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"A large ship containing a self-composed world, Ten miles in diameter and housing of few thousand..."

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Reader BB: "A large ship containing a self-composed world, Ten miles in diameter and housing of few thousand..."
Posted By: Lion [Send E-Mail]
Date: Sunday, 31-Mar-2013 19:50:50

Re: Video: *AGE OF DECEIT* (FULL) Fallen Angel....
To: Brother Lion
My greatest thanks to you brother Lion and my honest greetings to all of your group and also to my fellow man.
(I apologize for the wrong grammar)
There are times in our life that we wondered what is out there?
Are those things about flying machines real?
How it looks like from the inside?
Seems like good to know all about it.
The fact is, you know that already! Just your memory was erased by those who trapped your spirit on earth.
So, you may think "how long I been here on earth?"
Knowing that spirits on earth are 800 to 100 million years old then you may say,
"What? I`m stuck here in this place for that long?"
And yes! You are. But cool down for a while.
Let`s make a little review and give our spirits a little favor for our spirits are seeking only for truth and nothing more.
There`s a mothership beside Venus (I called them the guardian of earth solar system) and they are our solar system visitors.
The mothership is at the dark side of Venus so the ship will not be expose much in sunlight.
They don`t Intrude,they don`t interfere, but they are there to observe the condition of the planet earth and its inhabitant, living things, plants and animals and the spiritual growth of mankind. They are the guardians on earth.
The mothership is a shape of a saucer facing together.
A large ship containing a self-composed world, Ten miles in diameter and housing of few thousand immortal human being form.
The ship form is like the solar system. It resembles as Galaxy. They are from Alpha Centauri next to our solar system.
(they are the Alpha Centaurians).
Inside that mothership is a very beautiful city.
A city inside the spaceship.
At the center of the ship,are five miles in each direction and the sky ceiling is five miles straight above.
The city smoothly glows by its own lights every corner and every square inch.
The symmetry of the interior of the ship form a wonderful half-sphere, crown by a uniform cloud overcast all around, yet all is clear as daylight within the city of the mothership.
The Cylindrical shape spacecraft that was seen many times on earth and around Mt. Shasta, are from that mothership and are use only for observation.
The orbs or bright lights that had been seen by many human eyes around the world are from that ship also.
Those orbs are made of high quality crystal with high dimensional cameras in it to record human birth, death, and spiritual growth.
Those lights are all controlled by a monitor spaceship engineers including smaller spacecraft.
All of those craft are fly by a beam and has no engine in it.
The velocity of those craft are 10 million to 20 million miles per hour.
The spherical shape craft that manned by two person, is at that same speed.
Few man visits there, they been given a pellet of nectar before the flight to balanced the functions of their bodies in order to withstand everything to survive, for the mortal body are not designed for that speed.
That is also the reason why those spacecraft can turn in a very quick speed at the angle of 45 degrees and gone away.
Also capable of transparency because those crafts are made of crystal.
Telemeter photos and news events on earth are reproduced there from Mothership and also capable to pass information to all Universal peaceful community in minutes in our earth time.
The spherical form craft in any sizes, are the best product of Alpha Centaurians that they had accomplished.
It is made of 30 layers of plastic crystal material.
The first five layers reflect back all lights and the most thermal heat.
Other layers are positive charge and negative charged and each is insulated from other by nonconducting sheets.
Any radiation is converted into positive or negative energy by the magnetic field that surrounds the spherical craft.
The finest of ships.
In other words, all Universal Peaceful Community have those Motherships and spacecrafts.
All of those are everywhere in many galaxies,planets that are within the community.
The Supreme Commander of that Mothership is a Patriarch.
I guess all of you knew him already.
He was on earth 2 thousand years ago.
May some of you remember your personal past history.
There are many Patriarchs in the Universal Peaceful Community.
One day you will remember them all.
I am sorry also to bother your time.
With all of my respect to my fellow man and a lot of thanks to my brother Lion.
Thanks Kindly, BB for you contribution to our understanding of the peaceful elements within our solar system.
It is good to know they are there.
At this point, I will make the opportunity to take our conversation to the next level.
Namely, my patience is wearing thin with the inactivity of the galactic beings.
Please understand, BB - I am not the least bit interested in becoming a used spaceship salesman.
Frankly, I am not concerned with how beautiful a spaceship is, what it's made of, or how fast it can travel - if those beings on that ship can stand by and watch a planet and her people be destroyed - and not lift a finger to help.
What does it really matter in the long term, what age my Spirit is - when my home planet and my People are being destroyed?
Reptilian bankers are still operating on planet Earth, and making slaves of my People.
The greys are still kidnapping human children and destroying them. This is an evil abomination against all Creation, and will NOT be allowed to contiue.
Reptilian psychopaths in uniforms still have free reign to begin war after war and destroy family after family, and country after country.
The Nazi reptilian factions of evil, far from being destroyed, are stronger than ever, and their reach has been expanded into every facet of the slave life that my Earthy brothers are forced to endure.
Their poisonous chemtrails are making the very air we breath a death trap for humanity.
If I had the ability to stop this madness - or to prevent any of it from even being thought of, let alone implemented - never would I allow this burden to fall on my brothers and sisters of planet Earth - ever.
Yet, these Celestial Beings can stand by and watch it happen?
Is that the way of a peaceful, loving entity?
I think not.
Many have claimed the 'good aliens' are waiting to make their self available for the benefit of humankind:
"They don`t Intrude, they don`t interfere, but they are there to observe the condition of the planet earth and its inhabitant, living things, plants and animals and the spiritual growth of mankind. They are the guardians on earth."
I ask you. What exactly are these "Earth guardians" doing to prevent destruction of planet Earth and her people?
I tell you this - anyone - or anything who can stand by and watch the destruction of life - without taking whatever action they can to prevent such destruction - is no better than, but equal to - the very psychopaths demons whose lot is destruction itself.
As the True Supreme Commander, Jesus Christ stated;
"He who is not for me is against me."
This time travel ping - pong game can go on forever - as long as no one destroys the technology.
Why is that so difficult to figure out?
With all due respect for your continued efforts.


Anonymous said...

Lion: You have my vote brother. I have been wondering about the same thing. All we keep hearing about how all these et's are going to expose themselves and the world is going to assend into a new age of peace and love, yet the madness still continues. We are being poisoned every day as the planet also suffers the insidious acts of war called chem-trails, yet all these space brothers and sisters just sit and watch and keep telling us about how great it is going to be. When is enough enough?

Anonymous said...

I feel it is not fair to say the Galactics are doing nothing! Firstly, it is not true. There are many examples where they have stopped nuclear weapons from being activated. You can see the testimonies from many military people about this on YouTube. So, they have stopped major catastrophes from occuring in recent years. Secondly, I understand that they are doing a lot behind the scenes, in co-ordinating and supporting the change to the new financial & legal system, including monitoring the whereabouts and plans of the Cabal, which has enabled them to be arrested one by one. Thirdly, they tell us, and why not believe, that they have been sending a lot of 'light' to Earth to help raise our awareness and consciousness so that we can 'wake up' and escape the control of the Cabal. Afterall, if the majority of us humans were to wake up and most soldiers, for example, were to simply stop fighting the Cabal's stupid wars, peace would be instant.

Secondly, they have explained many times why they have not intervined before. WE chose to be on Earth at this time and to experience these dark situations, so WE could gain from the experience and rise higher up spiritually afterwards. In the long-term, we have lost nothing from our suffering, only gained. As higher beings, they do not force themselves and their views onto others like the Dark Ones do, but they respect free-will and will never intervene unless we collectively ask them to or our chosen leaders ask them to. So, until our group conscisousness reaches critical mass and WE ask them to come, they were not going to. We always had the choice. As long as we didn't collectively ask for their help, they were only helping and supporting indirectly (except for preventing catastrophes).

However, having said all this, I understand that a deadline was passed, whereby from now on they could interwine in certain ways, such as reveal themselves to us, ie. disclosure, and apparently this and other actions are to shortly happen.

Finally, they have explained many times that time has a different meaning to them. I think this can also explain why their intervention has seemed a long time coming. We experience time because we have limited consciousness and so our experiences are revealed gradually to us, giving a sense of time passing that higher beings do not have. They can experience and understand very much more all at one time. They live much more in the now. We sense time also because we constantly fear the future, fear we will run out of money etc. But if we were to feel totally secure, as higher beings do, then you can live just in the now (like being a student the whole time perhaps!).

So, I think these are the reasons why they have not appeared to have helped. Because they are helping a lot but we don't perceive it, because we were meant to go through all this and chose to go through all this so it wouldn't make any sense to intervene prematurely as it would disrespect our soul choices which they would never do, and because of some insensitivity on their part of how unpleasant it feels to be experiencing negativity for so long. Hope that helps!

Anyway, I believe we wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the Galactics, we would long ago have been mostly obliterated in some stupid Cabal nuclear war or engineered epidemic, so I feel we already owe them a big thank you and when we fully understand everything we will stop complaining!