Monday, October 23, 2017

Morning Star

By Anna Von Reitz

I am not sure why I have to address this topic at this time, but it is apparent from the number and volume of references and questions coming at me from all sides that such a public discussion is necessary. 

People need to know what "Morning Star" in the Bible is about and to have some resolution in their minds as to why both Satan and Jesus are referred to with these words. 

Satan is called the Son of the Morning Star in Isaiah 14:12.
Jesus is called the "Bright and Morning Star" in Revelations 22:16

The Morning Star, also known as the Dog Star, is the brightest star in the heavens.  It is part of a star complex that is more scientifically known as Sirius B.  

According to ancient records, Satan is from Sirius B originally, but he "fell to Earth" or was "cast down to Earth".  The Bible doesn't explain his exact origins other than this reference to the Morning Star, but this information is recorded elsewhere in other ancient scriptures of the world. His consort, Semiramis, was likewise said to have "fallen to Earth", but in her case, she splashed down in the Euphrates River in an shimmering metal egg---- sounding just like an Escape Pod on Star Trek. 

At this point it helps to know that Satan has many names and so does his wife, Semiramis.   Satan is known as Lucifer, the Devil, the One-Eyed God, Nimrod (also the name of the Grandson of Noah) Poseidon, Leviathan, and.... Son of the Morning Star.  Semiramis is known as Ashtoreth, Astarte, Isis, Cybele.....and Columbia, as in District of Columbia.  This is not an exhaustive list, but hits the highlights. 

Satan's association with the sea, with the Morning Star, and with deception, illusions, and lies runs throughout all the literature concerning him worldwide. His wife is famous as the creator of idols, idolatry, money, prostitution, tree worship, the practice of sex as a sacrament, and infanticide.  

Satan is a Seraph, the Highest Order of the Angelic Hosts.  He is immortal and cannot be killed, only imprisoned. Seraphs primarily exist in their true form as beings made of energy and are invisible to human eyes. When they do appear in this world, they most often appear as dragons--- reptiles with wings--- or as gigantic snakes known as Basilisks.  They can also adopt the appearance of a human though not entirely convincingly-- they are recognizably strange and beautiful; or, they can simply inhabit a willing human Host Body -- sometimes for a whole lifetime. 

Satan has a special relationship with the sea-going Israelite Tribe of Dan, which carries a snake as its emblem and on its banner.  Many of his human hosts have come from the Tribe of Dan and many members of the Tribe of Dan have practiced Enochian Magic to summon these evil beings and their lesser cohorts. They are also the ones primarily responsible for the Talmud and the exceedingly violent and nasty advice and practices spelled out in the Talmud against the Goyim---the rest of us, including other tribes of the Israel.  The Tribe of Dan is an "Equal Opportunity Hater"---- they hate everyone not of their specific blood lines.

[The Tribe of Judah, in turn, has a special relationship with Our Father, the Living God.  They are His bearers and gatekeepers and faithful ones, so that Jesus is known as the "Lion of Judah".  They will keep the rule until the one who is the rightful heir comes from the Tribe of Ephraim.]  

These two, Satan and Semiramis, are merely two of all the seraphs ever created by Our Father, and they are all Sons and Daughters of the Morning Star---Sirius B.  The star also gave its name to Syria, the country, and to Syrians, the name of the people inhabiting that country.  It is in part the search for the ancient knowledge and technology of these "Fallen Angels" that is driving all the fighting in Syria today.  

So now you know the origin and nature of Satan.  He is quite literally the "Son of the Morning Star".  

Is Jesus also a seraph, one of those loyal to Our Father, who came to Earth to battle with Satan?  Quite possibly.  The Angels are known as Sons of God, and by the power of Our Father's Holy Spirit and the willingness of a human host---such as Mary---remember, she was asked to accept her role, and she did---- a seraph could be made incarnate, literally, as a son.  We may never know until all things are revealed, but it is consistent with what is known about the history and the nature of these spiritual beings. 

It is apparent that despite his immense cruelty and intelligence and ability to deceive people including Judas Iscariot and the members of the Sanhedrin ---- Satan was beaten, and death was set aside; the Living God left the temple forever, breaking through the veil of the massive temple curtain like an egg shell and parting it just as He once parted the Red Sea. 

This is what is meant by Jesus being the Way--- imagine the Hebrews walking across the pathway cleared through the Red Sea, with the walls of water standing hundreds of feet high on either side of them?  In the same way, Jesus became the Way--- the Path to Heaven--- the means for us to cross over the Great Divide set between us and Heaven, by ending our separation from Our Father. 

Now, finally, why is Jesus called the "Bright and Morning Star"?  Is it because he, too, is a seraph and originally came from the Morning Star planetary system?  Maybe.  It hardly matters.  What matters is that the Holy Spirit now inhabits the Earth, and if we will open our hearts, the same Holy Spirit will inhabit us, making us shine like Our Father, like our Righteous Redeemer, like the Morning Star --- great, burning beacons in the darkness.  

It is this inhabiting of human flesh by the Holy Spirit which protects us against Satan and all his wiles, because the Holy Spirit is stronger than Satan and always knows and speaks the Truth.  Thus, when Satan sees one of us filled with the Holy Spirit of the Living God, he runs like a rabbit and seeks a hole to hide in.  He is beset on every side by faithful sons and daughters of the Living God, people who are no longer prey for his amusement, but astonishingly wise and powerful beings raised up from the dust. 

We are told that we will be "greater than the angels".  It's time we took that promise seriously and made ourselves worthy of it.  

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