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DutchSinse : Large Earthquake possible this week

10/30/2017 — Global Earthquake Forecast — Large Earthquake possible this week — Pacific unrest stands out

by Michael Janitch

Watch the full earthquake forecast video + update for a detailed explanation of what we are watching for:

October 30, 2017
The West Pacific is under a severe earthquake watch / warning for possible large seismic activity between M7.7 and M8.7 within the next 4-5 days (from Oct. 30, 2017).
A "large earthquake warning" was issued following a series of deep earthquakes which occurred below the West Pacific plate over the course of the past several days.
Above: The deep earthquakes can be seen raised high off the globe, multiple deep events have occurred over a short period of time (days) below the Pacific plate. This should lead to shallower larger movement within the week.

The large deep earthquakes have a potential to cause shallower larger earthquakes within 7-10 days of the large deep events occurring.
We consider any magnitude over M6.0 to be a "large" event, thus this newest deep M6.7 earthquake fits the warning profile.
The large earthquake should strike in the middle of the fulcrum points located directly next to the deep event, thus putting Indonesia (to the West of the deep earthquake) and Papua New Guinea (to the East of the deep earthquake)under the direct line of site for the pressure to divide in both directions, striking both locations with equal sized earthquake activity by the end of this coming week.
We are expecting multiple regions near Japan to show movement, but have lowered the expected magnitudes for under M6.0 (above M5.0).
The locations in Japan we are watching are near Tokyo, Coast of Hokkaido, and the South Izu Ridge.  All three should be hit by magnitudes under M6.0, but above M5.0.
If you live in the United States, West Coast in particular, pay attention to the area to the Northwest of California (off the coast of Oregon).
Watch the coast of Oregon going into this coming week for the potential of the seismic activity to reach upper M5.0 into lower M6.0.  After the coast of Oregon is struck, we should then see a rapid progression of pressure Southeast across California, impacting Central California with a new earthquake swarm near North long valley caldera.
Expect new swarms of smaller events (under M3.0) near the Los Angeles basin surrounding the pumping operations near Santa Barbara, CA.  There should be at least one M4.0+ mixed in with these swarms.  The Southern California earthquakes should top out near upper M4.0 to lower M5.0 at the most.
This should all occur within approximately the next 7 days.
After the West coast is struck expect a rapid increase of earthquake activity at the oil + gas (fracking) pumping operations in the midwest (Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas).  Magnitudes should be all under M5.0 but above M3.5... meaning there is going to be a major increase after the West coast is struck.
The EAST COAST of the United States should be struck this week as well, but should only be smaller movement near Virginia.  Might get some peoples attention, but shouldn't be as large as 2011.
In Asia, the middle East and Europe, we are watching for M5.0 range earthquakes to develop.
The area between Crete, Greece and the coast of Turkey should watch for upper M4.0 to lower M5.0 activity, shortly followed thereafter by Romania, Bosnia (Albania), and Central to Southern Italy yet once again.
All three locations in Europe (Romania, Bosnia , and Italy) should receive similar sized earthquakes over the course of the week.  All three sets of earthquakes should be less than what strikes in Turkey / Greece, less than M5.0 but greater than M4.0.
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