, they would have noticed he was an illegal without a passport). The knee then flew to Chicago to meet with Bill Ayers, who detached HIS knee and sent it to Barack Obama, who by then was teaching gym class at a madrassa in the Kremlin. That’s the same knee that Obama had when he took the oath of office and is the same knee he uses today, which is in violation of the Constitution, which says only one individual can be elected president, not a combination of body parts of two individuals.

We assume the impeachment will be wrapped up by Tuesday. [Salon]

MORE: http://www.salon.com/news/politics/barack_obama/index.html?story=/politics/war_room/2011/04/07/birther_photoshop_fail

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pix 1/with Obama : http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-512430/Obama-releases-pictures-family-album-rides-Super-Tuesday-wave.html
pix 2/without Obama: http://www.salon.com/news/politics/barack_obama/index.html?story=/politics/war_room/2011/04/07/birther_photoshop_fail .....