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Atheists demand public school take down Christian flag

Atheists demand public school take down Christian flag. Then students respond with defiant action.

There are a number of organizations in the United States hellbent on ensuring that religion has no place in the public sphere, and trying to make sure anyone who dares mix religion and public life is severely reprimanded.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation, one of the most notorious of the activist atheist outfits, recently sent a letter to the LaPoynor Independent School District in Texas, about 80 miles east of Dallas, demanding that it remove a Christian flag displayed on school grounds, KETK reported.

The letter claimed that the flag violated the separation of church and state, and was therefore unconstitutional. In response to the letter, some of the school’s students did something amazing:
Don’t mess with Texas.

“Sooooo you didn’t like the one flag we had flying,” a Facebook post asked, “how about three more … We have a great group of kids I tell you what …”

A few LaPoynor High School students flew Christian flags from their vehicles Wednesday, KETK-TV reported, following the atheist group’s demands.
KYTX reported that the school district has stated it is “in the process” of reviewing the letter, and will decide on what action should be taken at a later date.

KLTV noted that during a school board meeting on Thursday, a large crowd gathered because of the letter. During the meeting, anyone who was opposed to the flag was asked to stand, and not one person stood up.

“The Freedom From Religion organization really has a distorted and inaccurate view of the separation of church and state in the First Amendment,” said one person who attended the meeting. “Matter fact, I’d like to say that their viewpoint is probably void and alien to that of our founding fathers.”

For now, the flag remains. Hopefully, the district will keep it flying.

I guess the Freedom from Religion Foundation thought that this school district would just roll over because of a letter with some fancy words in it. Boy oh boy, were they wrong.

How did the FFRF find out about the Christian flag outside the school?

LaPoynor Superintendent James Young told KETK that a former student contacted the atheist organization after a recent “See You at the Pole” event at the Larue, Texas, school.

What is “See You at the Pole”?

It’s a national movement in which students gather around school flagpoles to pray on a predetermined date at the start of the school year.

What did the FFRF do?

The atheist group sent a letter to the LaPoynor Independent School District outlining constitutional violations, KETK said.

What are the FFRF’s beefs?

A Christian flag was placed on one of the school’s flag poles at the “See You at the Pole” event, KETK reported, and the FFRF said it’s unconstitutional for the school to display the flag — which includes a Latin cross.

The FFRF said the school district promoted the “See You at the Pole” event on district social media pages, KETK reported, which the FFRF said violates the Establishment Clause. 

The FFRF also said the district’s Facebook page and website promoted its annual baccalaureate ceremony with a picture of a diploma atop an open Bible and that also violated constitutional law, KETK reported. 

The FFRF wants the Christian flag taken down, KETK said, and district to ensure that employees aren’t organizing, promoting or participating in religious events while on the job.

How is the district responding?

The Christian flag will remain flying for the time being, KLTV-TV reported.

Young released a statement to KETK saying the district is “in the process of reviewing the concerns addressed in the correspondence and will take any action deemed necessary” and that it’s “committed to achieving an appropriate balance between permissible religious expression and the obligation to maintain neutrality in its policies and practices."

How are community members reacting?

“The Freedom From Religion organization really has a distorted and inaccurate view of the separation of church and state in the First Amendment,” one man said at last week’s school board meeting, KLTV said. “Matter of fact I’d like to say that their viewpoint is probably void and alien to that of our Founding Fathers."

"They fight against what’s right, what’s sacred and what is holy to Christians,” the man added, KYTX-TV reported. “And we can call them nothing else but tyrannists."

The man also said, “The day may come that we have to take the flag down, but I say until that day comes, let’s give ’em as much hell as we can,” KYTX noted. The man’s statement drew applause and laughter from the crowd.

At the meeting, the superintendent asked anyone who opposed the Christian flag to stand, and no one did, KLTV reported.

Liberals Demand School Remove
'Offensive' Christian Flag !!!

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