Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The Truth On Extraterrestrials

Rock Star and Military Insiders Plan To Reveal The Truth On Extraterrestrials

October 22 2017

Former Blink-182 front man Tom DeLonge, 41, has revealed a team he has been working secretly to prove extraterrestrials have visited our planet. The team is reportedly composed of US government insiders, who are former senior US Department of Defense (DoD), CIA, and other intelligence officials. They are formed to break rank and speak out about the truth regarding UFOs and aliens.

The news stunned Ufology truth seekers, and leading UFO researchers branded the move as unprecedented. UFO enthusiasts say that their comments show they are serious about what they are going to do.

UFO author and investigative journalist Leslie Kean believes that something extraordinary is about to be revealed. She says that scientists and high-level officials with in-depth knowledge, but always remained in the shadows are now stepping into the light.

Mr. DeLonge revealed that the team includes a Department of Defense senior intelligence officer, a veteran of the Directorate of Operations in the CIA, and a Program Director for Advanced Systems at Skunk Works in Lockheed Martin. He did it during a filmed live event to launch their Stars Academy of Arts and Science organization.

According to one insider, the group will reveal the truth about a government conspiracy to hide proof of aliens. The group says it will do advanced research on unexplained phenomena. DeLonge said during the launch that they are going to bring the truth to the world.

The organization’s website claims that their crowd funding for its research has already reached more than $300,000.

Chris Mellon, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, said that he came out because it is going to take an effort figuring out the UFO phenomenon outside of the government. He described it as another case wherein the system will not repair itself, and for breakthroughs to occur, people outside of government need to take action.

Jim Semivan, who claimed to have served 25 years in the CIA, said that it is time to do what he can to find out things behind this mystery. Now at 65, he said that this is what he wants to do for the rest of his life.